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Foto: Ingrid Karlsson

Sundsby Manor House

GPS 58,070268 11,688886

Description of the area

How to get there

Sundsby manor house dates back to the 1300s and is situated at Mjörn in the Tjörn LA area. The estate and surrounding park is wonderfully nestled amongst deciduous forest land, sea bays and mountains. The old roadway from the the middle ages runs beside the manor park and courtyard. The park is dominated by a carp lake, which lies beneath a high mountain ridge. For more than 320 years, Sundsby manor house and estate was privately owned and few people could see or visit the area. But in 2003, Tjörn local authority bought Sundsby via a Hvitfeldt stipend. This purchase meant that the manor house could be opened to the public.

If driving, you get there by highway 160. Keep an eye out for signs for Sundsby Säteri (manor house). The manor has restricted parking, but approx. 400 metres from the park there is a large parking area. From there you take the carp lake path, which leads to the manor house. You can also go by bus, see

Access details There is parking for the disabled at the manor house. A toilet for the disabled is next to the parking area. There are wheel friendly surfaces on all promenade routes and there’s a ramp leading into the main building. A number of the tables in the park are adapted for comfortable wheelchair access.

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