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The Säby Trail (7 km)

The Säby trail is a round trip through different, types of natural environment. The trail starts from Säby estate and has paths and roads through beautiful coastal grazing land and a varied cultural landscape. The roads pass by silver fir copses, lush meadows, sea beaches, fields of brushwood and pasture, with an interesting flora and fauna. The trail goes past Brevik and Säby point, which are both nature reserves. The longest trail goes out to Säby island.

Things to discover Säbygård manor house dates from the beginning of the 1800s. Rock chamber on Säby island. Several train oil manuf. ruins along the route. Bronze age cairn north of stone chamber. Brevik Point with its rich birdlife.

Interesting detours North Tjörn, by Stigfjorden has some pearls well worth a visit Björholmen (1), Björnshuvudet (2), Valsäng beach with old boat-

houses (3). Toftenäs nature reserve (4). Pilane burial fields (5). Saint Olof ’s bank – one of Bohuslän’s best known navigation beacons in Kyrkesund (6). Härön outside Kyrkesund (7).

Other information There are grazing animals in the area in the summer. Parking Säbygård manor house. Nearest bus stop is approx. 1 km from Säbygård. See Food and available in Skärhamn. For more info see

Fot: Sven Andersson

Foto: Sven Andersson

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