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Innovation Triggers

Project Outline

Inclusive Design Ageing Population Ethical Practice Urban/Environmental sustainability Government Policy Global Cultures

Inclusive Design Sensory Erogonomics User group requirements Historical/modern considerations


Subsidiary Project

Inclusive urban design for the ageing population. How they are included / excluded in the urban environment. Effects of an ageing population on economy.

Restaurant design for Salford Museum and Art Gallery. Incorporating old library and Peel Park into scheme. Considering user needs and history of the building.

Inclusive Design User group needs Sensory Environment Ergonomics Sustainability Age appropriate Design

Design Thesis Project Children’s activity centre based on inclusive design to ensure all children can take part in the activities no matter of their ability. Design will need to be ergonomically considered as well as sustainable.

Brand Identity Design Markets Professional Development

Professional Practice Project Professional development, building of branding, professional interfaces and costing.

Design Parameters

Enterprise Cluster


Markets and sectors


Age Concern UCL Oxford Institute of Population Ageing BBSRC MICRA BSRA Ageing Community Professional Urban Designers

Commercial Sectors Private/Public Sectors Urban Developers Designers Computing Printing

Salford Museum and Art Gallery

Robinwood Activity Centre Outward Bound PGL Kingswood Calvert Trust

Professional Designers Prospective Employers

Local Residents Salford University Students Salford University Lectures Families Retired People School Groups Community Groups Hospitality/Restaurants/Leisure/ Education/Community Breakfast Lunch Afternoon Tea Dinner Evening/Daytime drinks Manufacturing Carbon Emissions/foot print Material life cycle Sustainable/renewable materials

Children, Teachers, Carers School Groups Community Groups Activity Staff

Myself Prospective Employers

Outdoor Education Education Groups Community Groups Special Needs Schools/Groups

Manufacturing Carbon Emissions Carbon foot print Material life cycle Sensory Innovation Sustainable/renewable materials

Computing Printing

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Usp summary 2