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March 2012 Volume 02 Issue 06

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An Old Town House Tan•gazine Editorial Team - Brampton March 20, 2012

ave you been looking for a brand new furnished home within the 200k range? Then this is the property you have been waiting for, for the longest time. That’s right, near-by in the heart of Brampton with a minute drive away from Mississauga and just a heart beat away off the Hwy 410 exists a condo townhouse that screams “brand-new”.


With over 50k of serious upgrades from slate floors to solid maple stairways its no wonder this property is predicted to be the next crowd pleaser in the following weeks ensuing April 2012. Owner of the home tells us, “You need to see this house to fall in order to fall in love with it.” - Sure enough we were given a tour of the property and we were litterally floored to say the least.

Living Room

Tan.gazine NEWS

ve Style Living The condo townhouse boasts some of the best features you can imagine. Included with the condo fees are 100 channel cable TV, swimming pool and snow removal/landscaping services. As we can see, this had to be one of the best if not “the” best well maintained condo townhouse complex we have ever seen to date. When we entered the premise the gorgous Jacobean colored maple stairs and oak railings caught our eye and the color matching premium 12mm laminated floors and Behr Premium painted walls created a picture perfect townhouse home.

Breakfast Bar

Excited, the crew and I were guided right into the living room where we were completely stunned with what we saw. A highly functional and very large living area opening to the dining area with just a couple steps into a fully furnished designed kitchen.

A place where home cooks will just absolutely adore. The kitchen comes with a designer grade white high-gloss finish cabinets and boasts a fully glass tiled backsplash accentuated with valance lighting throughout. We were informed that the matching 3pc stainless steel appliances will be part of the package for willing buyers. Another key part of this kitchen that we absolutely loved is the breakfast bar that is nested between the living area and the kitchen, a perfect place to wake up to a glass of coffee and eggs with toast in the morning while gazing at the 17” LCD cable TV that comes equipped on the kitchen countertop. You heard me, this kitchen has a 17” LCD cable TV provisioned intelligently in the unused corner of the countertop adjacent to the stove. Just pure genius. On the upper floor, we were introduced to 2 bed

Tan.gazine NEWS


Executive Style rooms and one giant master bed room with a ensuite. The bathroom comes with a glass framed standing shower complete with all new premium 24” vanity and toliet. We also forgot to mention this was the first home we have even seen to have slate introduced into a bathroom. Simply gorgous is barely enough to explain what we saw. As we made our way to the basment I couldn’t help but yelp about how cool it is just walking down these stairs. Cool, you say? Believe me we liked this personal touch and it was quite clever of the home owner in my personal opinion. These flight of stairs going down into the basement comes with built LED stainless steel deck lights to illuminate our path down. Great for seniors and defintely adored by the future home owner as these lights would be very inexpensive to have on, not to mention it looks super cool. The pot lights throughout the basement was a excellent touch, keeps over head area clean and un-obstrusive to the eyes while providing the ample lighting we love. We would like to just throw in a mention that these pot lights are completely pivotal, meaning, you could change the positioning of the lights. Pretty cool eh? Before walking right into what I’d call a home theatre...the enclosed laundry area caught our eyes. This enclosed laundry meant doors to the furnace and water heater which equates to massive noise buffering which means a quieter home, very impressive touch. This laundry area comes equiped with all brand new washer and dryer and is accentuated with matching pot lights.

Master Bedroom


Tan.gazine NEWS

An Old Town House


Tan•gazine Editorial Team - Brampton March 20, 2012

Out in the entertainment area boasts a mounted 55” Plasma TV complete 5.1 Dolby home theatre system and mounted over head rear speakers. This home is what we call “decked out” - we envy the lucky soul who buys this seriously out-done home. Last but not least, our tour finally ends in a fully equipped bathroom with a glass standing shower and brand new 18” vanity and toliet with lovely premium porcelain tiles. Other mentions should include premium lighting upgrades throughout the home, 5” baseboards with matching shoe trims, doors and windows come complete with 3.5” trim/casings and the living room to dining area comes furnished in premium Alexandria Crown Moulding. Excited to see this home for yourself ? Call Tan and the TAN Team to book your very own private viewing of this hot property today!

his Exectuve Style Living


$269,883 Same price as a 2 bedroom bedro appartment!*

Property Specifications • 1,200-1,300 square feet excluding finished basement

• 3 bedroom with a den with 2 full bathrooms & Finished basement • Walkout to garage from foyer • Fully fenced backyard • Condo fees include water & cable TV service


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