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Spring Summer 2011


“WAYWARD, EAT YOUR APPLES!� Spring and Summer 2011.

Debut collection sets off with season friendly colour palettes and whimsical prints which pay homage to directional day wear and appeal to the humour in us all. A collection that celebrates attention to details, textures and eccentric accessories. It aims to be effortless, fun and yet rather clever. All in all, the wearable side of unconventional...

Is there anything better than sinking your teeth into a crunchy apple and the sounds of birds chirping on a bright Spring morning? Idly strolling the aisles of museums, penning down thoughts at that cafe around the corner, or just building a closet for your expanding wardrobe? So, humour me... close your eyes and pretend that it is summer :D


“DESIGNER PROFILE” Both the founders of A.K.A Wayward have no formal training in apparel design. Mun Foong handles the {Design} side of things. Prior to this, she worked at advertising agencies and design firms. She’s an eyeliner freak, accessory bandit and swears by sneakers. By day, she manipulates graphics.

“A.K.A Wayward is your prodigal son that returns. It’s the story of a rebellious son who left his house to roam the earth in search of that proverbial ‘it.’ He simply could not be molded within the norms of society.” He is an individual who is ready for something new and loves to stand out from the crowd. A man who dresses with confidence, a juggler, a gentlemen, a grifter, a pen-salesman or maybe a voyuer. A person you walk past on the street and you look back to see the clothes he wears with style. He definitely doesn’t take himself too seriously, nor should you.

Mun Loong handles the {Business} side of things. Not a NERD but cultivating an unhealthy obsession for coffee and wine. By day, he conceives games.

“WAYWARD PROFILE” The underlying foundation of A.K.A Wayward and its clothing line is; an extension of ‘his personality’ and encounters with people from different walks of life through ‘his adventures.’ He’s a master of adventure and disguise, constantly ‘masquerading’ as someone else in order to fit in.”






ASS11.C001 Cream

ASS11.C001 Navy

ASS11.S002 Periwinkle

ASS11.S003 Denim


3 Charcoal

ASS11.S002 Ivory

ASS11.S003 Periwinkle

ASS11.S005 Charcoal

ASS11.S002 Denim

ASS11.T002 Navy

ASS11.T002 Cream

ASS11.S004 Periwinkle

ASS11.S004 Denim

ASS11.S001 Charcoal

ASS11.S001 Ivory

ASS11.T001 Navy

ASS11.P003 Periwinkle

ASS11.T001 Cream

ASS11.P003 Ebony

ASS11.J001 Biscuit

ASS11.P002 Biscuit


ASS11.J002 Navy

“WAYWARD, EAT YOUR APPLES!” In the market for Spring and Summer 2011.

FLAGSHIP STORE Parco, 9 Raffles Boulevard, #P2-30A, Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596 (10.30am - 9.30pm Daily)

"Wayward, Eat your Apples! SS2011"  

A.K.A Wayward produces statement pieces that captures a sense of humour by urbanizing classics with a modern fit and twist.

"Wayward, Eat your Apples! SS2011"  

A.K.A Wayward produces statement pieces that captures a sense of humour by urbanizing classics with a modern fit and twist.