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«STEP BY STEP» I start at the corner closest to me on the top lip, it’s now important to have a tight stretch to smooth out the lips so there is less chance of the needle snagging. Beginning with a small rim running along the contour line, very slowly I move forward in tiny circles overlapping each other. One slow light pass of circles with a 1 point needle is enough to ensure that the edge is tidy and pigment is implanted right up to the contour, so no gaps occur through fear of overshooting the template. Mov i ng onto larger shad i ng movements , covering the full depth of the lip (in the section I am working on), I ensure the needle isn’t too far out. Accuracy isn’t your main concern now, as you’re working over a larger surface area, that is generally more vascular than the outer edge, so it requires light, fast movements. The method of shading with a 1 point needle is very «relaxed» as long as you work very lightly, only implanting pigment just under the membrane. A slow machine setting, a  light pressure and a  ver y fast, loose hand motion means you can literally shade in any direction. Back/forth, side to side, ovals and circles will not show in the skin as long as your pressure and speed is consistent. Hold the handpiece at approximately 35 degrees, this pushes the pigment in and is kinder to the skin. Loose, fast shading motions either side to side or back and forth, are used while covering the full section as I am working on overlapping the edges; I  repeat this motion without stopping or wiping whilst counting to 10 in my head. Letting the pigment sit on the skin for a time whilst you shade over and over allows it to absorb more effectively. W hen you wipe at this point, it’s not always possible to see evidence of any pigment, however, some pigment has been implanted, it just doesn’t b e come v i sible u nt i l you re p e at t h i s st a ge multiple times. It does depend on the individual client and how their skin accepts the pigment, but I  generally get the right colour saturation over 4 passes of repeating this stage. Only when I am happy with the depth of colour achieved in the first section (top and bottom), I  move onto the central section and so on. — W hat kind of brand do you usually use for lips? — I  love so many brands of lip pigments, I’ve recently started using the Forever Lips organic range and have had great results so far. PMUINTERNATIONAL.COM


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