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Lysekil – Höge Kulle (27 km)


This part of the Coastal Path runs through Stångenäset’s rift valley landscape, with long valleys shifting with high mountain ridges. These valleys were once the bottom of fjords. After the last Ice Age, the sea level was approx. 150 metres higher than now. Fishing, shipping, stonemasonry and industry have all contributed to the character of the area. The route starts in the centre of Lysekil at the ferry port and passes Havets Hus, Stångehuvud’s nature reserve and north harbour (Norra Hamnen) before turning northwards. From the imposing sea bay Trälebergs Kile, the trail skirts the edge of the forest for 3 km then turns westward through a more hilly forest area to Brofjorden. A hill with a Bronze Age cairn offers a great view. the trail follows Brofjorden northwards. Around Rixö, as with many other places on the trail, the landscape is characterised by the previous stonemason industry. The trail’s highest point is Höge Kulle near Loddebo, 90-95 m.a.s.l. A short feeder path leads up to the top.

Things to discover

Interesting detours

Curman’s Nordic villas from the bathing resort epoch (1). Havets Hus Aquarium (2). Vikarvet Museum (local heritage) (3). Stångehuvud viewing area(4). Jättegrytor - Giant’s Kettles (caverns) (5). Galgeberget viewing area (6). Gamlestan, Lysekil’s oldest part (7). Beach promenade (8). Ancient rock carvings (9). The stonemason monument (10). Viewing area at Trälebergkile nature reserve (11). Ancient rock carvings by masons, not coloured in (12). Bronze Age cairn and viewing area (13). Paving stone factory from the stonemason epoch, restoration work ongoing (14). Stonemasonry, large quarry. From as early as the 1800s, Hjälmedal was a core area for stonemasonry (15).

Urstenen - a gigantic stone (16). Bauta - memorial stone. Vindbräcka-stenen, Scandinavia’s most beautiful standing stone (17)

Other information There are bus connections in Lysekil and Brastad. Parking at Rinkenäs, Ålevik, Långevik, Pinnevik, Valbodalen, Berg’s school, Govik and Loddebo. Bathing at Pinnevik and Långevik in Lysekil, Govik south of Rixö and Tuntorps, Sandvik (north of Loddebo). Dock for the Carl Wilhelmson ferry is in Lysekil - south dock - (Södra hamnen). For more information see and Lysekil’s tourist office. Ferry and bus timetables can be seen here:

Foto: Ingrid Karlsson

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