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December 14, 1909 Dear Diary, Today I attended a rally to promote the advancement of women in society. For too long we have been deemed as the “weaker sex,” without any regard to actual science and medicine, whose finding clearly support the idea of equality amongst all genders. My late husband attempted to oppress me the way other men in his time did to their wives. It did not work. Is it too much to ask to have fair treatment and be given some basic human dignity? It makes me angry and sickened to think that just because I have different reproductive organs I am unequal to a man. Any how, I am getting side tracked. At the rally, we stood in front of the white house holding signs and picketed in an attempt to sway his opinion on women's suffrage. The protest lasted for hours, until the local police came and broke it up for the night. I don’t really mind though. It’s just more of the same: men never giving women the chance to voice her valid opinion. I truly am both sickened and disgusted by this perverse culture we have. This feeling of dominance and superiority shared by most men extends to our boys soon. They become the next oppresses. How are we to change a society which is so set in it’s ways? And that’s where it falls apart for me. I don’t think it can be done, but still, it’s definitely worth trying. And that’s truly the way I see it.

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