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Dyröns sauna GPS Rönnängs quay 57,935582 11,575824 GPS Dyröns sauna 57,923564 11,611067

Description of the area The sauna is on Dyrön’s south side, with views over Marstrandsfjorden and Hakefjorden. The Wallhamn/Stenungsund/Uddevalla sea route goes right past the sauna. This means that big vessels can suddenly appear as you look out the sauna window! The view is really fantastic and changes from minute to minute. The sauna was built in 2004 by Dyrön’s local council. Sessions can be booked at ”Dyröboden”, the local supermarket. For more information on the sauna and Dyrön’s see

How to get there Dyrön is accessed by boat from Rönnäng. See for timetable. Parking is restricted at Rönnäng and visitors are asked to use Tjörn skating rink in summertime. Once on Dyrön, take the main road across the island until you approach the south harbour (sydhamnen), then turn right for Rösseliden. Follow the signs from here. If you are sailing in, the nearest visitors harbour is Sydhamnen (South Harbour).

Access details Parking for disabled in Rönnäng at the ferry port (24 hours). The usual passenger ferry on this route ”Hakefjord” is disability friendly, but not the reserve ferry ”Tjörn”. At the end of the path, as you start going up to the sauna, there is a wooden bridge. The path is made of natural wood planks. The slope is quite steep in parts. The sauna is adapted for wheelchairs and buggies. A disability friendly shower and toilet is also available in the adjacent building.

Foto: Ingrid Karlsson

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