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Ljungskile - Kolhättans ferry port (15 km) Långevattnet - Backamo campsite (8 km)


In Ljungskile, the trail passes the harbour area, the old warm and present cold water lidos and follows the beach promenade/Victoriastigen through the old and well known bathing resort Lyckorna. After the golf course, the path follows the old routes built for horses and waggons. After Långevattnet and Gusseröd, the trail follows the boundaries of the hilly forest areas to the west and the open farmland to the east down to Grötån. Here you will pass the border between Uddevalla and Stenungsund and the trail becomes relatively hilly. Then you soon arrive at the ferry port at Kolhättan. There is a connecting trail to Backamo at Långevattnet lake. This link trail follows lesser and bigger roads to Backamo campsite where there is a connection to the nearby Bohus trail. You have the option of a longer roundtrip, going northwards up to Snäckskalsbankarna, starting for ex from central Uddevalla.

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Lyckorna bathing resort, with its turn of the century milieu(1), Lyckorna mill and rural settlement with its collection of ”old world” buildings (2). On the Backamo section: Grinneröd iron age burial fields (3), Backamo campsite with its old military garrison and airfield (4).

Bus connections at Kolhättan ferry port. Train and regional bus connections in Ljungskile. Car parking at Ljungskile harbour area, Lyckorna ferry port at Kolhättan and Backamo campsite. Bathing at Ljungskile lido, Lyckorna, and at Grinnerödssjön at Backamo campsite. For more info see

Interesting detours Bratteforsån nature reserve (5), Anfasteröd beech forest (6), old small cargo boat quay at Hällesdalen - train oil manuf. milieu (7). On the Backamo section: Gamla Riksväg 2 – old county road (8).

Foto: Sören Eklund

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