AKEA Web Solutions LLC

AKEA Web Solutions LLC

120 N Washington Square, Suite 300 PMB 5020, Lansing, Michigan 48933, United States

AKEA Web Solutions is a web accessibility consulting firm that also specializes in WordPress web design and WordPress web hosting. Web accessibility is a relatively unknown topic for many web owners, designers and admins, but in some cases it’s a legal requirement. At AKEA Web Solutions, we specialize in providing web accessibility auditing and consulting services to ensure that your website is easy for all visitors to use. We also provide accessibility training so that your staff can ensure any future changes made to the website continue to follow the latest accessibility guidelines.

We can teach you how screen reader software works so that you fully understand the impact that web design can have on visitors who use them, for example.

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AKEA Web Solutions LLC

Address: 120 N Washington Square, Suite 300 PMB 5020, Lansing, Michigan, 48933 USA

Phone: (800) 285-8792

Email: info@akeaweb.com