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Mortgage Wars Backfire

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Market Remains Tight with Sales Up In April May Mid-Month Resale Market Figures

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FEATURED PROPERTY LISTINGS pg 12 Belvedere Crt - 2 bedroom condo with 9’ ceiling situated in downtown

Brampton. Walking distant to Rose Theater, Gage Park, transit terminal and GO train. Want to know more? Call Tan now!

pg 13 Hoskin Square - Single detached family home, only minutes away from

pg 12 Brighton Street - Clean & bright, 3 bedrooms townhouse located in the

Village of Brighton Park. Walk to University and amenities. Large living room, kitchen with island and an elevated walkout deck from dining room overlooks the south. Call Tan today to find out more!

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Belvedere Court

Time to opt for fixed, not variable rate, BMO says

pg 05 Repair checklist and costs for homebuyers pg 08 Fighting back against low appraisal reviews pg 14 Is living next to a highway worth the sacrifice?

Have a waterleak? Stop the leak and get it dried up quickly

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pg 16 Keeping up with the Jones pay in Real








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elenion Development Studios



Hoskin H o Square q

Bramalea City Centre. Very spacious, am open concept floor plan, and a walk out to a large deck. Perfect for small family and first time buyer. Close to all amenities, want to know more? Call Tan now!

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Time to opt for fixed, not variable rate, BMO says


ixed-rated mortgages now make more sense than variable, both as a way to keep costs in check and reduce worries about consumer-debt levels, says a report by BMO Capital markets. “There are mounting signs that the tide is indeed turning for rates, especially with the U.S. economy finally getting back on its feet,� says the report entitled Time to say Goodbye . . . to Variable. Government of Canada bond yields have jumped more than 50 basis points in the last three months alone, signalling that low interest rates may soon be on the rise as the U.S., and even the global economy, start to turn around, BMO notes. Rising inflation and solid demand for commodities from emerging markets, coupled with global government debt, increase the risk that the Bank of Canada could start raising interest rates aggressively, the report says. “I’m a bit concerned about the market,� says Garganis. “Multiple offers means the market is too hot, prices are too high. It’s a bit too hot for me.� Flaherty stressed Thursday that banks shouldn’t be relying on Ottawa to further tighten mortgage lending rules and are free to act on their own. He said he wants

to see the market “correct itself, if it can.� “I find it a bit odd that some of the bank executives are taking the position that the minister of finance or the government somehow should tell them how to run their business,� Flaherty said at an event near Ottawa Thursday, according to Bloomberg. BMO has been criticized for deeply discounting rates to 2.99 per cent for a five-year mortgage, further encouraging people to borrow who may not be able to afford to pay $1,164 a month on that $200,000 mortgage if rates climb back up to, say, 5 per cent. But BMO deputy chief economist Doug Porter stressed that if Ottawa has concerns, “they have the means at their disposal to change interest rates — they have control over the most important interest rate out there, the Bank of Canada overnight rate.� Locking in to a fixed-rate mortgage would go a long way to reduce concerns that homebuyers could be at risk if interest rates start rising. “I would make the argument that locking in a mortgage for five or 10 years, with a 25-year amortization, would alleviate concerns and strengthen consumer finances.�

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7RQ\'­$YLQRMortgage Broker /LF0



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Repair checklist and costs for homebuyers

Appraisals are coming in below purchases price on some deals, with the potential to scuttle a transaction, lose a deposit or, at the very least, force buyers to look for other sources to cover the shortfall

Emily Norris April 26, 2012

stimating big or small home repairs like basement, electrical, plumbing, roofing, funance and air-conditioning is a necessary evil when becoming a homeowner. Here’s a general budget guide for the big-ticket items; the ones you really need to think about when buying a property especially when they are older. Keep in mind that contractors can vary as much as 300% in quotes depending on quality of workmanship and material and in different economic conditions. %DVHPHQWV%DVHPHQWVFDQEHYHU\H[SHQVLYHWRUHPHG\LI WKHUHDUHVWUXFWXUDOGHILFLHQFLHVLQDKRPH7KH\RIWHQ uncover other issues in a house such as foundation problems. Obvious signs include cracks in the walls and floor, sagging beams or ceilings, moisture or mold, and many more things that a qualified home inspector should be able to identify before making an offers. The costs involved include underpinning, $250.00/lin.ft, lowering basement floor $200.00/lin.ft, recreation room reno $50.00/sq.ft + and termite prevention at about $1,800.00. (OHFWULFDO(OHFWULFDOXSJUDGHVLQROGHUKRPHVDUHYHU\W\SLFDODQGDUHRIWHQQHHGHGWREHGRQHIRUVDIHW\DQGLQVXUance reasons. For upgrades of main services, expect about 100 amp to run $1,500 plus, 200 amp at $2,500 plus, and electrical permit are typically about $150.00 On average, to totally renovate or build a new home, electrical charges will EHDSSUR[LPDWHO\ QRWLQFOXGLQJIL[WXUHV  3OXPELQJ3OXPELQJUHSDLUVDQGXSJUDGHVIURPROGHUOHDGSLSHVRUWRXSJUDGHIRUZDWHUSUHVVXUHSXUSRVHVDUHDJUHDW idea. New 1� water service will cost about $2,000.00 plus, changing drain lines $4,000.00 plus, changing water lines ZKROHKRXVH SOXVDQGILQDOO\LQVWDOODWLRQRI VXPSSXPSSOXV2QDYHUDJHWKHWRWDOSOXPELQJ charges when renovating or building a new home, plumbing charges are approximately $12,000 to $15,000. 5RRILQJ5RRILQJLVVXHVFDQJHWH[SHQVLYHDQGTXRWHVZLOOYDU\JUHDWO\,QJHQHUDOIODWURRIVFRVWPRUHDQGODVWORQJHU than sloped. Sloped roof asphalt shingles will cost about $2.50/sq. ft. compared to flat roof tar and gravel 4-ply which will run $8.00 - $10.00/sq.ft An overall roof tune-up will cost approximately $300.00. +HDWLQJ &RROLQJ/DVWEXWQRWOHDVWKHDWLQJDQGFRROLQJV\VWHPVDUHGHILQLWHO\RQHVWREXGJHWIRULI WKHV\VWHPVDUH old and inefficient. The money saved in heating and cooling costs with an efficient system are well worth it. Highefficiency gas furnace is about $3,700.00, mid-efficiency gas furnace $2,600.00, ductless A/C unit $4,500.00 and finally central A/C $3,200.00 on average. Factoring in the costs before bidding on your dream home is well worth the time! | 5

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Sunday, June 17, 2012



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Celebrations of Fatherhood any Canadians observe Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June. It is a day for people to show their appreciation for fathers and father figures. Father figures may include stepfathers, fathers-in-law, guardians HJIRVWHUSDUHQWV DQGIDPLO\IULHQGV Many people in Canada celebrate Father’s Day in a variety of ways to express their love and gratitude to fathers or IDWKHUILJXUHV)DWKHU¡V'D\DFWLYLWLHVLQFOXGH EXWDUHQRWOLPLWHGWR  ‡3DUWLFLSDWLQJLQ)DWKHU¡V'D\IXQUXQVDQGRWKHUHYHQWVLQZKLFKWKHSURFHHGVJRWRZDUGVFKDULW\RUSURVWDWH cancer research. ‡%X\LQJSUHVHQWVVXFKDVQHFNWLHVDQGRWKHULWHPVRI FORWKLQJFKRFRODWHVERRNVRUHTXLSPHQWIRUYDULRXVW\SHV of hobbies. ‡*LYLQJKDQGPDGHRUSXUFKDVHGFDUGV ‡%UHDNIDVWVEUXQFKHVOXQFKHVRUGLQQHUVHLWKHUDWKRPHRULQUHVWDXUDQWV ‡7DNLQJIDWKHUVRUIDWKHUILJXUHVRXWWRWKHPRYLHVWKHSDUNWKH]RRRUDQRWKHUSODFHRI LQWHUHVW There are some suggestions that the idea of Father's Day may originate in pagan sun worship. Some branches of paganism see the sun as the father of the universe. The June solstice occurs around the same time of year as Father's Day so some people saw a link between the two. The idea of a special day to honor fathers and celebrate fatherhood was introduced from the United States. A woman called Sonora Smart Dodd was inspired by the American Mother's Day celebrations and planned a day to honor fathers early in the 20th century. The first Father's Day was celebrated in Spokane, Washington on June 19, 1910. Father’s Day has become increasingly popular throughout North America and other parts of the world over the years. Mother’s Day is also celebrated in Canada on an annual basis. Father’s Day is not a federal public holiday in Canada. It falls on a Sunday, which is a day off for many workers so many offices and stores are closed. However, some shopping precincts and stores, as well as restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues, may be particularly busy on Father’s Day.

Have A Blissful Father’s Day! - Tan and the TAN Team | 7

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ppraisals have long been the source of much frustration for home buyers, sellers and real estate investors, a situation which has only gotten worse since the housing market meltdown. The question is if there is anything you can do if a mortgage lender performs an appraisal review and comes back with a lower value, is there anything you can do to fight back? Of course the more homework buyers, sellers and investors do upfront the less likely there is to be any issues with appraisal reviews later. Though of course this is never any guarantee you won’t find yourself at odds with the bank’s underwriting department. Home value estimator tools like Zillow’s are exactly that ‘estimators’ which can often easily be 25-50% off. Using a seller’s appraisal is no good either and often a big waste of money for home sellers. A buyer will have to get a new appraisal completed anyway and the truth is that while almost any number can be put on an appraisal it doesn’t mean it will pass review. If possible appraisals should be ordered through an appraisal service which also frequently provides appraisal reviews for major banks and lenders. They’ll know exactly what could be an issue with your lender before it even comes up. Plus they’ll have a lot more weight to help you fight back if there are disagreements about a home’s value. Should a lender come back with appraisal review issues all is not lost. Well, in some cases it could be a case of the lender finding an excuse to deny the loan in which case you’ll need to shop for a loan elsewhere. However, if the value is justifiable your options include having the original appraiser provide a rebuttal and additional comparables to support their findings or ordering a second appraisal from a new appraiser. A low appraisal review may be an opportunity to ask for a price cut but it also doesn’t mean you should just give up on your transaction without a fight.





Stay connected and be more productive than ever before

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Mortgage wars backfire By Garry Marr - Financial Post April 18, 2012

ere's a little something to ponder before a ELGGLQJZDU:LOOWKHEDQNDJUHHZLWKKRZ much you just paid for that home? Appraisals are coming in below purchases price on some deals, with the potential to scuttle a transaction, lose a deposit or, at the very least, force buyers to look for other sources to cover the shortfall. "This is happening all the time," says Vince Gaetano, a principal at Monster Mortgage. "People are having to come up with more [cash] and, if they can't, they better come up with an alternative means of financing." Mr. Gaetano wonders whether some appraisers have become more conservative and are almost anticipating a rapid drop in prices. "Lenders are very nervous," the mortgage broker says. It's up to your financial institution to decide if it wants an appraisal unless you have less than a 20% down payment, in which case you need mortgage default insurance and an insurer like Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. takes on the responsibility. Problems arise when a consumer bids above the precedent for the area. A home may be purchased

10 |

for say $450,000 but the appraiser could say you jumped the gun on values in the area and your new house is only worth $400,000. At 95% debt to equity, the bank will then only give you a loan for $380,000 - meaning you need $70,000 down instead of $20,000. "I have been cautioning people not to go in firm on any offer unless you are sure of your financing," Mr. Gaetano says. He had a client who recently bought a property in Toronto's trendy High Park area for $1.6-million and the appraisal came in at $1.1-million, forcing the client to juggle some other investments to cover the shortfall the bank would not cover. Keith Lancastle, chief executive of the Appraisal Institute of Canada, confirms that trend. "We understand anecdotally that it is happening in certain markets like parts of Toronto and parts of Vancouver," he says. "Anytime you get into a seller's market where you are looking at multiple offers, the market in that place at that time increases the value of the property." While purchase price may indeed be the current value, appraisers look at a wider range of factors that include comparable sales of property over time. "What somebody pays today might not be a lasting value," he says. "[The appraisal] is more of a reality check."

Tan.gazine NEWS

Appraisals are coming in below purchases price on some deals, with the potential to scuttle a transaction, lose a deposit or, at the very least, force buyers to look for other sources to cover the shortfall

Mr. Lancastle says the appraisal process has kept the market in check by providing accurate values. "From a systemic perspective, it's positive. What we saw in the United States is loan to value ratios went way out of whack," he says. Phil Soper, chief executive of Royal LePage Real Estate Services, says appraisals typically can come in a little under purchase price. "If you look at numbers that come out of the professional appraisals book of business, they are risk adjusted because their principal clients are looking at a way to measure risk," he says. Mr. Soper says the impression may be that appraisers have gotten tougher, but he chalks it up to the rate of price appreciation slowing. As the rate of price appreciation falls, appraised values will follow. "Appraisers don't want to get caught overvaluing a property," he says. "A change in market can make appraisers hyper sensitive to a change in market conditions."

Committed to Environmental Protection

Dave Lau

Owner & Operations Manager

The message to consumers is to tread carefully when they make an offer and make it conditional on financing. "What is at risk is you could lose your deposit," Mr. Soper says, adding the vendor doesn't really want to sell to somebody who doesn't have the capacity to follow through on any deal. "Most people do have some wiggle room though." Farhaneh Haque, director of mortgage advice and real estate-secured lending at Toronto-Dominion Bank, said multiple offers are driving the situation. "We'll see a differential between appraised value and the sale price in those situations," she says. Customers who get pre-approved for mortgages are told the banks lend money based on the home buyers' credit strength but loans are also based on the property. Bottom line is if you are getting into a bidding war, you may be on your own. Don't count on your bank to back you up.

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Mason Heights Mississauga

6948 Financial Drive, Mississauga, ON L5N 8J4

A beautifully renovated home featuring 2 full suites in basement with separate entrance, 186 ft deep private lot, minutes to major Hwys and amenities. Talk to Tan now for further details today.

Toll Free: 1-886-821-3200 Office: 905-821-3200 Fax: 905-821-8777

Peng Hock Tan


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Belvedere Crt

Fogerty Street

2 bedroom condo with 9’ ceiling situated in

A large private pie shaped lot, quality upgrades like hardwood floorings, 9’ ceiling throughout, open spiral stairs to below. Gourmet kitchen high-end appliances, professional finished basement and more! Talk to Tan to view this beautiful house today!



downtown Brampton. Walking distant to Rose Theater, Gage Park, transit terminal and GO train. Want to know more? Call Tan now!

$279,883 Brighton Street

Web Drive

Clean & bright, 3 bedrooms townhouse located in the Village of Brighton Park. Walk to University and amenities. Large living room, kitchen with island and an elevated walkout deck from dining room overlooks the south. Call Tan today to find out more!

Large corner unit, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, solarium with a door can be converted into a bedroom. Unobstructed view, walking distant to Square One mall, transit station, library and new Sheridan Campus. Call Tan now for further more details!




$889,900 SOLD

If Are Planning On Moving, Make T 12 |


am Home

A Private Viewing Today!

Fake Street Fake City

Thinking of making a move? Why not make the right move and List with Tan! Contact Tan at 905-821-3200 to make your right move a reality - there is no-obligations and you can talk about all of your real estate needs with Tan!

Ashcroft Cres.

Hoskin Square



Single detached family home, only minutes away from Bramalea City Centre. Very spacious, am open concept floor plan, and a walk out to a large deck. Perfect for small family and first time buyer. Close to all amenities, want to know more? Call Tan now!

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$888,888 SOLD

Ideally located in Credit Woodlands Neighborhood, 3 bedrooms Semi-Detached are 138 feet deep with fully fenced yard, a separate entrance with car park up to 4 cars. Close to all amenities, want to know more? Call Tan now!

Brisdale Drive

Albert Street

4 bedrooms all bricks detached open concept floor plan, upgraded ceramic floor in kitchen. Hardwood floors in living/dining/family room. A walkout to fully fenced backyard with large garden shed. Talk to Tan for an appointment to view this house today!

Retiring? Want to be a boss? A convenience store for sale: Lottery Terminal, Weston Union, Movies rental and 2 apt. unit now rental out. For more information, call Tan today!

Fort Erie




Hansen Road Brampton

With extensive renovation from top to bottom, you must not miss this one. Laminated floorings, upgraded kitchen cabinets, pot lightings etc. Call Tan for further details today.


Albina Way Mississauga

Beautiful And Well Maintained 3-Bedroom Townhouse (Looks Like Brand New). Sunny Rooms, Large Kitchen With Granite Countertops And Breakfast Area. Located In High Demand Area. Backing Onto Open Space. For more information about this unique property call Tan now @416.669.1748


The Right Move & List With TAN! RPÂ&#x2021; | 13

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have a good friend who almost bought a house in a less than desirable area. Just one day before he and his partner were set to sign the final papers they noticed something that they hadnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t noticed before â&#x20AC;&#x201C; nearly every single house on the country road they had fallen in love with had a For Sale sign in front of it. What was going on? Turns out there were plans for a new 400-series highway in the region and the locals were obviously unhappy about its impending arrival. Needless to say, my friend and his partner opted not to buy the house after all. They had no desire to live that close to a highway.

close that their owners could easily jump over the guardrail from where just beyond their windows. Why would anyone want to live so close to that? The problem with highway living

How close is too close?

Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m sure I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t even have to write this down, but I will. There are a number of reasons why one wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to live next to a highway of this kind, no matter how much money they're saving. The most obvious ones â&#x20AC;&#x201C; air and noise pollution â&#x20AC;&#x201C; come down to quality of life. If those arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t a hindrance, then thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also the fact that an up-close and personal view of the highway would be both ugly and stressful.

Last week there was an article about living close to the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto. A new development, known as Garrison at the Yards, stands seven storeys high. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s located right where the Gardiner meets Bathurst Street, providing condo owners with a remarkable view... of the highway. In fact, the condos are so

The Moneyville article continues with an interview with Barry Fenton, president and CEO of Lanterra Development. Lanterra Development was responsible for some of Torontoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s major downtown developments â&#x20AC;&#x201C; many of them within minutes of the highway. Fenton says that he thinks some people actually enjoy living that close to

Have a Water Leak? Stop the leak and get it dried up quickly. dŽžĆ&#x152;Ć?Ć&#x;ĹśĹ?Ć?Ć&#x161;Ä&#x201A;ĹŻĹŻ DÄ&#x201A;Ç&#x2021;ĎŽĎŹÍ&#x2022;ĎŽĎŹĎ­ĎŽ

14 |

e are usually not ready when a water leak happens. It can be a water supply leak, drainage, flooding or a roof leak but it never seems to happen at a convenient time. Experts will all agree that it is most important to get the problem corrected as quickly as possible. The most important thing to remember when dealing with a water leak is to get the area dry.

Tan.gazine NEWS

D\ZRUWKWKHVDFULrFH" the highway. He says that he actually loves watching the cars going back, calling them “very soothing.” Personally, I’d rather live anywhere but. People are obviously interested, though. Lanterra’s Ice Condominiums, which are right close to the expressway, sold out in just 5 months. Although its central location was what drew him, condo owner Gordie Wong bought his 600-square foot unit for $253,000 just four years ago. It’s noisy and dusty, and the view isn’t anything to get excited about, but it’s close to downtown. By law, buildings have to be constructed at least 5 metres away from the expressway with the absolute minimum being 3 metres. Generally speaking, says the article, condos near the Gardiner “have to be built with thicker walls and window panes to meet noise and vibration standards.” Developers must also conduct studies on the surrounding air quality.

In order to do this, you must get the source of the problem corrected. Stop the water from leaking. Turn off the water, patch the hole, and stop using it if possible. Do what you can even before the calling a professional if possible. Next, make every effort to get everything dry again. Small leaks may be cleaned up with towels and sponges. That wet/dry vacuum that has been sitting in the garage,

Sustainable construction in Italy goes one step further A couple of years ago a Solar Park South contest provided developers, Off Architecture, PR Architects and Samuel Nageotte with an opportunity to come up with a unique redevelopment solution in Calabria, Italy. Entrants were asked to provide a solution for the redevelopment of highway sections between Scilla and Bagnara, says Keeping it Real Estate blog. What did the architects come up with? They decided to turn the pillars of the bridge into livable spaces, including leisure areas, retail space and entertainment centres. Although the idea is both unique and interesting, it still presents the same challenges as living next to the Gardiner does. That is, homeowners would be living there at the sacrifice of quality of life. Would you want to live in a condo overlooking an expressway? Why or why not?

can be put to good use right now. Open windows and using fans can all help speed things up. Larger leaks will probably require professional help. Call them right away and explain the urgency. If they cannot get out to your home or business soon, call someone else! Water will cause bigger problems for you the longer it sits. | 15

Tan.gazine NEWS

Keeping up with the Jones pay in Real Estate Waiver vs notice of fulfillment of condition - when do you use one over the other 9HUQRQ&OHPHQW-RQHV0RUWJDJH%URNHU1HZV $SULO

he Notice of Fulfillment is used when the condition has been fulfilled. In other words, if the home inspection has been done to the satisfaction of the buyer, or financing has been approved, a Notice of Fulfillment should be used. A Waiver is used when the condition has been waived by the buyer, in other words, they have removed the condition without fulfilling it. Unfortunately, it is commonplace in our industry to simply fill out a Waiver even when a Notice of Fulfillment should be used. By doing so, it is like the condition never existed and the home inspection, for example, never happened. This is not good for the buyer because if they ever have an issue that comes up regarding the home inspection, for example, they cannot do anything about it because they have legally removed the condition and it will now have no effect on the sale of the house. Keep it simple. If you fulfill the condition, use a Notice of Fulfillment. If you waive the condition, use a Waiver.

The Power With the 3RZHURI&(1780 <RX:LQ



Yung-pin (Ben) Yang, BA, B. Comm.





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Tan.gazine NEWS Market Remains Tight with Sales Up in April In March, the median price was $517,556 from the $476,802 recorded during April of 2011. Toronto, May 3, 2012

Greater Toronto REALTORS® reported 10,350 transactions through the TorontoMLS system in April 2012. This level of sales was 18 per cent higher than the 8,778 firm deals reported in April 2011. The strongest sales growth was reported in the single-detached market segment, with transactions of this home type up by 22 per cent compared to a year ago. “Interest in single-detached homes has been very high, both in the City of Toronto and surrounding regions. Growth in single-detached listings has not kept up with demand, which means competition between buyers in this market segment increased. With this in mind, it was no surprise that the strongest annual price increase was also experienced in the single-detached segment,” said Toronto Real Estate Board President, Richard Silver.

18 |

The average price for April 2012 transactions was $517,556 – up 8.5 per cent compared to April 2011. While price growth was strongest for single-detached homes, the better-supplied condominium apartment segment experienced a more moderate annual rate of price growth, at four per cent. “Monthly mortgage payments remain affordable for home buyers in the Greater Toronto Area. While interest rates are generally expected to increase over the next two years, the extent and timing of rate hikes has been thrown into question by slower than expected economic growth in the first quarter of this year. On net, borrowing costs are expected to remain a positive factor influencing home sales through 2012,” said Jason Mercer, TREB’s Senior Manager of Market Analysis.

Tan.gazine NEWS Greater Toronto REALTORS® Report Mid-Month Resale Market Figures Greater Toronto REALTORS® reported 5,142 transactions through the TorontoMLS System during the first 14 days of May 2012. This result was up by more than 14.5 per cent in comparison to the first 14 days of May 2011. The number of new listings continued to grow at a slower pace than sales – up 13 per cent year-over-year to 8,749. “Annual growth in sales was experienced across the GTA for all major home types in the first half of May. Sales growth was strongest for the condominium apartment segment. While the condo market has generally been the best supplied market over the past year, we have continued to see enough demand to exert moderate upward pressure on average selling prices in this market segment,” said Toronto Real Estate Board President Richard Silver. The average selling price for transactions in the first 14 days of May was $517,242 – up by six per cent compared to the same period in 2011. “A shortage of listings in the low-rise segment of the market has resulted in a lot of competition between buyers and above average annual rates of price growth. Tight market conditions are expected to remain in place for the balance of 2012,” said Jason Mercer, TREB’s Senior Manager of Market Analysis. | 19

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t h e f irst e xcl usi ve real est


Are You Ready “Why hasn’t any other real estate agent ever thought of this?”

“Every perso benefitting

- James Claudeu, home owner

- Stephanie Dubli

20 |

Tan.gazine NEWS

ate c li e n t ne x u s ever created


For The Picking ?

on should be from this”

“Why benefit just once when you can benefit for life?”

in, home owner

- Robert Shelton, home owner | 21

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Peng Ann the Ace of The harbinger of hope and happiness to the Wat Than Slum Community of Cambodia Peng Ann, Advisor/Director Sing-Cam programs February 18, 2012 I visited a slum community in the heart of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia and found children going without a proper meal for days. They run about aimlessly without guidance, without love. I realized I had to do something. No point watching and talking. Do something was my immediate reaction. Instead of asking why, my immediate thought was what can be done. Together with a Cambodia friend who is the founder of a local NGO, we bought this poor child a bowl of porridge and saw the smile on his face. With this, the Porridge for Hope Program was conceived. The rest is history. I sought donations from caring friends in Singapore to develop a program for the community. This culminated in the start of the Sing-Cam Centre. With the Porridge for Hope Program and the Sing-Cam Centre, we were able to provide the following support for the children and youths since October 2011.

22 |


Understanding the Cambod

The Social Leadership Situation There is a severe shortage of Cambodian youths with leaders were killed to prevent uprisings. The effect is the shortage of

Cambodians need the skills to make their own decisions and There is a need for good and conducive environments for lea

Unfortunately, due in part to the legacy of the Khmer Rouge do not have the means to afford a good education will contin opportunities in student councils, extracurricular clubs and ot

There is an urgent need to develop a generation of effective y university education and confidence attitude as we need to bu will be the role-models for the new generation.

ACE Unique role in the dilemma Many NGOs in Cambodia already provide leadership training inclusion of Cambodiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s poorest and most vulnerable citizen between the rich and poor, as those with means seek to main

ACE is also unique by providing a very tightly integrated prog leadership experience on a daily basis. We guide the students projects.

Tan.gazine NEWS


dian Dilemma

ship skills especially from within the poorer communities. During the Khmer Rouge period, many educated Cambodians social leadership as can be seen by the enormous role played by foreign run NGOs.

solve their own problems in order to achieve sustainable social development and change, through self-governance. arning and applying leadership skills, and for developing good social role models.

e regime, the public schools in Cambodia are inadequately funded. The effect is the poor segment of the community who nue to be left behind. The schools these children attend also lack the resources to develop good leaders through learning ther organisations. The gap between the rich and the poor gets wider.

youth leaders, especially from the poorer segment of the community. It is necessary to provide poor people with uild professionals within the poor community who can act as change agents for the community. Moreover, these youths

g, but their programs are targeted towards, and only affordable to, middle and upper income Cambodians. This lack of s has resulted in the main beneficiaries of these programs being the wealthy. This further entrenches the wealth disparity ntain systems which reinforce their privilege and thus further impoverish the poor.

gram where students not only learn leadership training, but live in a self-governed environment and gain practical in their studies and give them a place to enhance their leadership qualities through organization of the ACEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s other

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May 20, 2012

Spicy recipes

P Preparation time: 10 minut Cooking time: 5 minutes C Makes 3 Servings M I Ingredients 3 frozen whole squid, about thawed and cleaned 1 tbsp vegetable oil 1 1/2 tsp chili-garlic sauce 11/8 tsp salt 11/4 cup fried crispy shallots N Nutrients per Serving 2252 calories 225 g protein 9 g carbohydrates 112 g fat 2244 mg sodium

Roberto Caruso

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Charred Calamari



First Things First... 1. Preheat barbecue to medium-high. 2. Pat squid dry with paper towels. Leaving one seam on each squid body intact, use clean kitchen shears to cut 1/2-in.-wide rings horizontally. (It will look like a row of rings held together by one seam.) Toss squid with oil, chili-garlic sauce and salt in a medium bowl until coated.


3. Oil grill, then barbecue squid, until slightly charred and just tender, 1 to 2 min per side. Serve with shallots Shopping Tip: Crispy shallots can be found in the Asian aisle of most supermarkets. Wine Pairings: SPICY SQUID | FRUITY BLEND Fruity and flowery, this California white is almost too easy to love. Its bold citrus and tropical flavours elevate the Spicy Charred Calamari, while a hint of sweetness counters the hot chili and garlic. We recomend you try out Big House White, California, they retail for approximately $13 at most wine stores. | 25

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Tan•gazine May 2012 Vol 2 Issue 08  

Tan•gazine May 2012 Vol 2 Issue 08

Tan•gazine May 2012 Vol 2 Issue 08  

Tan•gazine May 2012 Vol 2 Issue 08