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Education - the gift that lasts generations

2013 Annual Report

Our Mission To help under-privileged young adults receive a higher education through the financial support of individuals and corporations.

A letter from our Board of Directors At AkarakA we recognise that a university education can open doors, change lives and impact generations, Chairman of the Board, Chizzy Nnamchi reflects “the privilege of a university education is a gift that changed everything for my family – starting with my father.”

“Eliminate poverty through education, one student at a time.” In October 2013, we celebrated the first graduations of AkarakA scholars in Cebu, Philippines. 11 students, most of whose family income is about $200 a month, graduated in fields such as info-technology, business and will now be able to earn $600 a month. We aim to make more and more of these stories possible. The past year has also seen new chapters of Akaraka open in Hong Kong and Canada, and we have begun the process to form a chapter in Australia. We need to extend our appreciation to our donors - corporate and individual alike. Without your generous support, we are not able to help the beneficiaries cross the poverty line. We also want to thank our dedicated volunteers – your passion and commitment to the work we do is what brings smiles, hope and inspiration to the students. As you review the details of our annual report, please take a moment to think and make a stand – to do something to help.

Akaraka Inspires: Students & Mentors

Singapore, June, 2014

at a glance Education - the gift that lasts generations AkarakA was founded in Singapore in 2010, based on the principle that education is the key to eliminating poverty. We award scholarships to underprivileged students to ease the monetary burdens of higher education.


four simple steps Selection

We work in conjunction with educational institutions and NGO’s to identify students who show great promise, but are financially struggling to stay in school. Selection criteria takes into account; family income, enrolment in a recognized educational institution, and includes an interview process involving both the student and their immediate family.


A scholarship may cover; formal classroom education including vocational studies, tuition fees or non-tuition costs such as living expenses, books or materials.


Our scholars are generally the first in their family to enter higher education. We match our students with a mentor from the corporate world for guidance, to impart employability skills and an awareness of social responsibility within the work place and their community.

Career Advisory

Students are encouraged to attend seminars run by AkarakA. These seminars incorporate presentations by our corporate partners with topics aimed at the transition to paid employment.

86 new scholarships awarded in 2013

246 Scholarships Awarded

120 102   100   80  

anticipated graduation

by year for current Scholars 72

60 36  

40 20   0  











Education - the gift that lasts generations

Our mentoring program is designed to enhance employability in the workplace. The program operates via workshops and small group meetings led by executives from a variety of backgrounds and industries.

Sharing experiences

Involvement as a mentor is an excellent leadership development experience. Mentors use their strength in communication, planning and managing small teams to ensure that every session is a shared opportunity for learning and growth.

Could you be a Mentor?

Our mentors all share the same basic qualities: a sincere desire to actively interact with a group of young and often vulnerable students, a healthy respect for our scholars and their heritage, and a motivation to share knowledge, thoughts, experiences and ideas.

“Volunteering for AkarakA gives me a special sense of accomplishment, as my support to our AkarakA scholars contributes to their chances to reach for a better future, which otherwise they might not have. On regular basis I organize workshops and group activities to complement their studies with life skills, so to enhance their readiness for starting a rewarding professional career, as well as being able themselves to give back to other disadvantaged young talents.�

Andreas Michel Singapore

Thank-you mentors - 2013

Sabine Wenter Kevin Bingwa Pascale Dillon Andreas Michel Arie Minandar Kay Hisola Evrhoy D. Coja Leander I. Ybanez Emerson D. Enriquez Edgar-Jose Ampil Revie-Anne Serrano Jan-Michael Lim Jake Manzanares Sandra Sarmiento Jino Panganiban Hector Jimenez Mikhail-Jose Delafuente Anna Chua Lim Christerina O. Nora Venus D. Delos Reyes Ejandrino L. Antony Hazel T. Bernardo Erwindy F. Ocampo

Become a Mentor How does it work?

Workplace Readiness

Resume Writing Interviewing

We aim for small group meetings where 2-3 mentors meet the same group of 3-4 scholars 8-10 times a year. In addition to the meetings with the scholars the mentors would need to attend planning sessions and calls with other mentors to prepare each meeting as a group. Your input and active involvement is an excellent contribution to improve the quality of AkarakA Inspires.

How much time?

A dedicated time commitment of 6+ hours a month over a time period of 12 – 18 months would be required. Those days where planned programs take place, each session could last 3-6 hours, including preparation time beforehand.

Getting Started

We aim for learning by doing! – Each new mentor will have a one-to-one introduction meeting with the country head of the Inspires program. In the first 6 months new mentors work with experienced mentors in conducting sessions. Afterwards new mentors are invited or can volunteer to lead sessions themselves. As we aim for small group meetings no one to one meeting between scholars and AkarakA mentors will be held.

Public Speaking

Pascale Dillon Singapore

Volunteering for AkarakA gives me a feeling to give back something that I was fortunate enough to have available to me without any effort when I was young – the chance to study, comprehend the world and see a path for myself – to less privileged teenagers. I particularly enjoy my time as a mentor where I seek to provide guidance to students as they start thinking about their future post graduation. I am also grateful to the friendships that developed among the group of Akaraka volunteers and make the association not only meaningful but such a nice place to contribute.

in focus


} 20

Students In-Country Partners >



Temasek Polytechnic A leading institution of higher learning in Singapore, Temasek Polytechnic offers 51 diploma courses to more than 16,000 full-time students. AkarakA sponsors 11 students. Temasek Polytechnic requests that scholarships be retrospectively awarded after the students have passed the academic year and have shown significant contributions to their extra-curricular involvement. Lim Shu Feng, was the recipient of an AkarakA scholarship for her final year of study and graduated in May 2013 with a Diploma in Veterinary Technology. She is now pursuing a Bachelor in Science (Education) at the National Institute of Education after receiving a full scholarship from the Ministry of Education. She plans on a career in education, teaching secondary school.

Fang Ci-Hui

Student Development Officer Student & Alumni Affairs “...thank you for the holistic support that AkarakA is giving to our students. Thank you so much for the very meaningful work.”




Aerospace Electronics Applied Food Science & Nutrition Business Information Technology Business Process & Systems Eng. Chemical & Biomolecular Eng. Consumer Behaviour & Research Early Childhood Studies Electrical Engineering Electronic & Computer Engineering Electronic Engineering Environmental Management Game & Entertainment Technology Nitec Service Skills Retail Management Veterinary Technology Visual Communication Water Technology

45% 55% ITE 14% Ngee Ann Polytechnic 9% JBS International 14% Republic Polytechnic 13%

Temasek Polytechnic   Republic  Polytechnic  

Temasek Polytechnic JBS Interna:onal   50%

Ngee Ann  Polytechnic   ITE  

In Singapore, on average we pay out $2,500 per student per year of scholarship. In 2013, we funded 20 students, 7 of whom graduated and moved onto employment or further studies. One student dropped out of the program for personal reasons. Looking forward... We are working with our partners to assess students for the next scholarship intake, and looking to expand our Inspires Program.

“The national average monthly income per household member in Singapore is $2,127 (Singapore Department of Statistics - 2012). In comparison our scholarship recipients have an average monthly income of $425 per household member”

in focus



} 196

Students In-Country Partners >


Ronnie Espadilla De La Salle University BS - Business Administration

Ronnie was a raised in Quezon City, Philippines, in a 33m2 home, shared with 16 members his extended family. He was identified by local charity, Gawad Kalinga, as a potential candidate for academic scholarship due to his higher than average test scores, and a displayed attitude of perseverance towards his education despite financial challenges. He is the first member of his family to attend university.




Educating professionals today for a better tomorrow Business Arts   2%   1%   Psychology   1%  

Diploma&c Rela&ons   1%  

Educa&on 13%  

Engineering 19%  

Informa&on Technology   56%  

Human Resources   6%  

“Even though I am blind I can do what other sighted people can do. I want to be a teacher so I can share my knowledge, skills and abilities giving students my time, love and care and advice to motivate them especially in their studies.” Referred by;

Hospitality 1%  

42% The Philippines is our largest pool of scholarship recipients. We work with a number of partners across Metro Manila, and on the island of Cebu to identify students who show great academic promise, but are financially struggling to continue their education. While generally most of our scholars in the Philippines are pursuing 3-4 year Bachelor degrees, we also sponsor approximately 50 students who are studying Mechanical Engineering (Heavy Equipment Servicing). We believe the training offered by this course will provide immediate employment opportunities to these young men upon completion. In line with our aim to provide support to a diverse range of students, we have been working with Resources for the Blind to assist a group of very bright young students who show true promise and are an inspiration to us all. The 12 scholars selected are all attending main-stream universities, and achieving grades that reflect their determination to succeed.

Resources for the Blind, Inc.

Maricor D. Book Bachelor of Secondary Education Philippine Normal University

We invest an average of $1000 per annum in our scholarship students in this region.

in focus




In-Country Partner >



is one of a few schools of engineering in Cambodia. Well-known for its high quality of education in the fields of engineering sciences and technologies, the courses are in line with the employment opportunities available in the country and region. Graduates have a strong tradition of going on to help develop the infrastructure of Cambodia.

COURSES OF STUDY Food and Chemical Engineering

Lun Mealea Rural Engineering “I have especially enjoyed learning about Water Resource Management, and hope I can get a job in this area once I graduate.� Lun lives in Phnom Penh, and is the second of six children in her family. Both her parents are rice farmers.

Civil Engineering Geo-Resources Geotechnical Engineering



Electrical and Energy Engineering Industrial Engineering Mechanical Engineering Rural Engineering



Boys vs Girls


Anticpated Graduation 10



1 2 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

Five Cambodian students are undertaking 5 year Engineering degrees, arming them with valuable skills much needed in this developing country. The remaining students are also predominantly studying Engineering in various forms see panel on left) via 2 year diploma courses. The average scholarship paid per annum in Cambodia is $600.

The average income in Cambodia is less than US$1 per day. We anticipate our scholarship students will be able to earn more than 5 times this amount on graduation.

talking Numbers



Balance Sheet

As at 31 December, 2013 2013






Non-current assets Computer equipment


Current Assets Deposits






Cash at bank



Total current assets



Total assets






Other payables and accruals



Total current liabilities



Total liabilities




Current liabilities



Unrestricted funds General funds



Total unrestricted funds



Total liabilities and funds






directly invested in scholarships over a four year period

Statement of Financial Activities As at 31 December, 2013

Note 2013 $ Income Income from generated funds Voluntary Income Donations in kind Activities for generating funds Interest Income Expenditures Cost of raising funds Charitable activities costs Governance costs Administrative and operating expenses Net income Â

5 5 5

2012 $

268,547 1,673 18 270,238

320,296 15,786 49 336,131

98,252 11,526 104,454 214,232 56,006

860 81,909 27,390 130,634 240,793 95,338

fast facts

668 years of education commited to 246 scholarships awarded to date 233 active scholarships (2013) $1000 average scholarship p/a


of scholars are female


of scholars are male

In conversation with Robert Vogtle, Director and Co-Founder

2013 was AkarakA’s third full year of operation supporting 233 scholars across 4 cities and 9 separate programs. Since inception, AkarakA has supported over 500 years of college education. Over the year, SGD270k of donations were raised, while administrative and operating expenses were reduced by 20 percent. As AkarakA is largely a volunteer organization with only one full time employee, expenses are kept to a minimum. Also as these administrative expenses are funded directly by corporate and Director donations, individual donations fully support Student programs enabling more scholars to get an education. We think of every dollar of support as an investment in the future of the scholar and his or her family. And these investments are paying back an extremely strong return! As an example some scholars who graduated in early 2014 obtained employment earning many times the family income, and now they are examples of how education can make a huge difference in people’s lives. As there families and communities see the impact of education, more young people will want the same and we will create a cycle of positive reinforcement so that every family will support their children to strive for further education. By doing so, the poverty cycle will be broken.

Please join us and help AkarakA to invest in more students. The return on your investment will last generations!




Manila The Philippines Cebu

246 X



162 X


82 40


o ch


s ar



ed d ar



2011 2011

average drop-out rate over four-year period.

Taking in consideration the financial boundaries faced by our scholars, and in comparison to international retention rates*, this number indicates the true dedication of our scholars to their education. *Recent studies indicate over 30% of American and Australian university students do not complete their degree within 6 years.


2010 2010


2012 2012

2013 2013

donors, supporters and volunteers

thank-you Allen & Overy LLP Edgar-Jose Ampil Christine Amour-Levar Hayley Anderson Ejandrino I Antony Arts House AWA Scrapbooking Group Elizabeth Baker Frederic & Joanne Baudin Marianne Behrens Hazel T Bernardo Kevin Bingwa Barry Bland Ian Bland Anke Bosman Peter Burrill Angelena Cala Caterpillar Foundation Timothy Cheung Leonard Chng Anna Chua-Lim Franca Ciambella Evrhoy D Coja Chris Contino Vanessa Cordonnier Daniel Crisp Linda Deseck Deutsche Bank Singapore Deutsche Bank Asia Fndn. Brad Dillon Pascale Dillon Jerry Dimos Gunter Dufrey Khushroo Dastur Nabaa Laure Deherrypon Hail-Jose Delafuente Martin Adrian Divenosa Education Exchange Ltd Siti Jamilah Elle Margarita Encarnacion

Emerson D Enriquez E-Quill Media Pte Ltd Etoile Consulting Barbara Ettenhofer Brenda Fong Frenchatwork Pte Ltd Julian Gargiulo Parvinder Gill Charmian Grove Oliver Goetz Margaret Goodchild Amitava Guharoy Nicola & Bob Harayda Nicholas Harrigan Ibrahim Hassan Kathryn Hendrick Kay Hisola Rena Ho Sean Ho International Financial Services Hector Jimenez Max Kantelia Isabel Karl Claudia Keller Clelie Kempf Sabine Klemmer Reinhard Klemmer Rikki Knight-Trembath Julie Kohn Mikhail Kotliar Margaret Kostelnik KPMG LLP Joel Lau Liang Shiqi Bekky Lim Jan-Michael Lim Michael Lim Shirley Lim Veronique Limouzy

Andrew Lindsay Chee Wan Ling Simon Littlewood Steven Lo Keow Hock Lye Sarah Mangelsdorf Karin Majdalany Veronica Manson Jake Manzanares Jansen Mark Frank Marton Andrew Masters Kerry Mcgrath Dan Mcgrath Andreas Michel Larry Medina Andreas Michel Arie Minandar Marianne Misseghers Anne Morgan Geraldine Mostachfi Corinne Mutin National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre Paul Newsom Peter Ng Vincent Ng Dino Nilo Isabelle Reymond Nilo Alex Nnamchi Chizzy Nnamchi Michael Nnamchi Christerina O Nora Erwindy F Ocampo Francis Ocampo Patrick O’Connell Linda Oei Jino Panganiban Claire Panzer Carol Paterson-Smith

David Penfold Elena Pistorio Jennifer Powell Venus D Delos Reyes Covic Robert Simon Robson Sandra Sarmiento Janey Kang Schueller Benjamin Schulcz Henry Scott Joachim Seibt Revie-Anne Serrano Piers Shingleton Mark Sing Brian So Christina Soh Sheilina Somani Arjun Soni Dominique Stoltz Ronny Tan Rajat Tandon Shannon Thornton Taberna Wine Thong Bo Wei Will Tipping Dyan Tjhia Cheryl van der Hor Mike Vessey Elizabeth Vogtle Robert Vogtle Sabine Wenter Andrew Wilfred Alexandra Will Zachary Wilson Jenn Wing Wood Mak Yong Yang Leander I Ybanez Victor Yeo Kai Bei Zhang



One of the best ways to get involved with AkarakA is to organize a fundraising event on our behalf. Gather your friends and family to take part in a sporting event or nominate AkarakA as your designated charity at your next corporate event. Come up with a fun way to raise funds, every dollar makes a difference .

Akaraka supporters raise almost $50,000 28th May 2013 Sundown Marathon

Ms Charmian Grove raised $400 to AkarakA through the support of her friends.

7th June 2013 UWCSEA Grade 10 After Formal Party

Students Michael and Alex Nnamchi organized an event that raised $1,360

28th June 2013 Mont-Blanc 80km Ultra-marathon

Deutsche Bank employees organized an internal fundraiser and collected a sum of $8,693 for AkarakA supporting Andrew Masters’ and Hayley Andersons’ efforts of taking on the challenge of the Mont-Blanc 80Km Ultra-marathon in France.

17th August 2013 Tough Mudder - Australia 10 volunteers started training for the challenge four months ahead of the Tough Mudder held in Sunshine Coast Australia. 8 volunteers made it in the end and completed the gruelling 19km with 18 obstacles course in 4 hours. They raised a sum of $12,651 for their efforts.

20th October 2013 Oktoberfest

Volunteers Sabine Wenter and Reinhard Klemmer once again opened their lovely home to close friends for beer and a Bavarian feast during Oktoberfest. They requested that their guests make a donation in return, and raised $6,200

11th December 2013 A Night of Music and Friendship

Volunteers, Chizzy Nnamchi and friends have came together to organize a concert by dynamic classical pianist, Julian Lawrence Gargiulo at The Arts House, in Singapore’s Old Parliament Building, proceeded by a cocktail reception. The event raised $18,894

15th December 2013 Commando Challenge

8 volunteers took part in the Commando Challenge in Singapore and endured a 12km off-road course with 25 military obstacles. They raised a sum of $3,582.55 for their efforts.

Corporate Involvement The involvement of companies and organizations via grants, charity events, and gifts-in-kind is integral to our ongoing operations.

In 2013 we would like to offer thanks to the following organizations for their support.

Caterpillar Foundation

Through it’s Give2Asia program the Caterpillar Foundation granted US$120,000 to fund the education of 30 students. This support provides invaluable assistance in educating students in areas where they see future job opportunities in order to create sustainable success stories for talented, young adults, who couldn’t afford education otherwise.

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank has been a continued supporter and key pillar for AkarakA’s success. Through their generous financial support, Deutsche Bank Asia Foundation contributed to the education of each and every student - by sponsoring not only scholarship programs, but also largely funding AkarakA’s operations. Many Deutsche Bank employees are volunteers for AkarakA, who share their spare time and professional skills, supporting AkarakA’s mission.

E-Quill Media Pte Ltd of Storm magazine.

Brought together some of the Singapore’s best brands and celebrities in an evening that celebrated their role in spreading the value of the made-in-Singapore badge internationally. AkarakA received a $11,768 donation.

Frenchatwork Pte Ltd

French@Work offers a suite of Language Training Solutions to both the corporate and individual clients. AkarakA was selected to receive a percentage of its sales in quarterly donations for one year. We received a total donation of $6,000

International Financial Services

AkarakA was one of two charities chosen to benefit from a golf for charity tournament organized by IFS on 6th September 2013. It was a day designed to engage with senior corporate audience while raising funds for charity. AkarakA received a donation of $22,622


We continue to receive donation from KPMG LLP to defray our financial audit costs. In 2013, KPMG donated $7,200 back to the charity.

Singapore Showcase

We were selected as one of four international charities that benefited from an event organized by this publication company.

Meet our Board of Directors Akaraka was founded by a highly regarded and experienced team of senior executives with a breadth of knowledge and capabilities from diverse industries and regions. With a strong background in governance, financial and legal compliance our Board of Directors oversee every aspect of operations.

Chizoba (Chizzy) Nnamchi Director and Founder Chizzy is the founder, majority owner and CEO of Nibiru Footwear Co. Pte, headquartered in Singapore, holding and operating franchise businesses from Bata Shoe Company across Western Africa. Until September 2013, he was the CEO of DHL Global Forwarding for Western Africa. He has also worked for 3M Company in Asia Pacific and Schlumberger in the Middle East – in various management positions. Chizzy, his wife, Franca and their 3 sons – have over the years supported different charities in their home countries Nigeria and Canada, as well as in Singapore.

Robert Vogtle Director and Founder Rob is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Deutsche Bank, Asia Pacific and is a member of the DB Group Finance Committee and the Asia Pacific Regional Executive Committee. He has worked within the Financial Industry for 25 years, holding senior management positions in multinational corporations in North America, Europe, and Asia. Rob has been an active participant and supporter of many Charitable organizations over the years. Lead in such efforts by his wife, Elizabeth who has served on Boards and volunteered for organizations such as Tabitha, PACE, Canadian Association of Singapore and the American Women’s Association. The creation of AkarakA is a new step forward for Rob where he is now putting his skills and experience directly to use to build a platform to enable the funding of education for those in need across the globe.

Elizabeth Baker Director Elizabeth Baker is currently Head of Actuarial Life for Comminsure Financial Services, based in Sydney, Australia. Her main areas of expertise are in the finance, insurance and actuarial fields. She is Australian and has worked for the past twenty years in financial services in a variety of countries including Australia, France, Japan and in Singapore. She also has experience doing volunteer work in a micro insurance organization in India. Elizabeth has had the opportunity to mentor a number of students as part of her work in financial services. She appreciates how the types of financial and other assistance that Akaraka provides, can enable students to gain an education that will allow them to have a rewarding career.

Larry Medina Director Larry Medina has over twenty years of work experience in USA, Europe and Asia. He started his career as a Chemical Engineer working in the petroleum industry in Alaska. After five year, he went to Dartmouth College and attained a Masters of Business Administration in 1995. To gain international business experience, Larry then volunteered to work one year in Slovakia as part of the MBA Enterprise Corp. In 1996, he started a 17-year career progression in Finance, Accounting, Tax and Treasury with Hewlett-Packard, Agilent, Avago Technologies, Symantec and Knowledge Universe. After careers in engineering and finance, he recently entered his third career and now works at Singapore Management University as a Career Advisor and Corporate Liaison. He has lived in Singapore for over thirteen years and has managed teams in China, India, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore. In addition to the one year of volunteer work in Slovakia, he has been involved Singapore volunteer activities including the Youth Olympic Games and ThomsonToa Payoh Grassroots. Having benefited from a university scholarship, Larry is a firm believer that education is the greatest gift a person can give to another. Because of this firm belief in education, he has been volunteering with AkarakA since February 2011.

Victor Yeo Director Victor Yeo is currently Associate Professor of Law, and Head of the Division of Business Law at the Nanyang Business School of Nanyang Technological University. His main areas of expertise are in corporate law and governance. He joined the University in 1992 after spending several years in private legal practice doing general commercial and corporate litigation at a leading law firm. He is concurrently also Associate Director with Aptus Law Corporation. He also has experience doing volunteer work for various charities as well as engaging in training and other consulting work for various not-for-profit organisations. Having spent over twenty years with the University and having sat in an chaired various scholarship and bursary committees, Victor has had the opportunity to see first-hand how scholarships and bursaries have provided a much needed helping hand to students and their families as they pursue their aspirations to obtain a university degree.

Administration Ruby Chan Project Manager

Ruby Chan has eight years of experience working in the not-for-profit sector. She first started as a Senior Executive and progressed to Deputy Executive Director in a charitable organisation that champions youth development prior to joining AkarakA. In the course of her work, she has gained experience in designing programs and working with marginalized youths and young adults in areas of vocational training, capacity and character development. She managed both local and overseas youth development programs and she has also proven to be an exceptional crisis manager with all-rounded experience in the governance of a charity. Determined and dedicated to the cause of making a difference to the lives of the less privileged, Ruby believes that making education and fair-employment opportunities available to every youth seeking to change their life conditions is the key to break the cycle of poverty.

Tel : +65 9640 6890 Email : info@akaraka.org.sg www.akaraka.org.sg www.facebook.com/akarakaltd

113 Somerset Road The Hub Singapore Singapore 238165 Reg No. 201017533Z

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AkarakA - Annual Report 2013  

AkarakA - Annual Report 2013  

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