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Smooth and even skin tone, bright red lips, arrow eyeliner and long, thick eyelashes are components of a “win-win” variant of makeup for pretty much any girl or woman in the world. Red lipstick in a cosmetics bag of any girl is an absolute ‘must have’; it is considered classic, along with a little black dress. Some girls are lucky to have found a suitable color of lipstick which is perfect for them, while others feel frustrated as they cannot find anything that does not make them look vulgar or simply unattractive — regardless of their skin or hair color. Brunettes with bright red lips might look older than they actually are, while blondes can look really provocative, if not aggressive or vulgar. In fact, makeup with red lips is always fashionable and popular; it looks sexy and really attractive — if the shade of red is chosen correctly. The majority of men agree that red color on women’s lips looks luxurious, elegant and appealing. Perhaps this is why so many women, when talking to a permanent makeup artist, want to get bright red lips as a final result. The procedure of permanent lip makeup is very delicate; an artist should be able to “feel” the process of application, as well as to know how to work with the skin of the lips which is very thin and sensitive. It might take a large number of procedures before an artist masters to feel the skin, so that all the factors of properly applied makeup can be taken into account and managed on a subconscious level. It is very important to select the color and create the right shape considering the skin tone as well as the proportions of the face.




We asked famous artists of permanent makeup to reveal their secrets of creating perfect bright red lips in order to give some advice and help novice artists, or the ones who are only starting to work with this area. We really hope that these practical tips will be useful to our readers.

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