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Project Overview Introduction


In Malaysia, almost 40% of local students do not meet the minimum finesse in English. The statement is further backed up by The Star’s report that many graduates have been reported to have a poor command in English, facing various difficulties in communication. In addition, students also lack the confident to speak in English.

Objective  To develop students' English language proficiency, indirectly building their self confidence and communication skills.  To educate and raise awareness among the students on 17 Sustainable Global Goals (SDG).  Inspires and supports others to create change for the betterment of the world.

Therefore, in this project, we envision Malaysians, especially students, to have higher proficiency in the English language and more comfortable in using it when they are required to.

 Provides youth leadership development & cultural understanding through exchange.

Project Timeline 05 Feb till 17 March 2017 Duration : 6 week

Project Timeline Week



IPS, Training, TtT


Global Village, Class




Boarder Run




Class, Farewell Gathering

Main Activities -Syllabus Design: Intern will design a teaching plan to be used to teach the students. - Improve English Proficiency: Interns will conduct classes to improve the English of the students - Awareness of World Issues: Intern will include knowledge of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into teaching to raise awareness. - Global Village: It’s celebration of cultures from around the world where interns need to showcase about their country culture and tradition. Interns need to bring thing that portray or represent their country or culture (e.g. Flag, Traditional customer, Snack, Souvenirs, etc)

Project Location Universiti Malaysia Pahang Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) is located on the east coast state of Pahang, the biggest state in Peninsular Malaysia with vast areas of rainforest endowed with a wide range of biodiversities and natural resources. It’s surrounded with natural waterfalls, beaches and hills. The is 2 different campus, which is Pekan and Gambang. The Gambang Campus is currently operating in an industrial estate about 2 and a half hours’ drive from Kuala Lumpur, via the East Coast Expressway. It’s 30km from the city of Kuantan. There is public bus operate in the campus. RapidKuantan operates to and from several spots around Kuantan, including nearby tourist spots Sungai Lembing, Bukit Gambang Resort, Pekan and Teluk Chempedak. Intern can take public bus to Kuantan with the fare of RM4.

Job Description

Expectation Setting 

   

Empower high school students in the proficiency of the English language. Educate students about the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs). Prepare weekly report on teaching’s progression. Organize and prepare for Global Village.

Must complete all the job descriptions & commit to the whole project duration. Follow the rules & regulation Responsible, independent, proactive, open minded, have basic environment knowledge, & most importantly, willing to learn. Involve in the training, induction, gathering or any AIESEC event. Lastly, eager to develop oneself and make impact in the education of future generation!

What We Provide  Accommodation. It’s 2/4 student sharing hostel. Hostel is separated according to gender. Average walking time to the classroom is 15min. Facilities provided in the hostel:  Mattress (pillow and bed sheet aren’t provided)  Closet  Shower room (water heater is not provided)  Washing Machine  Working table and chair  Light and fan  Water Dispenser  Internet (LAN port)  Transportation related to project will be provided.  Pick up service and departure support. Reception is provided at bus stop in front UMP or Kuantan Airport. For reception at Kuantan Airport, certain fee will be charge for transportation.

 Incoming Preparation Seminar & Farewell Gathering  EP Buddy and Goodies!! (Journal Book, Sling Bag, etc) RM320 will be charge for the accommodation, transportation & EP servicing.

Places to travel

Pulau Redang


Kuala Lumpur

Cameron Highland


Taman Negara

Our Contacts

Yamona Segar

Organizing Committee President of YOF Email: Facebook:

Akardo Chong

Exchange Manager Email: Facebook:

Ong Shir Nee

Organizing Committee Exchange Email: Facebook:

Puah Hui Yao

Organizing Committee Exchange Email: Facebook:

Opportunity Link EXPA Link: rtunity/799063

Youth of futureproject winter  
Youth of futureproject winter