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— What is the most popular permanent makeup procedure in Taiwan? — Permanent makeup covers eyebrow tattooing, eyeliner tattooing and permanent lip makeup. Semipermanent makeup covers eyebrow embroidery, eyeliner embroidery and lip embroidery. In many parts of Asia, the most popular makeup procedure is eyebrow embroidery, which is followed by eyeliner embroidery. Permanent lip makeup used to be very popular; however, due to the side effects as well as the quantity of undesired results, its popularity has declined over the years. — Tell us about your techniques. Are there any author techniques you have invented and been practicing? — I use 3 different techniques: the 3D1, 3D2 and 3D3 strokes. The difference between these 3 techniques is how the strokes are done. The decision of which technique to use depends on the level of skin sensitivity. I found out that technique 3D1 sometimes leaves a dotted effect after the work is done. The 3D2 technique often results in bleeding; this is all because of how the blade moves. I invented and came up with the 3D3 embroidery strokes, which combines the 3D1 and 3D2 techniques. The results of 3D3 embroidery look very natural, and the amount of bleeding is reduced as well thanks to the way the strokes are applied. Thus, the 3D3 technique can be also used when clients have very sensitive skin. However, I am not planning to stop here. The R&D will always keep going, and hopefully I will also be able to come up with new techniques to be up to the mark when dealing with the demanding PMU industry. — As far as we know, you also practice medical tattooing such as scar camouflaging, etc. This type of permanent makeup is much rarely seen. Please tell us about your work in this area. — As you probably know, scarred areas may prevent hair from growing. I try to define the original hair growth patterns on the eyebrow line and then create hair strokes to be as close as possible to the original brow. Before I embroider, I choose the pigment that is very similar to the client’s hair color to cover the scar/ hairless area. The embroidered strokes will blend in and look like a part of the client’s brow, completing it in a very natural way. In some situations, scarred eyebrows also need reshaping. Scar camouflaging is mainly for men, or for some women who had sustained the scars through accidents. My youngest client for this procedure was a 10-year-old boy who had hit his head on the corner of the table. His eyebrow was really thick and dark, so the hairless area was very noticeable. However, it is not a good idea to do reshaping for children.

—What do you think about the Microblading technique? Do you use it yourself? — Microblading is another term for the manual technique; it is used for semi— permanent embroidery. The effect is very natural and also lasts for much longer comparing to the needlepoint machine technique which also damages the skin when there is a need for a touchup. I have used both the microblading manual technique and also the needlepoint machine technique on myself. The effect of the needlepoint technique wore off after 3 to 4 months. Therefore, the needlepoint technique is not suitable for the Asian market. — It is a well-known fact that quite often clients come in with red or blue eyebrows asking for the correction of those. Do you accept clients for correction procedures? Can you tell us more about any particular cases in your experience? — I have helped many people who came to me with red or blue eyebrows. Red colored brows are the result of the application of low quality pigments that faded leaving only the red pigment. Red brows would continue fading (since embroidery is a semi-permanent makeup technique), so it is not a major problem to add a new color to it. Blue colored brows appear when artists use the old permanent makeup technique of tattooing. Blue brows require more work to undo as the color does not fade. PMUINTERNATIONAL.COM


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