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Åby - Hunnebostrand ( 35 km)


The Coastal Path and Sote trail in Sotenäs start near Nordens Ark at the start of the Sote trail, first northwards through a hilly and varied landscape. They two trails continue together at first. You pass several viewing points, the first not long from the start, with a view of, amongst other things, Åbyfjorden. After 3 km it joins with the Coastal Path from Lysekil. At Kisteröd, the path veers westward and pine forest gradually gives way to deciduous forest. You pass several streams In some parts, there are sheltered spots where you can rest and/or overnight. The trail skirts Anneröd nature reserve and Säm’s ancient trail area. The trail reaches the coast at Bovallstrand, which it then follows southwards. At Kvarnforsen, it once again goes into hilly forestland. At, amongst other places, Bögebacka. you get a sea view before reaching Ulebergshamn and Hunnebostrand coastal settlements.

Things to discover

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Nordens Ark Animal park with animals facing extinction (1). Glose Altar - megalithic grave (2). Anneröd nature reserve with beautiful beech forest (3). Badholmarna (4). St. Goran’s island bathing area (5). Promenade from Hunnebostrand via pontoon bridge to idyllic Ödby island (6).

For more information see www. For bus timetables etc see Handy bus stop at Nordens Ark close to the path. The bay inlets continue for 1000 metres and link the path to Sparöd (Säm’s ancient history trail). Bus stop at Bovallstrand, hamntorget (harbour square) with direct connection to the trail.

Interesting detours Hunnebostrand stonemason museum (7).

Foto: Pål Erik Jensen

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