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Carol's Corner

Regional Director’s Message

March 2017

Special Edition

88th 88th FarRegional Western Far Western Conference In Review:

Regional Conference

Public Meeting Plenary Sessions Step Show Photo Gallery

News From Corporate Publisher Regional Director Carol. R. Dixon Editor-in-Chief Mae Worthey, Ed.D. Regional Communications Officer Far Western Region Communications Committee Charisma Dewberry Dorian Harriston Christina Hill Johari Leaks Marilyn Varnado Simone Dilley Tiffany Rollins NaAsiaha Simon Photography Gisele Bonds Renee Pilot

Regional Director Carol R. Dixon

Hosts First Far Western Regional Conference of Her Term 1

Carol's Corner Greeting Sorors I want to take a moment to thank you for helping to make my inaugural Far Western Regional Conference a remarkable success. Attendees demonstrated an impressive commitment to networking, learning, and growing through our informative workshops, sessions, and events. The conference was a significant milestone in our growing partnerships with our community leadership, and I look forward to participating in each chapter’s achievements and continuing to work closely to capture a vision fair. I am proud of the strides we have made in membership, communications, community service, and technology. With your support, our service projects, the “One Million Backpacks” drive and the “I Read to a Barber” event helped to bridge the reading achievement gap and support student learning across the region. Importantly, we have become a better, more civically-focused union as a result. Looking forward, building prosperous communities through economic development, family strengthening and health promotion is critically important to our vitality as an organization. We should all endeavor to energize, involve and enable our communities to realize their potential. It is our inheritance to “Dare to be different” and drive social change for the betterment of society. We live in a time of rapid change in the world but the bonds of our sisterhood remain sound, I’ve never been more excited about the future of the Fabulous Far Western Region. Thanks again for your commitment and hard work! Sisterly,


Soror Carol R. Dixon

Conference Chairmen Get Gold Stars

Tea Roses to Soror Malaika Young, conference chairman and Soror Sharon Godbolt vice-chairman and Soror Camille Stroughter, vice-chairman for their tireless efforts in successfully leading the execution of the 88th Far Western Regional Conference.Additionally, each committee chairman, vice-chairman and committee member deserves accoladesfor their committment to excellence that was evident throughout the entire conference!

Soror Malaika Young Conference Chairman

Soror Sharon Godbolt ViceChairman, Operations

Soror Camile Stroughter ViceChairman, Programs




Registration/ Badges and Registration Kits Public Meeting and Reception Conference Gala Diamond, Golden, Silver Luncheon

Xi Gamma Omega

Debbie Lewis/Deborah Dixon

Alpha Nu Omega Eta Rho Omega Rho Upsilon Omega

Johari Leaks/ Betty Booker Pamela Lowe/Angela Warren Tracy Fields/ Linda Mack

EAF Leadership Breakfast Flowers and Decorations Legacy Parade Step Show and Undergraduate Dance Undergraduate Luncheon

Alpha Nu Omega Eta Rho Omega Alpha Nu Omega Xi Gamma Omega Zeta Psi

Cecilia Green and Rachel Williams Pamela Lowe Lorez Bailey Lauren Peebles Taylor West/ Paige McAlister

Workshops & Printing

Eta Rho Omega

Debra Chappell/Tina Williams


Xi Gamma Omega

April Spikener and /Angela Campbell

Welcome and host chapter badges Awards and Exhibits Music and Entertainment Philacter Soror Services Souvenir Journal Souvenirs and gifts Transportation AKA Office Greeters Hospitality Community Service Project Ivy Beyond the Wall Rededication Regional Director’s Dinner Ecumenical Service

Xi Gamma Omega DZO Eta Rho Omega Kappa Gamma Omega DZO Eta Rho Omega Xi Gamma Omega Eta Rho Omega DZO Eta Rho Omega Kappa Gamma Omega Rho Delta Omega Rho Delta Omega Rho Delta Omega Rho Delta Omega Rho Delta Omega

TJ Smylie Ayana Johnson Viera Whye /Paula Warren Metda Chubbs Lark Thomas/Sally Dollard Linda Walker-Watson/Gerri Forte Valata Jenkins-Monroe/Sonya Simiril Beverly James/Melissa Hawkins Barbra Ruffin-Boston Marrika Martin/Chiara Perry Soror Valerie Golden Zina Slaughter Vickie Stephens /Leslye Tinson June Allen Mica Eades Lyisha Johnson


Let’s Get This Party Started...with Registration As we acknowledge all the hard work of the many committees and sorors that it took to make the 88th Far Western Regional Conference a success, we do not want to forget to shine the spotlight on the registration and other logistical process. We’ve received some awesome feedback about how smoothly registration went and how much sorors love the conference bag!


Back Packs and Read to a Barber



Plenary Provided Plenty On Friday, March 10, the first Plenary Session opened with all Sorors appearing majestic in white. Although we took time for serious matters such as Rededication and honoring our beloved Ivies Beyond the Wall, we also enjoyed a few inspiring musical selections by our Fabulous Far Western Regional Choir. Soror Beverly James, Far Western Regional Director Carol Dixon’s Graduate advisor at Zeta Psi Chapter presented Madam Regional Director Dixon at her First Regional Conference. The Gavel Ceremony was conducted by Sorors Laura Banks Reed, 12th Far Western Regional Director, Soror Archalene Amos Martin, 17th Far Western Regional Director, Soror Cornelia H. Banks. 19th Far Western Regional Director, Soror Grace B. Strauther, 20th Far Western Regional Director, Soror E. Lavonne Lewis, 22nd Far Western Regional Director, Soror LaVern S. Tarkington, 23rd Far Western Regional Director and Soror Barbara Denson Trotter our immediate past 24th Far Western Regional Director. Madam Regional Director Dixon formally opened the 88th Far Western Regional Conference. Madam Regional Director provided an all-encompassing State of the Region address with both an informative video and speech. We also had a chance to jam out to our Regional Director’s favorite song… Brickhouse by the Commodores. The Far Western Region has a great many accomplishments to be proud of, including being the only region to currently exceed the donation goal for the Million Backpacks initiative. Read the State of the Region report included in this newsletter to learn more. The first plenary also included reports from regional officers such as the Far Western Regional Tamiouchos, Far Western Regional Technology Chairman and the Far Western Regional Cluster Coordinator Liaison. The second Plenary Session graced us with a presentation by Madam Supreme Basileus, Soror Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson, presenting her State of the Sorority report. We were treated with a video showcasing the many efforts of our Sorors near and far. We also received an update on the Ivy Center construction project and reports from our national officers. The Second Supreme Basileus, Soror Keniece Gray, also presented on the State of the Undergraduates along with Member at Large, Soror Antoria Freeman, and Undergraduate Activities Committee Member, Lay’la Rogers. The third plenary session rounded out the conference with reports from our Far Western Regional International Committee Representatives as well as International Committee Chairmen. The plenaries were both informative, engaging and empowering for all who attended. Tea roses to the Far Western Regional Technology Team for working behind the scenes to ensure all plenary presentations were FABULOUS!


Plenary Session



Photo Gallery

EAF Leadership Breakfast Emeralds and Pearls was the theme of this year’s EAF Leadership Breakfast on Saturday, March 11 chaired by Soror Cecilia Green of Alpha Nu Omega Chapter. Sorors arrived in their unique hats made up of all colors, styles and sizes to celebrate the region’s contributions to the Education Advancement Foundation as well as to recognize chapter leaders throughout the region. The breakfast commenced with recognition of the Far Western Region Chapters that achieved Silver, Gold and Platinum level for their contributions to EAF. The EAF Breakfast keynote, Soror Glenda Glover, delivered an exceptional speech on the importance of education and perseverance. She provided alarming statistics that fueled sorors in attendance and was a reminder that the work is never done. She also encouraged sorors to continue speak to friends and family about the work and contributions of the Educational Advancement Foundation and how they can contribute to the educational pursuits of deserving students. The final highlight of the breakfast was the Parade of Hats. Sorors strutted around the room, to Beyonce, with their unique and adorable hats. The winners were announced and presented with small tokens of recognition. Brief closing remarks were given by Soror Carol R. Dixon, Far Western Regional Director, which was preceded by the announcement of the winners of the silent auction.


Step Show O

ne of the fun highlights of the Regional Conference was the step show, a timehonored tradition for the Divine Nine.

Undergraduate fraternities and sororities competing included, Omega Psi Fraternity, Inc. Phi Alpha Rho-Berkeley, Zeta Psi chapter of AKA from San Jose State University; and Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. Delta Chi chapter- San Jose State University. There were three graduate chapters from AKA, including Alpha Nu Omega- Oakland/Berkeley, CA, Delta Zeta Omega- San Francisco, CA, and Xi Gamma Omega-Oakland, CA. For intermission, the DJ turned things up encouraging Golden and Silver Star Sorors to strut their stuff on stage. .

Step Show Winners Undergrad $500 Alpha Rho- Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Zeta Psi- Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Delta Chi – Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. Graduate $500 Xi Gamma Omega Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.



Diamond Golden Silver Luncheon S

anta Clara—On March 10, 2017, breaking the Far Western Region’s record 17 Golden Sorors and 44 Silver Sorors participated in the induction ceremonies with two Diamond Sorors acknowledged in their absence. After an impressive honoree procession, the Committee Chairman, Soror Tracy Field, Rho Upsilon Omega and Soror betty Edwards, International Diamond Golden Silver Sorors committee Vice-Chairman greeted the audience followed by an inspiring vocal musical selection by Soror Paula Warren. The dais included Soror Grace Straughter, 20th Far Western Regional Director, Soror Kathy Walker Steele, Central Regional Director, Soror Faye B. Bryant, 21 Supreme Basileus, Soror Carolyn House Steward, 28th Supreme Basileus, Soror Joyce Henderson, Mid Atlantic Regional Director, Soror Carol R. Dixon, Far Western Regional Director and Soror Cara Weddington, Far Western Region Protocol Chair. In addition, we were honored to have as the keynote speaker, our International Supreme Basileus Dorothy Buchanan Wilson who reminded us of the importance of long standing service and remarkable contributions. Soror Marilyn Varnado, Xi Gamma Omega, Oakland





uate Luncheon


Madam Regional D The Regional Director's Dinner was a smashing success as sorors adorned all shades of green to commemorate Soror Carol R. Dixon's first Regional Conference. Held at the Computer History Museum in Mountainview, the event afforded sorors and guests the opportunity to interact with Madam Regional Director, along with a host of notable Directorate members including Madam Supreme Basileus, Soror Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson, in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Being in the heart of Silicon Valley, it was most apropos that dinner guests were treated to a "Hidden Figures" virtual reality experience. Additionally, Soror Carol received a special commendation from NAMI, Alpha Kappa Alpha's partner in raising mental health awareness. Perhaps, the highest point of the night was meeting and hearing from those closest to Madam Regional Dirextor: her boss, husband, parents and sisters. Guests were delighted by a personal story shared by Madam Regional Director’s mother as a testament to Madam Regional Director’s strong will and commitment. A great time was had by all in attendance!


Director's Dinner


Conference WorkShops The 88th Far Western Regional Conference was a success on all fronts. From the array of beautiful decorations, to the hotel staff making sure every need was covered, a good time was had by all. One of the many standouts was the exceptional cache of workshops presented to our sorors to enhance knowledge and expand sisterhood. From learning about our heritage to uses of technology in the age of social media, sorors were treated to a variety of topics geared toward establishing better practices for chapters as well as leadership development for sorors looking to enhance their skills. The following workshops were available to sorors during the 88th FWRC Keeping our Heritage R.E.E.L. Chapter Operations: Back to Basics Taking A.C.T.I.O.N. in Non-Presidential Years Launching New Dimensions of Technology Pearlfect Parliamentary Procedure: Living The Purpose - Undergraduate Polishing up on our documents Finance Workshop Launching New Dimensions of Communication Understanding the Honorary Members & Awards Process Membership: Let’s Get Information A Foundation Alternative: The EAF Non Profit Chapter Assistance Program Campaigning Now! – Informing, Nurturing & Cultivating the Leaders of AKA Creating your 2nd half playbook – LNDS Pinkprint for success: Building your chapter Risk Management Plan The Gold Standard…Launching New Dimensions of Protocol Rituals – Now that We Know How – Let’s Do it Strategic Planning-You have Questions, We have Answers Sisterly Relations-Just Like a Sistsa: Cracking the Code One of the breakout sessions of the conference was the Brown Bag Estate Planning Seminar. The title was “Getting you House in Order”. The topics included information on Wills, Trusts, Retirement, Funeral Services etc… Sorors learned about insurance options and timelines (don’t outlive your retirement) Is a will or trust the best option for you situation and more interactive topics. There was an array of panelists from Soror Lauren Peebles, attorney, estate planning and probate, Lewis Phillips, a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch; Melody Farquha, Chapel of the Chimes and Jain Williams, State Farm.






Launching New Dimensions of Service Undergraduate: Target 1 One Million Backpacks: Alpha Gamma Target 2 Health Promotion: Alpha Gamma Target 3: Family Strengthening: Alpha Gamma Target 4: Environmental Ownership: Alpha Gamma Target 5: Global Impact: Alpha Gamma

Graduate Chapter Achievement Award 100 plus members 1st Place-Xi Gamma Omega, Oakland, CA

Graduate: Target 1 Ascend: Mu Lambda Omega Target 1 One Million Backpacks: Sigma Delta Omega Target 2 Health Promotion: Sigma Delta Omega Target 3: Family Strengthening: Tau Beta Omega Target 4: Environmental Ownership: Delta Beta Omega Target 5: Global Impact: Sigma Delta Omega

Graduate Chapter Achievement Award-25-59 members 1st Place-Sigma Delta Omega

Individual and Chapter Awards Archalene Amos Martin Creative or Performing Arts Award 1st Place- Paula Warren, Eta Rho Omega Billie Jean Barrett AKA Connection Innovation Award 1st Place-Theta Mu Omega

Graduate Chapter Achievement Award 60-99 members 1st Place-Rho Delta Omega

Graduate Chapter Achievement Award-24 or fewer members 1st Place- Chi Kappa Omega Ida L. Jackson Graduate Achievement Award Jeshana E. Avent-Johnson, Mu Lambda Omega Aubrey B. Jones Leadership Achievement Award LaShonda Toston-Zeno, Tau Beta Omega LaVern S. Tarkington Leadership Development Award 1st Place- Delta Beta Omega

Charlene D. Carodine Unique Professional Award Mary P. King Alumni Award 1st Place - Akilah Wallace, Mu Lambda Omega 1st Place- Xi Gamma Omega Cornelia Harris Banks Health Award Mildred L. Robinson Outstanding 1st Place-Alpha Gamma Omega Chapter Basileus Award 1st Place- Dollie G. Brown, Chi Kappa Omega Diana G. Shipley "Golden Soror" Award 1st Place- Staajabu Heshimu, Epsilon Xi Omega, The Barbara Denson Trotter Graduate Chapter Archives Award Lucille B. Bryant Graduate Advisor Award Theta Mu Omega 1st Place- Audrey J. Owens, Tau Tau Omega


And the Winners Are.... Mentoring Awards Graduate to Undergraduate- Theta Theta Omega Graduate to Graduate- Xi Gamma Omega Exhibits Awards undergraduate Awards: 1st Place: Alpha Gamma 2nd Place: Eta Sigma Class III Awards: 1st Place: Psi Upsilon Omega Class V Awards: 1st Place: Epsilon Xi Omega (Non Digital) 2nd Place: Epsilon Xi Omega (Digital)

Scrapbooks Awards Non-Digital Scrapbooks Undergraduate: 1st Place Alpha Gamma 2nd Place Tau Lambda Class II Chapter (24 or less Members) 1st Place: Mu Epsilon Omega 2nd Place: Chi Kappa Omega Class III Chapter (25-59) 1st Place: Sigma Delta Omega 2nd Place: Psi Upsilon Omega Class IV Chapter (25-59) 1st Place: Eta Lambda Omega 2nd Place: Mu Epsilon Omega Class V Chapter (25-59) 1st Place : Alpha Nu Omega 2nd Place: Delta Beta Omega

Digital Scrapbooks Class III Chapter (25-59) 1st Place : Mu Beta Omega Class IV Chapter (25-59) 1st Place : Theta Alpha Omega Class V Chapter (25-59) 1st Place : Epsilon Xi Omega 2nd Place: Xi Gamma Omega

Arts and Crafts Awards Undergraduate: Class 1 Painting: Eta Sigma Class IV Art Form: Alpha Gamma Class V Photography: Alpha Gamma Graduate: Class 1 Painting: 1st Place : Rho Delta Omega 2nd Place: Epsilon Xi Omega - Spelman Class III Handicrafts: 1st Place : Alpha Nu Omega 2nd Place: Alpha Gamma Omega Class IV Art Form: 1st Place : Eta Rho Omega (Library) 2nd Place: Xi Gamma Omega Class V Photography: Alpha Gamma 1st Place : Alpha Gamma Omega 2nd Place: Eta Rho Omega (Swan) c


"Be A Pray As the final day of the conference came to a close, sorors had the opportunity to fellowship together and participate in praise and worship during the ecumenical service. The Rev. Dr. Jacqueline A. thompson, assistant pastor at Allen Temple Baptist Church in Oakland, Ca., shared a word about the importance of prayer and encouraged sorors to be prayer warriors. The service closed with sorors joining hands in small groups praying for each other, a very emotional and beautiful benediction to the service and to the 88th Far Western Regional Conference.


yer Warrior"


Representing the Alpha Kappa Alpha Brand CORPORATE NEWS By the International Communications Committee A brand is a concept, an ideal that people hold in their minds and in their hearts when they think about a product, individual or organization. For Alpha Kappa Alpha, at its core, a brand is a promise of what the organization represents and what it means to those who engage it. Over time, the Alpha Kappa Alpha brand elements became visual reminders of what our brand means to our members and those we serve. Consistent use of our key messages, logos and other brand elements build awareness and recognition of the Alpha Kappa Alpha brand. Here are a few branding tips for sorors and chapters: 1. Usage of the coat of arms is encouraged. Chapter and region websites, flyers, banners, posters or other publications should bear the official Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority coat of arms or the full name of the sorority. All chapters received a CD with the official coat of arms and the Launching New Dimensions of ServiceÂŽ logos. Chapters should never download a copy of the coat of arms from popular search engines on the internet as they are incorrect replicas. 2. When using Alpha Kappa Alpha coat of arms with the administration logo, always place the coat of arms to the left and the administration logo to the right. Never use more than two Alpha


Kappa Alpha Sorority logos on websites, flyers, banners, posters or other publications. 3. Chapters must request usage of the sorority coat of arms for published or printed materials including but not limited to candy bars, umbrellas, tents, banners, posters, campus plots, community memorials, clothing, etc. when not being furnished by an authorized AKA vendor. Please submit a sample rendering of the item (s) to be produced to to request usage permission and a high-resolution copy of the logo to provide to the manufacturer. 4. The Launching New Dimensions of ServiceÂŽ logo (s) should be used on all programrelated webpages, flyers, banners, posters or other publications. For example, if a chapter is hosting a local ASCEND program, it is recommended that the banner bear the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority coat of arms and the Launching New Dimensions

of Service® logo or the ASCEND® logo. 5. Each chapter is a representation of the sorority. When writing the name of your chapter on a flyer, banner or other publication, remember AKA always comes first. Example: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated® Alpha Alpha Alpha Chapter. 6. Photos and videos should depict Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority’s service mission and sisterhood. Photographs should depict undergraduate and graduate sorors engaged in community service or in sisterly relations activities. Photographs should be action-oriented, focusing on the specific tasks sorors are performing. Avoid posed or staged group photographs, when possible. 7. A Boilerplate message should be used at the bottom of all media releases. Chapters and regions may add a brief addition to the boilerplate pertaining to regional or local leadership and community presence in the city/region. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority’s official boilerplate message is as followed: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated® (AKA) is an international service organization that was founded on the campus of Howard University in Washington, DC in 1908. It is the oldest Greek-lettered organization established by African-American, college-educated women. Alpha Kappa Alpha is comprised of more than 290,000 members in approximately 1,006 graduate and undergraduate chapters in the United States, Liberia, the Bahamas, the US Virgin Islands, Germany, South Korea, Bermuda, Japan, Canada, South Africa and the Middle East. Led by International President, Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson, L.H.D., Alpha Kappa Alpha is often hailed as “America’s premier Greek-lettered service organization for AfricanAmerican women.” For more information on Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and its programs, visit www. For more information on how to accurately and positively represent the Alpha Kappa Alpha brand please download the Brand Guidelines in the Members Only section of You may also contact a member of the International Communications Committee at International Communications Committee Soror Leona H. Dotson, Chairman, Far Western Region Soror Traci Bell-Thomas, Great Lakes Region Soror Melanie Burney, North Atlantic Region Soror Carisma Ramsey Fields, South Central Region Soror Raven Hill, North Atlantic Region Soror Sharon Howard, Great Lakes Region Soror Richelle McCoy, Central Region Soror Felicia Miller, Central Region Soror Crystal Pruitt, South Atlantic Region Soror Andrea Robinson, South Atlantic Region Soror Sonja A. Antoine, South Atlantic Region


Leadership Development: The New Focus Alpha Kappa Alpha has changed the face of leadership development. Your voice was heard and your vote counted at the 67th Boule in Atlanta. Overwhelmingly, you approved the Amendment to our Constitution and Bylaws to designate the International Leadership Development Committee as a Standing Committee. Under the direction of Supreme Basileus Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson, we unveiled “Launching New Dimensions of Leadership –The 4D Approach” at the 2015 Leadership Seminar in Chicago. We focused on empowering sorors through the dimensions of sorority, professional, community/civic and personal. “The 4D Approach” was met with such a commendatory response that we offered the first-ever Leadership and Development Day at the 67th Boule in Atlanta. As we prepare to close out this administration, members of the International Leadership Development Committee will now “forge a way” to refine our beloved Sorority’s training institute to prepare our leaders to meet our training and development needs as 21st century community servants. Designing and Implementing New Training and Developmental Resources The International Leadership Development Committee is charged with designing and implementing exciting and relevant content. Our goal is geared to improve our overall effectiveness in the second century of Alpha Kappa Alpha. At the 2017 Leadership Seminar in Las Vegas, the International Leadership Development Committee will unveil “Launching New Dimensions of Leadership – Refining The 4D Approach.” The 2017 Leadership




Seminar will include exhilarating forums and over 70 enhanced workshops, many of which have been refined to further enable sorors to develop in the areas of our 4 Dimension leadership training program: sorority, professional, community/civic, and personal. Our leadership development program is inspiring new dimensions to support our members as they endeavor to make a continued impact in the communities we serve worldwide. Sorors, clutch your pearls! An array of Certifications will continue to be offered: Basilei, Financial Officers, Graduate Advisors, and Standards. We have also fulfilled “greater tasks� and are offering a tool for sorors to leverage with their employers to request employee-sponsored professional development credit and/or tuition reimbursement. Expect the unveiling of a Chapter Resource Guide, specifically designed to support sorors interested in leading at the chapter level. Whether you're a seasoned chapter officer, a member just becoming interested in a leadership position, or new to Alpha Kappa Alpha, the right training and development are available for you to create your own masterpiece of servant leadership. Sisterly, The Leadership Development Committee

Leadership Development Committee

Soror Linda Groomes Walton, Chairman Far Western Region Delta Beta Omega Soror Jacquita Wright-Henderson North Atlantic Region Sigma Zeta Omega

Soror Renee Escoffery-Torres Region: Mid-Atlantic Chapter: Delta Omega Soror Bettina Benoit Durant South Atlantic Region Upsilon Alpha Omega Soror Autumn Kyles Great Lakes Region Gamma Upsilon Omega Soror Debra Davis South Eastern Delta Theta Omega Soror Kia Johnson So uth Central Region Kappa Omega Soror Kiahna Davis Central Region Chi Chi Omega Soror Julie Hickman Mid-Western Region Mu Omega Chapter Soror Shelby Robinson Bogani Far Western Region Alpha Gamma Omega Soror Terri Barnett Coleman International Region Psi Delta Omega Soror Benita Lefft, Resource South Atlantic Region Eta Alpha Omega


CORPORATE Campaigning NEWS Now! Greetings, Sorors!

I am excited and delighted to greet you on behalf of the International Nominating Committee! As we prepare for what promises to be an unprecedented campaign season in 2018, the INC is already hard at work ensuring the integrity and efficiency of the certification process. With this as our main objective, we are committed to Informing, Nurturing, and Cultivating the Leaders of AKA. By now, chapters should have received the newly revised edition of “So You Want to Run for Office.” We hope that you are as excited as we are that all active sorors will now have the opportunity to view the promotional documents for all candidates in the Members Only section of We want to provide sorors with as much information as possible about those vying to lead AKA into the future. We hope that these changes will improve the process and serve as the launch pad for even more upgrades to come. The INC is looking forward to seeing you at your Regional Conferences, where we will present our new and improved workshop “Campaigning Now!” If you are already planning to run or just considering a run for an office in this great sisterhood, please be sure to attend. Knowing my committee as I do, the workshop will be super informative with a bit of fun added in for flair. So, on behalf of: Soror Barbara Anne Washington (Mid-Western Region), Soror Christin Rouse (South Atlantic Region), Soror Kayla Sharpe (Mid-Atlantic Region), Soror Keesha Williams (South Central Region), Soror Mervelle Sage (International Region), Soror Nancy Quarles (Great Lakes Region), Soror Saeida Miller (Far Western Region), Soror Stephanie Barnes Taylor (South Eastern Region), and Soror Victoria Aston (North Atlantic Region), we invite you to join us! In closing, I would like to extend my appreciation to the Classy, Confident, Capable, and Competent sorors of the Central Region for electing me as your representative to the International Nominating Committee. Additionally, there is not enough thanks I can offer to Madame Supreme Basileus for her vote of confidence in appointing me as Chairman. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to serve and will continue to work hard to fulfill my promise to serve with L-O-V-E. Sisterly, Soror Dana S. Branham Chairman 30

International Finance Committee Managing Chapter Financial Operations

To ensure your chapter is Launching New Dimensions of Finance, the International Finance Committee requests that all chapter financial leaders purchase the Financial Fundamentals Guide To Chapter Financial Procedures, revised November 2016. The purpose of this guide is to assist chapter financial officers in establishing an orderly method of recording revenues and expenditures, and maintaining and accurately reporting the chapter's financial operations and condition. The Financial Fundamental (s?) Guide can be purchased in the Members' only section on the Alpha Kappa Alpha website (www.AKA1908. com) for $10. We also remind chapters that it is imperative that each chapter file its Statement of Financial Position (Position on Financial Operations?) 2016, Budget 2017, and W-9 2016 Report through our online financial reporting system. These reports are required each year to ensure that the chapter tax status of the chapter and the international body is not jeopardized. Updates on the federal and state tax reimbursement process will be provided at your regional conference in the financial forum. Please ensure you send a chapter representative to attend. New Dimensions of Finance continues to be a priority as we work to continue to improve our chapter financial procedures and practices.

Keniece Gray

Second Supreme Anti-Basileus

Antoria Frazier

Undergraduate Member At Large

Sharon Brown Harriott

South Atlantic Regional Director

Danette Anthony Reed Supreme Tamiouchos Ex-Officio Members Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson, Supreme Basileus Glenda Glover, First Supreme Anti - Basileus Cynthia Howell, Executive Director

Jasmine Adkins

Program Committee, Chairman

Gerlanda Miller Central Region

Shaliah Thierry

North Atlantic Region



Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Management Task Force


Risk Management Plan 

Susan Simms Marsh, Chairman

Joy Elaine Daley, North Atlantic Katrina Brent, Mid-Atlantic Earlene Striggles Horne, South Atlantic Valery Tarver, Great Lakes Adrienne Pope-Kelly Washington, South Eastern Nadine C. Bonds, Central Nekeidra Brown, South Central Lani Stigler, Mid-Western

Erika Randall, Far Western Elisa G. Hodge, International Valarie Hill, Resource Lynda Tarver, Resource Alexis Apparicio, Resource Antoria Frazier, Resource

Mitigating Risk in your Chapter Operations The Risk Management Task force has been very busy planning for the upcoming Risk Management Summit. In preparation, the task force has worked hard to equip

Operational risk is defined as the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed processes, people and systems or from external events. The key here is that operational risks can be any risks related to the way we conduct Sorority business. chapters with tools to mitigate risk. One way chapters can lessen risk is with a Risk Management Plan. The Risk Management Handbook provides chapters with the necessary tools to develop a Risk Management Plan. Do any of the following apply to your chapter?


The purpose of a Risk Management Plan is to help chapters assess how risks may potentially impact specific projects, programs, events, membership and general operations. Chapters are encouraged to develop and implement a Risk Management Plan and annually review the plan. The Chapter’s Risk Management Plan will define how risks will be identified, evaluated, managed and monitored. How to Manage and Monitor Operational Risk in Chapter Operations Examples of ways to manage and monitor chapter operations risk include: • Know and follow sorority documents • Hold annual chapter retreats, establish measurements for success and evaluate for continuous improvement • Integrate succession planning in chapter operations and program planning • Create an effective internal and external communications strategy and plan • Review chapter documents annually for compliance with sorority documents • Adhere to the most current Documents and Records Retention Guide • Schedule a supervised officer and committee chairman transition meeting annually • Conduct meaningful workshops and retreats to develop chapter officers, committee chairman and chapter membership for effective and informed operations • Implement annual review of technology tools and media to ensure content is secure and compliant with sorority policies and procedures

• Failure to align chapter documents to comply with International Sorority documents • Failure to properly transition new officers • Failure to develop and train officers and membership • Failure to consistently comply with ALL sorority documents • Failure to disseminate, communicate and/or share updated information to membership • Inadequate records management and retention • Inadequate or lack of chapter leadership succession planning • Incomplete chapter and committee meeting minutes • Outdated technology safety controls • Failure to keep information confidential or private/lack of discretion If you answered YESs to any of the above, don’t hesitate to implement a Risk Management Plan for your chapter. How do you implement a Risk Management Plan? Let’s start with referencing our documents. Every chapter should have received the Risk Management Handbook in the Fall Mailing. There you will find all the tools and information needed to create your Chapter Risk Management Plan. You may also contact your Risk Management Task Force representative to the International Committee. We are here to assist you with mitigating the risks that may harm your chapter. Remember, every soror is a Risk Manager. Use your resources to build a “Pinkprint for Success” and create your plan today.


We Want to Hear From You Newsletter Submissions

Please submit news for the next edition of the Fabulous Far Western Times by August 1, 2017. This is an opportunity to showcase the important work that your chapters are doing. Please provide high quality photos, preferably action shots as a jpg. Please provide a description of the photo and the names of those pictured. Individual Sorors and chapters may submit articles no longer than 150 words about: • community service projects • target related activities • professional and civic awards and achievements •

sisterly relations events and outings

News may be emailed to the Regional Communications Chairman, Soror Mae Worthey, Ed.D. at


Far Western Region Spring 2017 Newsletter  

Fabulous Far Western Region Times - Spring 2017 Issue

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