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Foto: Pål Erik Jensen

Foto: Pål Erik Jensen



GPS 59,189076 10,994482

GPS 59,194593 10,815568

Description of the area

Description of the area

Mærrapanna is in Onsøy at Vikane. The site is best known for its child friendly bathing area with a long sandy beach. There are also flat bare rocks here and wind exposed creeping pine. The site also has a sand volleyball pitch, play apparatus, outdoor grill area, seating and toilets.

Djupeklo is a beautiful outdoor activities area on Oslo fjord with both bare rock and sandy beach coastline. The sand beach is spacious, so the place is well suited for families with small children. There is also a play area, diving board and kiosk.

How to get there By car, you get to Mærrapanna via highway 117 from Fredrikstad. There’s a car park around 600 m from the beach. You can also take a bus from Fredrikstad. A detour from the Coastal Path takes you to Mærrapanna itself.

Access details There are disabled toilets and reserved disabled parking spaces near the bathing area.

How to get there There is a car park 50 metres from the bathing area. The LA’s website has a directions guide: Public transport alternative is to take the bus to Vikane, get off at Møklegård and walk the 1.2 km to Djupeklo. The Coastal Path passes back slope of the beach.

Access details The site has parking for the disabled, right down at the beach itself. The bathing area is fairly accessible, but it’s recommended that wheelchair users have a helper. Multi use toilets are available at the beach.

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