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Blylaget Quay - Nesoddtangen (12 km)


The trail goes through varied terrain along Bunnefjorden, alternating between shoreline and the landscape behind it. Access varies from flat gravel paths to steeper forest terrain. Here there are idyllic bathing beaches, beach hut terraces, good fishing options, pine forests, fertile water meadows and tranquil villa and cabin areas. The route offers some great views of Oslo and Bunnefjorden. There are picnic areas at all bathing beaches and steamer harbours. A walk along the Coastal Path is also a trip through Nesodden’s history. The Coastal Path passes old crofter areas, merchant villas, steamship quays and remnants of the ice industry. The Coastal Path starts Nesoddtangen farm estate. From there it goes on a gravel road through quiet villa and cabin area to Berger. Between Berger and Fjordvangen, the trail skirts the sea in somewhat rugged terrain. From Fjordvangen to Sørby, the trail does a loop up to the forest, where it follows Fjordveien. Between Sørby/Kirkevika, the terrain is a bit rugged, starting with bare rock and small bays and ends by going down a steep trail through pine forest to Kirkevika. The Kirkevika/Blylaget route follows gravel road or easy natural surfaces. ramp is approx. 200 m from the Tings to discover Coastal Path. Nesodden Church Nesoddtangen farm estate - LA (8) from 1100s is approx. 100 m public space with bathing beach above the road from Presteskjær. (1), Oksval Quay - public space, Artificial ice dams and ruins of an bathing beach and steamer quay ”ice house” can be found above (2), Hellviktangen - public space, Bomansvik and Blylaget quay bathing beach,art café/hired space, (10). gallery/performances/concerts Other information (3), Hellvik Quay – steamer quay Tangen quay is at Nesoddtangen and bathing beach (4), Sørby and has ferry connections to Oslo Quay - older steamships quay and bus connections around and bathing beach (5), Kirkevika Nesodden. From the Coastal Path, – public space and bathing beach it is never more than 1 km to the (6), Presteskjær – public space and nearest bus stop. Car parking at bathing beach (7), Blylaget Quay public bathing areas, e.g., at Oksand Linaro, public space - bathing val quay, Hellviktangen, Kirkevika beach (9). and Presteskjær quay. For more Interesting detours information see Hellviktangen public space (3) with bathing beach and bathing

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The Coastal Path through Bohuslän, Østfold and Akershus  
The Coastal Path through Bohuslän, Østfold and Akershus  

The guide shows our Coastal Path in stages, on maps with a scale of 1:50 000. Trails are marked blue, both on the map and on site. Along or...