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Foto: Sven Andersson

Ålgård GPS 58,233601 11,744029

Description of the area Ålgård lies between the two largest lakes (Assmunnerödvattnet and Grindsbyvattnet), in north east Orust. It offers peaceful views across the surrounding watercourses, rich cultural landscapes and dense deciduous forest land. There’s also much evidence of beavers felling trees. Here you can also enjoy your packed lunch at the picnic area, which has grills, seating and tables. This was previously a hub for both seed milling and timber cutting, as the height difference between the two lakes makes the site suitable for water powered mills and saws. Farmers could use the stalls to stable their horses, whilst they waited for completion of their job. Today the site is a cultural centre and Orust canoe hire facility via the Assoc. for the Development of Skiing and Outdoor Life. The lakes are wonderful for short canoe trips and also for bathing and fishing.

How to get there There is a bus stop (called Andenäs) beside the picnic area. The bus leaves from Henån. Parking is available but is restricted. You can of course cycle, or hike, but be careful on the narrow roadways.

Access details There is a disabled in what was the old stable. Disabled parking is marked en route to the picnic area.

Foto: Ingrid Karlsson

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