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Volume III, Issue I, Winter 2014

Happy New Year Sorors! 2014 has come in with a blast, literally...thanks to the polar vortex that has frozen us from coast to coast. However, those low temperatures are no match for the service & sisterly spirit that are ablaze in the Sensational South Central Region. Sorors, you ended 2013 in a phenomenal way. As I review each (and I do mean each) of your End of the Year Reports, your work is unparalleled and the impact you made on your communities was undeniable. I applaud each of you for your service and trust you're submitting those scrapbooks so your efforts can be recognized at Regional Conference & Boule (sisterly reminder). Our region had a sensational year as well. I hope you had a chance to view the 2013 Year In Review Video that went directly to your inbox. It's phenomenal to see how much we achieved over the last 365 days. Those achievements could not have been reached without you continually heeding the call to step up and serve, for that, I thank you. Some of our awe inspiring work includes an increase in Membership, outstanding support of our Program, top winner for regional support of EAF and high attendance at our Round Up and Cluster Conferences.

In celebration of 106 Years of Sisterhood & Service, the next few months will be filled with opportunities to join with Sorors all over the world in reverence to our esteemed Founders. As we reflect upon the past and the legacy our Founders entrusted to each of us, may we also look to the future with the same hope, passion, sisterliness and altruistic spirit that guided them. These collegians were not only big dreamers but big doers working in the spirit of "greater laurels to win, greater tasks to begin for thy honor and glory today." We too must work in that same spirit, challenging ourselves to win greater laurels and accomplish even greater tasks today. I hope that 106 years from now communities will be revitalized, families will be strengthened, students educated and countless girls will have emerged as the leaders they were called to be because of the supreme sisterhood demonstrated in 2014 by sorors in Forrest City, AR; Baldwin, LA; Albuquerque, NM; Galveston, TX and all points in between! Remember, the legacy that we will leave depends on the actions we take or choose to ignore today. As we look to the year ahead, there is much to be excited about with Founders' Day Celebrations, the BIG 82nd South Central Regional Conference, AKA Days at the Capitol, AKA Day at the UN, Boule and the highly anticipated release of the South Central Region's Timeless History Book. Sorors, you made 2013 phenomenal; let's make 2014 legendary. In the words of Dr. Benjamin Mays, "It must be borne in mind that the tragedy in life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach. It isn't a calamity to die with dreams unfulfilled, but it is a calamity not to dream. It is not a disaster to be unable to capture your ideal, but it is a disaster to have no ideal to capture. It is not a disgrace not to reach the stars, but it is a disgrace to have no stars to reach for. Not failure, but low aim is sin.“ In Service and Sisterhood,

Soror Chelle




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Timeless History

Pink Goes Red

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Regional Archives Award

2014 S.C. Regional Conference

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EMR Team

2014 S.C. R.C. Service Project



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Leadership Fellows

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REGIONAL DIRECTOR’S SISTERLY REMINDERS • Please do not send items to the Regional Director with a signature requirement for delivery. This may only delay the receipt of your mail. • Please consider all requested timelines for approval from the Regional Director and/or Corporate Office when submitting requests. Your proposed schedule should include ample time for processing to ensure approval of your requests. • Please e-mail the regional director any time that you make changes to your e-mail address, including when there is a change in a chapter office, especially basileus. You don’t want to miss receiving communication from the region or cluster. The Sensation

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JANUARY 5-7: 9: 10: 11:

12: 16: 18: 19: 20: 25: 26:

San Antonio, TX SCRC 2015/CVB Meeting Houston, TX Women of A New Tribe Exhibit Dallas Black Dance Theater Founder’s Luncheon Chi Zeta Omega Timeless History Unveiling & Mayor's Reception Dallas, TX SCRC Regional Conf Meeting Oklahoma City, OK University of Oklahoma Health Science Center MLK Program Speaker Treasure You Luncheon Flower Mound, TX MLK Program Speaker MLK Day of Service DFW Metroplex Founders’ Day Luncheon Alpha Tau Omega Founders’ Day Luncheon

FEBRUARY 1: 8: 9: 14: 15: 22: 27-31:

Omicron Mu Omega Founders’ Day Luncheon Alpha Xi Omega Founders’ Day Luncheon Dallas, TX SCRC Regional Conference Meeting UNCF Gala Memphis, TN Tau Rho Omega Chapter Meeting Gamma Omicron Omega Founders’ Day Luncheon Directorate Meeting

MARCH 1-2: 13-16: 20-23: 27-30:

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Directorate Meeting South Central Regional Conference Midwestern Regional Conference Central Regional Conference

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In Memoriam

Soror Julia B. Purnell March 19, 1916-October 21, 2013

“May I,

again, remind you that Alpha Kappa Alpha women have a responsibility to strengthen human dignity as a source of national action, and the human heart as the source of national compassion, and the human mind as the source of invention and ideas.” Soror Julia B. Purnell 41st Boule-1964-Philadelphia, PA The 16th Supreme Basileus of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (1962 – 1966) Julia Brogdon Purnell was born on March 19, 1916 in Belton, South Carolina. Under Soror Purnell’s leadership, the Sorority opened its first National Program Office in Washington, D.C., and secured a $4 million contract to operate the first federal Job Corps Center for women. Soror Purnell completed her B.A. degree with honors with a major in psychology and a minor in education at Allen University in Columbia, South Carolina and went on to receive her M.A. degree in educational psychology from Atlanta University in 1942. Afterwards, she pursued advanced work at several other universities and earned her specialist teaching certificate in reading from Colorado State College of Education. Soror Purnell received nine honorary degrees. Soror Purnell’s lifelong service to the AKA Sorority began with her initiation into the Beta Zeta Omega The Sensation

Chapter in Orangeburg, South Carolina. She fulfilled many leadership roles in her home chapter, including Chapter President, Vice President, Parliamentarian, advisor to the Undergraduate chapter and Recording Secretary. She also served as the South Eastern Regional Director from 1958 to 1962. Purnell was elected as the 16th International President of the Sorority in 1962 at the Sorority’s national convention in Detroit, Michigan, succeeding Soror Marjorie H. Parker in office. One of her first challenges as president was the implementation of the recommended changes outlined by the Sorority’s Study Commission Report. The result was the creation of new manuals and handbooks that continue to influence the Sorority’s structure and operation. Other highlights of Soror Purnell’s term included obtaining a multi-million dollar contract for the establishment of a Residential Job Corps Center for Women in Cleveland, Ohio. She played a significant role in the effort for civil rights as a participant at the invitation of President Kennedy in the “White House Conference of Three Hundred Women,” and in 1964, she mustered national support for the passage of the Civil Rights Act. Under Soror Purnell’s leadership, a program office was set-up in Washington, D.C.; the second international chapter of the Sorority was established in Nassau, Bahamas, and in 1965, she convened the first Undergraduate Leadership School which was held in Zion, Illinois. Page 5


A Timed Mission

Sorors the clock is ticking and the excitement is building. Fast forward to Regional Conference 2014 and imagine a banner headline that reads, “South Central Timeless History Unveiled.” In the middle of the sensational display is a copy of the Timeless History of the South Central Region surrounded by the one hundred and twenty –seven copies of the region’s chapter histories. The titles and covers of the books in this magnificent display invite you to take a timeless experience as you walk through the pages and discover the rich history, accomplishments and evolution of the South Central Region and its chapters over the years! Will your chapter be represented in this historical event? The Regional Timeless History Committee was encouraged by the tremendous amount of participation of chapter members in the Timeless History Workshop conducted at the Regional Conference in New Orleans. We want to thank those chapters who have Stepped Up and answered the challenge from Supreme Basileus, Carolyn House Stewart to research, compile and publish your individual chapter story. Please see the names of those chapters listed below. In accordance with the Timeless History Timeline we are now approaching the publishing phase of the project. The Regional Historian and Timeless History Editor continue to receive and respond to questions concerning the project. You are able to contact them at the following email address: With a bang, the South Central Regional history will be unveiled during a plenary at our 2014 Dallas Regional Conference, followed by the unveiling of each chapter publication. A salute to the top three South Central Timeless Histories will be the highlight of the plenary. These will be the South Central entries for the National Awards at the 2014 Boule' in North Carolina. All chapters are encouraged to submit their published histories by January 15, 2014. Remember our Regional Director has set a goal of 100% participation from chapters in South Central. Also, it is imperative to know that the Standards Committee will also highlight Timeless history as a part of its presentation. If you are still in need of additional information, the timeline and next steps for publishing your histories can be found in the Members Only section of the national website, under Documents and Forms. Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to showcase your chapter’s history in words and pictures. Chapter Basilei are asked to make sure that you have submitted the name of your chapter historian to Soror Simmons. Sorors Ada Simmons, Regional Historian and Sandra Barber, Regional Editor stand ready to support you in this journey. Do not hesitate to contact them at the Timeless History email address. We look forward to receiving your completed histories and celebrating the culmination of the Timeless History project.

The Sensation

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Regional Archives Award Anne Mitchem-Davis Boule Award Purpose and Criteria for Selection: Created in 2012, this award recognizes chapters that have made a sustainable commitment to the preservation of their chapters’ archives, official documents, and photographs. The Boule award is named for Soror Anne Mitchem-Davis whose commitment to archiving as the longest serving liaison between Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and Howard University’s Moorland-Spingarn Research Center is without precedent. Her appointment as archivist of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., began on August 6, 1987 when she was appointed by 22nd Supreme Basileus Janet Jones Ballard. Subsequently, during the administration of 23rd Supreme Basileus Mary Shy Scott, the Archives Committee became a standing committee for which Soror Anne MitchemDavis served as the chairman. Soror Mitchem-Davis served on the committee as chairman or as a committee member until her death in January 2012. Criteria: Only chapters can be nominated for this award. The award recognizes: •Demonstrated use of professional archiving materials and containers that will preserve sorority historical documents, publications and photographs; •Demonstrated ability to sustain archival commitment by having criteria for preservation articulated through a clearly stated mission and collection management policies; Technological innovation in archiving is encouraged; therefore, archives can include multimedia content (i.e., digital documentation and/or web-based preservation of oral history interviews, photographs, and videos). Eligibility: •The award will be presented to one graduate chapter and one undergraduate chapter from each region. •The chapter must be in good standing with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. •The archives for this award must be in a climate controlled repository or university library to be eligible. The Sensation

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Presentation of Documentation For Evaluation: Submission must be presented electronically, as an email with PDF attachment. Keep a copy for the chapter records. The presentation must include: 1. Chapter letter of nomination 2. Evidence of budget and purchase of archiving storage material, e.g. file folders (10 Points) 3. Photographic documentation of the condition of the entire collection (10 Points) 4. Documentation of the repository status. Include address of repository and document the status of the climate control. (20 Points) 5. Evidence of progress being made to document the chapter photographs. (15 Points) 6. An inventory list of archive holdings. (25 points) 7. The chapter mission and policy statements and evidence of compliance with the International Archives Handbook. (20 points) 8. Bonus Points A: Documentation of electronic records management and/or multi-media innovation(s). (1 – 15 Points) 9. Bonus Points B: Documentation of Disaster Management Plan for the Repository. (15 Points) Prize: Acrylic Plaque Award Dates: Regional 2014; Boule 2014 Selection Committee: For each individual REGIONAL ARCHIVE AWARD, the Selection Committee will be comprised of a Regional Archives Committee (see listing below). For Boule 2014, the winning Regional chapters then will be submitted to the International Archives Committee for evaluation. The best Region entry will win the ANNE MITCHEM DAVIS AWARD. Application and Review Deadlines: Nominations shall be submitted as an email with pdf attachment to the assigned Regional Archives Committee Representative by January 20, 2014. 1. Regional evaluation and selection made by February 25, 2014. 2. Results are to be mailed to the International Archives Committee Chairman by February 25, 2014. Then the chairman will review and have the results submitted to the Regional Director and Regional Archives Representative. FYI - The following Regions have been matched for the evaluation process: South Central and South Atlantic North Atlantic and Mid Western Central and Mid Atlantic Far-Western and International South Eastern and Great Lakes Questions should be directed to the Chairman of the Regional Archives Committee: Soror Gloria Malone 3703 Willowwood Blvd San Antonio, Texas 78219 The Sensation

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Saving Our Sorors

The members of Emergency Medical Response Team participated in the 2013 Leadership Seminar Montreal this summer. Approximately fifteen sorors from the various regions volunteered their time, attended workshops whenever they could schedule them, performed medical services, and attended to their sorors from Wednesday through Sunday. These services included but were not limited to performing triage of elevated blood pressures, treating cuts and sprains, evaluating severe headaches, diabetes and falls. Our dedicated sorors were present at the opening session, the Wellness/Pampering seminar workshops and in the Emergency Medical Team Triage room. All sorors were CPR, First Aid and AED certified, even though all were not in the medical field. We were able to see about 20+ sorors over the four day event. Many of the team members in attendance have been a part of the team since Boule 2008. It takes all of us to make a difference, just as it takes all of us to continue to decrease the number of incidences at the various Alpha Kappa Alpha events – both National and Regional. To that end, we are actively seeking sorors for the 2013 – 2014 Regional Conference Team and for the various local and cluster events. At present, any soror can participate if she is CPR, First Aid and AED certified. Additionally, we need sorors to volunteer and assist with administrative tasks and duties during the preplanning, planning and post-planning phases. You do not have to be that have to be a nurse, MD, EMT, Paramedic, DDS etc. for these duties. The Sensation

Administrative and logical tasks include: Setup and breakdown of the event venue, completing paperwork and assisting the medical responder onsite; ordering supplies as requested by the COO or coordinator, replenishing the medical kits as needed, keeping track of the Sign-in/Sign-Out log at events; assisting with the development of the EMRT schedule for the event and all of the associated activities at the different venues, securing the evacuation plans for the venues to be included in the event agenda and/or program book, providing details to the Regional Director or her designee or local chapter Basileus. Chapter - EMRT Coordinator This soror is appointed by the Basileus with a recommendation from the Health Committee Chairman (if Applicable) and reports directly to the Basileus of the chapter. Qualified sorors must be trained in CPR, basic First Aid for Adults and Children. Tasks include but are not limited to the following: Developing the appropriate training for interested chapter members (see the National EMRT standards and guidelines); development of the budget for supplies based on the events for that chapter during the year and creating the yearly chapter event schedule based on the programs and events. Training opportunities are being sought for existing and future members – your input and resources are welcomed! Together we can make this happen. If you are interested in becoming a part of the South Central Regional 2013 – 2014 S.O.S. team, please contact Soror Chelle Wilson and cc Soror Juliea Robinson-Nelson at by the end of January 2014. We look forward to your participation! Page 9

Saving Our Sorors •Get the following information: Closest Hospital to the venue; nearby 24-hour Pharmacy and an after hour’s Urgent Care facility where patients may be referred to in case of an emergency.

National EMRT - Team Members: Soror Juliea Robinson-Nelson Chief Operations/Admin Officer/Protocol Liaison Soror Linda Tezeno – Logistics Coordinator The National Emergency Medical Response Team is under the direction of the International Conference Planning Committee, Soror Joann Brown, Chairman. It is important to introduce your EMRT members to the Chairman of the Event Planning committee. Be sure to include her in the initial planning stages for the activity. This includes the site/venue selection phase. Her initial input is vital because she can point out pertinent requirements needed by the team in order to insure a safe environment for attendees. Planning: •Request the contact information for the venue security person; be sure to get a 24-hour access number. •Evacuation Schematic •Locate First Aid area/room. Be mindful of the daily operation schedules (include weekend schedules). Note whether the First Aid station is manned with onsite Paramedics. • Locate the closest AED equipment to the actual room(s) and secure the name of the person who is responsible from the venue for its operation.; Some locations have the AED machines in a locked apparatus, locate the person(s) with access to the key(s). Have the equipment checked prior to the event. The Sensation

•Designate an area for the EMRT to setup or select a space in the room where there is easy access and visibility to the persons. Remember that in order to assist patrons/attendees, you will need a private screening area. Basic Supply Checklist: Emergency Medical Response Encounter Form (NCR with at least 2 sheets. Complete the form in its entirety and get a signature from the patient. Give one copy to the patient for their records. Keep one copy for your Chapter and/or Regional files. Medical Bag •Basic First Aid Kit with assorted bandages •Blood Pressure Cups (regular and Large) •Stethoscope •Face Shields •Ace Bandage (assorted sizes and widths) •EpiPen •Thermometer •Small package of Kleenex •Alcohol swabs (individual packets) •Ointment (multipurpose for burns, bites, rashes) •Plastic (non-Latex) disposal gloves •Eye wash solution •Hand Sanitizer •Small Ziploc bags (for easy disposal of garbage) •Water •Small Cups •Fruit drink and/or juice •A power or energy bar Designated Area: (Optional at local events) •Triage Area (Private area to see the Patient) •Administrative Area: 8 ft. table and 3 chairs •Thrash Can (desk size) •Large trash Receptacle & Trash Bags •Hand Sanitizers •Water Cooler with disposable cups •A cooler with bottles of water, juice, etc. •Power bars, Page 10

The Sensation The Sensation

Page 11 Page 11

2013 SOUTH CENTRAL LEADERSHIP FELLOWS Congratulations to our Summer 2013 Leadership Fellow Soror Rae Ann Spears-Huston-Tillotson University

Soror Rae Ann, Mr. Dimitri Stockton-GE SVP, CEO & President of GE Asset Management and Supreme Basileus Soror Carolyn House Stewart

Soror Rae Ann & Soror Shawn Simmons Xi Alpha Omega Chapter Leadership Fellows Committee Member

Congratulations to our Fall 2013 Leadership Fellows Soror Shonna Gaskin-Texas Southern University, Soror Christina Mason- Paul Quinn College Soror Rachel Parker-University of Central Arkansas, Soror Jourdan Scruggs-Texas Tech University

Soror Connie Cochran Toole-Ivy Leaf Editor, Soror Rachel Parker, Soror Jourdan Scruggs, Soror Chelle Wilson-S.C. Regional Director, Soror Christina Mason, Soror Shonna Gaskin, Soror Shawn SimmonsLeadership Fellows Committee Member The Sensation

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To be recognized as a Diamond, Golden or Silver Honoree at the 2014 BoulĂŠ, Sorors must have been initiated as follows: Diamond 1938-1939 Golden 1963-1964 Silver 1988-1989 All honorees must be registered for the 2014 Boule and must purchase a ticket to the luncheon.

Thank You, Soror Shirley Fisher, Chairman Diamond/Golden/Silver Sorors Committee

Happy Anniversary Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Years of Amazing Service & Leadership The Sensation

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The Sensation

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EARLY REGISTRATION: DEC. 20, 2013-FEB. 1, 2014 The Sensation

LATE REGISTRATION: FEB. 2, 2014-FEB 14, 2014 Page 16

The Sensation

Page 17

66TH B ULE We are looking forward to seeing all of our South Central sorors stepping up in The Queen City in Sensational Style. Our regional luncheon, will be held on Thursday, July 17th, and we are planning an event to have each of you strutting like never before! We also look forward to you joining us for sisterly hospitality in the regional suite. Look for our plenary report as we provide exciting details on the luncheon and the cluster hostess rotation for the suite at regional conference. As a reminder, the Boule Luncheon/Hospitality Assessment of $300 for all S.C. Graduate Chapters and $150 for all S.C. Undergraduate Chapters is due April 1, 2014. Please mail assessments to: Soror Delicia Narcisse S.C. Regional Pecunious Grammateus 828 Windy Meadow Drive DeSoto, TX 75115

The Sensation The Sensation

On behalf of Madame Regional Director, Soror Chelle Luper Wilson and the Boule Luncheon/Hospitality Committee, we appreciate your support and participation. For more information on the luncheon or hospitality suite, or to join the committee please contact: Soror Regina Carrington (713) 826-2355 or Soror Sherel Riley (972) 780-6116

Charlotte, NC July 12-18, 2014

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Prairie View, Texas — On Monday, November 11, 2013, the ladies of the Zeta Gamma chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., at Prairie View A & M University hosted its annual Honoring Our Troops Seminar on Veteran’s Day. The beginning of the program consisted of posting of the colors and Pledge of Allegiance. Our Guest speaker was Mr. Henry M. Radcliffe Jr., who is a 25 year veteran in the United States Army. He spoke about his military experience and the importance of obtaining an education. All of our military attendees were recognized for their brave and diligent years. spent serving our country.

OMICRON MU OMEGA’S LEGENDARY LOCALS OF OAK CLIFF Dallas, Texas—Recently published book, Legendary Locals of Oak Cliff by Alan C. Elliott, Patricia K. Summey, and Gayla Brooks features Soror Ann Williams and Soror Emma Rogers. Soror Rogers is featured in chapter four: Workplace and Community Legends. Soror Williams is featured in chapter five: Creative Legends and Notables. In addition, Soror Teresa Coleman Wash is featured in chapter eight: Up-And-Coming Legends. Soror Teresa is also featured on the front cover along with fourteen other Legendary Locals of Oak Cliff. The Sensation

Page 19

ALPHA RHO CHAPTER RENDERS SERVICE TO THE PINE BLUFF COMMUNITY Pine Bluff, Arkansas – Understanding that the definition of service is an action done to help somebody, the women of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. have been doing so since Jan. 15, 1908, and the ladies of the Alpha Rho chapter at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff have been doing so since May 19, 1951. Starting the 2013 school year volunteering during the 30th anniversary of National Night Out held at the Pine Bluff Convention Center on Aug. 6 and through a partnership with the Pine Bluff Police Department, the ladies of Alpha Rho assisted families in attendance with games, and fun activities, which included winning great prizes such as back-to-school supplies. On Aug. 17, as the countdown for school was fast approaching, the ladies of Alpha Rho helped the Pine Bluff Fire Department distribute back to school supplies to the youth in the community just days away from the first day of class. Continuing their drive in delivering service, Alpha Rho volunteered their service during the Community Outreach Funfest with the students and faculty of Washington Barber School, located at Little Rock. The beauty and barber students gave back to the community by providing less fortunate children and adults with free shampoos, cuts and styles. The mission of this event was to service and groom homeless families while providing them free lunch and hygiene packages. As freshmen, arrived on the campus of UAPB on Aug. 18, the ladies of Alpha Rho Chapter were there to help aid in moving students into their dorms, gave toiletries, light beverages due to the heat, and welcomed the freshmen and parents to the UAPB campus. Freshmen Move-In was originated by Alpha Rho in the fall of 1991 and 22 years later all of UAPB’s sororities and The Sensation

fraternities now take part in helping to make the Freshmen Class Move- In fun and a way of welcoming them to the campus. Alpha Rho recently attended Undergraduate Round Up (Leadership Conference) at Dallas. The chapter collected and donated granola bars for less fortunate youth in the north Texas area as a way to let the youth know that someone cares about them. The chapter also learned new ideas in providing service and leadership for success in the 21st Century.

The chapter hosted Adopt-a-dorm entitled “Girl Kode” at The Harold Complex on the UAPB Campus on Sept. 3. This event was open to all females of classification on the campus. The ladies of Alpha Rho served light beverages, talked about do’s and don’ts on as well as off campus. Focusing on academic excellence, building healthy relationships, and building self-esteem/confidence were just some of the topics discussed with the ladies during the program. Overall, the Adopt-a-dorm event established empowerment, encouragement and enlightenment to the young ladies that attended. Myeshia Parker is chapter president and Jonail Landers and Marguerite Flannigan are their graduate advisers.

Page 20

DELTA XI CHAPTER COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE Austin, Texas--Members of Delta Xi Chapter at The University of Texas at Austin are committed to pursuing scholarship and service as many members are actively participating in many organizations on the University of Texas campus. Sorors Taylor Turner, Jade Ajose, Keneshia Colwell and Zamaria John were inducted into Order of Omega at The University of Texas at Austin. Order of Omega is a Greek Leadership Honor Society open to members of all UT Greek letter organizations with a 3.0 GPA and at least 60 hours. Members are selected from the top 3% of Greek students at UT. In addition, Soror Chloe Airhart was chosen as a Team Lead for The Project 2014 here in Austin, Texas. It is the largest service event hosted by UT students and has occurred annually for the last 15 years. Soror Taylor Turner recently produced a mini documentary based on her trip to China this summer. The film ( is featured on the UT Division of Diversity and Community Engagement Facebook page. Soror Keneshia Colwell, four-year member of Texas Pom, was selected to dance at the Texas OU game at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas in which she cheered the Longhorns to a victory over the Oklahoma Sooners in front of an audience of over 67,000. Delta Xi members believe that they must always cultivate their skills in order to be successful, active, and informed citizens in today’s society.

The Sensation

DELTA XI CHAPTER PRACTICES PROPER TEA PROTOCOL AT MENTOR MIXER The Lovely Ladies of Delta Xi chapter chose members of Beta Psi Omega to be their mentors at the Fall 2013 Mentor Mixer at the Pink and Green house here in Austin, Texas. Delta Xi Sorors feel that it is necessary to have a successful Alpha Kappa Alpha mentor because women today are left on their own to navigate the pitfalls of balancing marriage, home, family and personal ambition. Soror Taylor Turner loves the company of her mentor, and admires how she balances work, sisterhood, and family. Additionally, Delta Xi Sorors unanimously decided that their favorite part of the event was learning proper tea etiquette. Sorors learned the order in which tea is served, and how to drink tea. “The Delta Xi and Beta Psi Omega tea mixer was a unique cultural experience, and something different I had never participated in before,” Soror Chloe Airhart said. Members also got to learn the history about the Pink and Green house, and Beta Psi Omega Sorors told stories in order to give the younger Delta Xi Sorors advice. Furthermore, an unacceptable fact about the modern age is the almost complete lack of etiquette that is found in our society. A woman of Alpha Kappa Alpha should always know how to handle herself properly in all situations. Moreover, Soror Samayia Sneed enjoyed the mixer because it gave her an opportunity to learn new etiquette rules, and it gave Delta Xi the opportunity to see an intimate side of sisterhood with Beta Psi Omega, Photo: Soror Taylor Turner is being given invaluable advice from Soror Wilhelmia Delco, who was the first African American elected to public office in Austin, Texas.

Page 21

BETA PSI OMEGA RECEIVES AWARD Austin, TX – The University of Texas at Austin honored one organization and three individuals for outstanding public service and work on civil rights at the Seventh Annual Community Leadership Awards Ceremony at the Carver Museum and Cultural Center on Thursday, Dec. 5 at 6:30 p.m. The event is co-sponsored by the Office of the President and the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement. This year University of Texas President Bill Powers and Vice President Dr. Gregory J. Vincent presented the awards. The university is honored to recognize individuals and organizations that have helped make the Austin Community stronger and more inclusive. As stated by Bill Powers, it is through their courage and leadership that has played a key role in making Austin a city we can be proud of. Community Partnership Award was presented

to Beta Psi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc, Chapter President, Brigid Roberson accepted the award on behalf of the chapter. Dr. June Brewer Legacy Award was presented to Texas State Representative Dawnna Dukes who is a member of the Beta Psi Omega Chapter.

ETA PI OMEGA ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY PROGRAM El Paso, Texas—The original Adopt-a-Highway program began right here in Texas in 1985. Since then, it’s grown into a nationally and internationally recognized litter-prevention effort, saving taxpayers’ dollars and keeping our rights of way clean. Adopt-a-Highway currently has more than 4,500 participating groups across the state, and we salute those thousands of individuals who dedicate their time to actively make a difference and keep Texas beautiful. The members of the Eta Pi Omega Chapter, El Paso Texas, have adopted their first ever highway located on LP375 RM 20-22 at Transmountain! On November 2 2013, the Sorors cleaned 2 miles of road and collected five ten pound garbage bags of trash. There were 4 Sorors who participated along with one Honey-Don’t. Texas is growing by leaps and bounds, and the surging population means more cars on our roadways and, unfortunately, more trash. Although nearly The Sensation

90 percent of litter on Texas highways is removed by paid contractors, the Eta Pi Omega volunteer efforts significantly reduce litter cleanup costs and saved taxpayers money. As part of the national program of Eco-living and “Go Green” the chapter members look forward to improving and coming up with new innovative ideas to decrease our carbon foot print, and a greener healthier world for our future. Page 22

STEPPING UP TO SERVE XI ALPHA OMEGA CHAPTER AND THEIR 2013 EMERGING YOUNG LEADERS Houston, Texas– Xi Alpha Omega Chapter partners with the National Women of Achievement, Houston Chapter, and the Beatrice Mayes Institute Charter founded in 1966. The institute is the oldest AfricanAmerican school in Houston, TX to host the Emerging Young Leaders Program.

The Sensation

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SOUTH CENTRAL NEWS MAKERS Soror Phillis N. Anderson Named Senior Vice President

Soror Colette D. Honorable Named Chairman & President

Soror Phillis Nichols-Anderson serves as the Basileus of Chi Eta Omega chapter. She was recently promoted to Senior Vice President for Lighthouse Academies. In her new, expanded role, in addition to Arkansas, Dr. Anderson will also oversee all operations in District of Colombia, New York and Oklahoma. She will lead the way to accomplishing the Lighthouse Academies’ mission of preparing all of their scholars for college and beyond and realizing their vision of fundamentally changing public education.

Soror Colette D. Honorable of Beta Pi Omega chapter is the new Chairman of the Board and President of The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC). The NARUC is a non-profit organization dedicated to representing the state public service commissions who regulate the utilities that provide essential services such as energy, telecommunications, water, and transportation.

Soror Joleesia Berry Appointed By Governor Perry

Soror Joleesia Berry of Kappa Nu chapter was appointed by Texas’ Governor Rick Perry as the new student regent for Texas Woman's University. She is TWU’s first African-American student regent and will serve a one-year term expiring May 31, 2014. Soror Joleesia is a junior business administration major on the TWU Denton campus.

Soror Yaschika Gipson Teacher of the Year

Soror Yaschika Gipson of Upsilon Lambda Omega chapter was recently named Teacher of the Year at Pleasant Grove Elementary School, of DISD. Soror Yaschika has spent her entire teaching career dedicating herself to treating students like “little people.” After more than a dozen years of classroom experience, She is also very proud to announce her recent appointment as an instructional coach.

IN REVIEW Regional Conference

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IN REVIEW Regional Conference

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IN REVIEW Regional Conference

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IN REVIEW Undergraduate Round-Up

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IN REVIEW Undergraduate Round-Up

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IN REVIEW Clusters

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IN REVIEW Clusters

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IN REVIEW Clusters

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IN REVIEW Clusters

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THANK YOU for your submission to The Sensation. It is the goal of the South Central Region Communications Team to keep the region in the know of what other chapters are doing. Feature your chapter in The Sensation by submitting newsworthy chapter articles, and photos of your chapter in action. •Articles are to be submitted in WORD format and the title is to include the chapter name, event title and cluster name. •Pictures are to be saved in jpeg and please include a caption about your photo. •Only ONE article will be published per chapter, per issue. Clusters and Chapters are like mini communities within the South Central region and our Regional Director wants to highlight all gatherings and events in each cluster. The iAKA reporter positions are for Sorors who would like to participate in an interactive group without a major commitment of being on a large regional committee. Sorors can share stories and info as often or as little as they want! Anyone can do it! Just share your stories about what happened at your cluster retreat or chapter events and it may end up on, Facebook, Twitter, the Sensation newsletter or our SCR updates. All you need is your smart phone to take photos or videos and email your one paragraph stories to The Sensation

Send articles and pictures to:

THE SENSATION STAFF Soror Carisma Ramsey SCR Information Officer

Soror Pat Webb SCR Editor-in-Chief at Large

Soror Jenine McClaney SCR Newsletter Editor-in-Chief

Soror Erayne Hill SCR Head Writer

Soror Dawn Funches Allen SCR Newsletter Editor

Soror Ariel Martin SCR Head Writer

Soror Barbara Joubert Newsletter Editor

Soror Aundrea Young SCR Head Photographer

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Winter 2013-14 Sensation  
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