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Røsneskilen - Skjærviken (15 km) Ullerøyveien - Revbukta (5 km) Talberg - Skjærviken (2,5 km)


In the south, the Sarpsborg Coastal Path comes from Halden via a bridge over Røsneskilen. Nine large information panels have been put up along the Sarpsborg trail. At the start, in Røsneskilen centre, the trail follows the gravelled Coastal Path in a cultural landscape as far as Grimsøyveien. From Grimsøyveien, you use country lanes to Åkento and Holstangen. From there, the Coastal Path goes through forest terrain to the ruins of Moa farm estate. After Moa, you cross Ingedalsbekken, before the trail again moves into forest towards Bussevika and Løkkevika. From Løkkevika. you follow the road to Gressdal and on through forest paths that stop at Feklova. From here, the trail follows forest paths through hilly terrain to Sildevika. From Sildevika to the bathing area in Sandvika, there are both paths and roads. There are goods parking options at the bathing areas in Sandvika and Høysand. There are toilets in Sandvika and two barbecue areas. From Høysand to Horneskilen centre, the Coastal Path passes, e.g., ”Feriehjemmet” bathing area and a camping site. The longest route from Ullerøyveien to Revebukta is on Ullerøyhalvøya (Ullerøy peninsula) a stretch of approx. 5 km. From Skjærviken (adjacent to Fredrikstad) the trail is marked for approx. 2.5 km southwards to Talberg. From there, you have to follow the road around Grønnerød to get to Revebukta. Revebukta has both camping and a bathing area.

Interesting detours Løkkevika bathing area (1). Skjærbergkilen viewing point (2). At the highest between Løkkevika and Høysand immediately north of Gressdal, is a marked trail to Jørstadmyra nature reserve, a special area of moorland bog (3). Høysand bathing area (4).

Foto: Bjørn Steinar Syversen,

The Coastal Path through Bohuslän, Østfold and Akershus  
The Coastal Path through Bohuslän, Østfold and Akershus  

The guide shows our Coastal Path in stages, on maps with a scale of 1:50 000. Trails are marked blue, both on the map and on site. Along or...