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Beeswax base with jojoba oil and lots of other naturally wonderful healing ingredients. I have them press and blot the lips for a couple of days, several times a day to remove all body fluids that surface while re-applying their balm after they bolt. I advise them to use straw to drink with for the next few days, brush with natural toothpaste (nothing with bleach, peroxide or whitening ingredients) and avoid eating spicy, salty and oily food. They can use a cold pack for the first couple of days to help with the soreness; I advise 10 minutes on 10 minutes off. This is how I have been tattooing lips for the last eight or nine years and with these techniques I get exceptional color retention on just one session! I’m very particular and can always find something to touch-up on my own work, but many of my lips really don’t need a touch-up. I ask my clients to wait for 8 weeks before the second session.

— Thank you, it was a pleasure listening to every word you said. Te r y n i s t he L I P ig me nt US & C a n ad a International Master distributer. She has many sub-distributers all over the world. She is also teaching her techniques in a great Master classes with Mar y R itcherson; the program is called: «Shades and Strokes» for more information contact Teryn Darling.

— Can you tell us which colors you use for those amazing lips you do? — I use both Li pigment Aqua and «Forever Lips» for all my procedures. — Do you mean you Mix the two of them? — Yes, exactly. — This is brilliant! This way you get the benefits from both. Iron Oxide is more stable, but the organic is more vivid — very clever! — Yes, Li Pigments Aqua are more natural and subtle in tone while «Forever Lips» are much stronger and brighter colors. My favorite Li Aqua colors are: Pink, Rose Petal, Indian Earth, Mauve And Strawberries and cream. My favorite «Forever Lips» colors are: Sugared rose, Berr y Persistent, Watermelon Lip Candy, Electric pink and Pink Coral Pop. I must tell you, when I mix them — I get great results! — This all sounds great Teryn, tell me, can you give our readers a tip? Teryn’s Tips: • Use a nice taut three way stretch. • Do not overwork… Lips are very thin and delicate so get in, get your color in and get out. • Use eye loupe; make sure that the tips of your needles are pristine and not damaged… cause if they are — it means damage to the lip tissue.




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