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Foto: Pål Erik Jensen

Storedal Cultural Centre GPS 59,223701 11,107264

Description of the area Storedal Cultural Centre is a park and cultural resource situated in the natural beauty of Skjeberg outside Sarpsborg. The centre was designed by artists, scientists and landscape gardeners to provide an experience of nature and art – for everyone - with a special emphasis on the blind/partially sighted. The botanic part of the centre can be seen and felt at a comfortable height - about 80 cm off the ground. The botanic garden has braille signs, Latin terms and Norwegian, and with its over 200 plants is a very important part of the centre. The site also has a 19.5 m high sound sculpture, a rock carving exhibitions and an amphitheatre. For more information see How to get there Storedal farm estate is in Skjeberg, 8 km from Sarpsborg and 12 km from Fredrikstad. It is adjacent to highway 110, 5 km West of the E6. The nearest bus stop is 3.5 km from Storedal. Trips to the site are often organised by various groups for the blind and similar organisations. The Coastal Path passes 1km from Storedal. Access details Storedal Cultural Centre was specially adapted for blind/ partially sighted, is highly accessible and of great interest to everyone. There are signs for all activities in both braille and Norwegian. Disabled toilet available. A cafeteria is open in the summer.

Foto: Pål Erik Jensen

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