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Foto: Ingrid Karlsson

Lelångebanan and Bjursjön GPS 58,383053 11,9666370

Description of the area Walkers and cyclists can easily reach Bjursjön via Lelångenbanans approx. 2 km rail track path. The railway is long gone, but the embankment has been converted by the LA to a popular walking path with lots of benches along the way. Starting from Fjällvägen at Lelångevägen and Bävedalsvägen, directly north of Uddevalla hospital, is a good way for cyclists and walkers to begin. Bjursjön has several places where you can bath or fish. Uddevalla Ski Club has its clubhouse by the lake. During hard winters, cross country skiing, along specially prepared ski trails, is very popular here. These extend from here all the way up to Herrestadsfjället’s nature reserve.

How to get there There is a bus stop at Fjällvägen, but if you want to start a bit further up Lelångensbanan trail, you can go to Bleket (Helenedalsvägen). If you want to avoid the path, you can get to Bjursjön via car, but parking spaces are scarce. The distance to Uddevalla centre from Fjällvägen is 1 km.

Access details The Lelångebanan trail is almost flat and has a hard gravel surface, so very easy to move on. There are more than 15 well adapted seats along the path. Near Bjursjön itself, there is also a grill area, an adapted fishing quay and a ramp for bathing. Foto: Ingrid Karlsson

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