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To, Aie Baba 9th February 2012

You gave us the greatest gift anyone could ever give. You believed in us. We love you for all the happiness you have always sent our way.

Baby & Babad

Growing Gracefully

Tying the knot (1962)

Bonded for life (1962)

Romantic Matheran (1962)

Excitement of the new arrival (1962)

Joy of parenthood (1962)

Baby in her growing years

Baby’s 5th birthday (1967)

On stage (1964)

Bundle of joy once again (1970)

Sharing happiness

Babad’s 5th birthday (1975)

Precious moments

The happy family (1975)

Bai’s wedding (1971)

Day out with the Patki’s

Navvari and suit (1973)

Babad is 10 (1980)

Bharati weds Raj (1986)

We are grandparents (1989)

Akash our beloved (1990)

Mummaie’s 50 (1991)

In the youth of old age. Baba’s 60 (1998)

Mumtaz & Shah Jahan (2001)

The big bash. Aie’s 60 (2001)

Trip to Kerela (2002)

Picnic to Pali

Memorable Mahableshwar (2004)

Dynamic Dubai (2005)

Runaway Bride (2007)

“What more can we say when a relationship is already so very special?”

50 Glorious Years  
50 Glorious Years  

A collection of memories