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Company profile WEVAB is a modern, practical and flexible production company, which for more than 40 years has specialized, in particular, in working aluminium sections and sheets accurately into semifinished and finished products designed for a diverse range of uses. The organization is in a position to swiftly zero in on new developments, while we continue to produce at attractive prices, apply short times of delivery, and supply high-quality products. WEVAB, your partner in entrepreneurship, now and in the future. Scope of activities WEVAB comprises five specialized departments: Constructions Sheet-metal working techniques Presentation accessories Conveyor equipment Boog roofing systems

Each department has a comprehensive assortment and has extensive possibilities for treatment and supply. Our exceptional strength resides in the effective interplay and synergy between the various departments. CODEMA


WEVAB is part of the CODEMA Systems Group. CODEMA Systems Group is the holding company of HAWE, WEVAB and SDF. This group is worldwide market leader in the area of innovative logistic systems, management and control software and custommade products for (greenhouse) horticulture.


Experience Due to its very large and diversified customer base, WEVAB in more than 40 years has gained a vast amount of market knowledge and practical experience. Therefore, turning to WEVAB is definitely a smart move when it comes to the development and production of your presentation accessories.

Development At WEVAB, product development has a high priority. Times are changing and so do the wishes of our customers. In the development of products, we get end customers and middlemen involved in the process of thinking about the final design of a product.

For product design, we have highly competent people able to visualize a product by making a three-dimensional design or producing a prototype.

Production Practically all products developed by WEVAB are also made by WEVAB. For producing the final design, we can choose from a variety of treatment and working techniques in our own production facilities, but are also using our specialized suppliers. WEVAB’s large production department is able to make products ranging from simple to the extremely complex.



Products Below is a description of products which are made by the presentation-accessories department.

Presentation tables Within the presentation-accessories department, the presentation tables constitute the basis of the assortment. With the benefit of our many years of experience, we have developed several product lines containing tables in various standard sizes. The advantage of standard-size tables is that they can be delivered quickly and that usually each part of a table is also separately available.

Practically all tables are vertically adjustable and are provided with a plastic ebb & flood bottom. The table is supplied with a filter and a cock so that the table is ready to be connected to an ebb & flood system.

WEVAB offers two types of presentation tables. One type has a completely mounted top box with flat aluminium sides. The other type is more or less identical, but can be provided with a coloured side section, available in different shades.

If there should be no size in our product lines that would fit within your business, we will be able in consultation with you to design and manufacture a presentation table according to your special requirements and wishes.

Card holders For price marking, company logo, product communication etc., various types of card holders have been developed for the presentation tables. There are card holders for use along the length or width of the table. They can be placed on the table or hung at the edge. Card holders are developed for virtually all common paper sizes, such as for example A2, A3, A4 and A5.

End and side tables


To direct additional attention in the product presentation area to a special offer or, for instance, a particular plant-pot combination, WEVAB is in a position to supply various tables which can be placed in front of, beside or on the table. These tables are available in various sizes, and also in different kinds of material such as wood, aluminium or steel.

Plant racks For the presentation of hanging plants or the presentation of plants placed on different levels, WEVAB is in a position to produce racks designed for optimal fitting of the space available within your business.

End users The presentation accessories developed by WEVAB are found in various market segments. You will find our products in the following segments: Home improvement centres Supermarkets Garden centres Petrol stations Florist’s businesses

Cooperation Thanks to our many years of experience and excellent reputation, we have been able to build a large network of companies we cooperate with in order to develop a really good product for the end user. The various companies taking part in this cooperative arrangement include: Growers Dealers Exporters Shop fitting contractors

Sales and delivery If you would like to request a quotation or place an order, you may contact our sales department directly. They will handle your request with care, make a design, draw up an offer, or set up an appointment with you. In addition to our own sales department, there are various companies we are cooperating with and where you can purchase our products. The size of projects is not of importance to us. You can come to us for a single table, but also for the total delivery of sizeable projects. The delivery of products can take place in various ways; products can be picked up but, of course, we can also arrange transport for you.

Contact If you would like to receive more information about our presentation accessories, see our contact information on the back of this brochure. You will also find more information on our website where you will be able to download product sheets and brochures. In addition, on our website, you will find the latest news, the fairs at which we present ourselves, and more information about the other departments of WEVAB.


Oosteindsepad 8 2661 EP Bergschenhoek Nederland T: +31 (0) 8516333 F: +31 (0) 8516340 www.

WEVAB Brochure English  

WEVAB Brochure English

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