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Top 10 Questions 10 Questions Every Agent Should Ask Before Taking the Job

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How many transactions do your agents do?

Our most productive agents close an average of 29 deals a year, which is nearly three times more than agents at other brokerages. That’s because our system is set up to help you thrive at what you enjoy doing – working with clients and selling homes – instead of getting bogged down in busy-work. And it shows! At Zip, we close a deal an average of every 23 minutes, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This makes us one of the top 5 largest brokerages in the country

What technology do you offer to help me manage my Internet leads and my Sphere of Influence clients?

Our Zap sales system is unparalleled in the real estate industry – the ultimate “gotta have it” tool. Easily connect with, track, and manage all your new leads and current clients: see which clients are active right now and contact them, keep in touch with longer term prospects automatically, manage your daily tasks…and more. Once you use Zap, you’ll never go back!

How often will you provide me with new leads that are ready to go, and are they exclusive to me? What support system do you have in place to help me be as productive as possible? What fees will I pay, and for what? Will I receive a bonus for providing great service to my clients? How do you support marketing efforts?

What additional benefits do you provide?

Agents who opt in to our lead program usually receive active buyer and seller leads every day. Leads are distributed automatically and on an individual basis – so you won’t have to share them, or compete with your team members.

ZipRealty offers a robust training program developed by our sales-savvy inhouse trainers, as well as special certifications like distressed properties and short sales – and it’s all free! Recent topics include “Overcoming Objections,” “Intro to Social Media” and “Listings 101.” Additionally, you will be supported by a non-competing sales management team, including District Director and Broker. At ZipRealty we have plans with no fees – ever! Plus, we cover your expenses for things like lead generation, technology prospecting tools, website/email. You do not have to pay us out of pocket to join the company.* ZipAgents are eligible for a bonus on top of their regular splits when closed clients respond to our survey that they were “Completely Satisfied” with their Agent’s service. In 2009 we paid out over $1.8 million in customer satisfaction bonuses to ZipAgents. ZipRealty pays to market our listings, so you don’t have out-of-pocket costs for sign posts, photos and virtual tours, online advertising and flyers. We provide a start up kit of marketing materials such as brochures, business cards, pens, etc, for free! You can also get reorders of materials at our cost, so you can take advantage of our volume discounts. ZipRealty has a discounted E&O Program, and an agent referral program as a way for your to earn additional compensation. Last year we paid out over $800,000 in agent referrals!

How many emails will you send out to clients (current, potential and closed) on my behalf?

ZipRealty sends out an average of 10,000 emails on your behalf each month! All of these emails have your photo and contact information, so clients remember you and can easily connect with you.

Will you build me a web page?

At ZipRealty, every agent has a personalized web page which the company builds and supports. All a client has to do is Google your name, and they’ll find your personalized page with your photo, credentials, video, personal statement, positive client reviews, and more. We also offer you a free company email account accessible from any online computer or your cell phone, a toll-free phone number and a personal toll-free fax number.

* Subject to eligibility requirements


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