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1. NEVER LET YOUR HEAD HANG DOWN! And no matter how perfect or imperfect the results of your work are, if you are a person who strives for perfection, you should never be completely satisfied with your results.

2. LEARN A LOT! You shouldn’t think that the artist whose works you really admire has come from somewhere like Mars or Venus. Start with signing up for a master class — and shoot for the stars!

3. FREE PERMANENT MAKEUP CORRECTION! In this case, all of your clients will come back to you in a month for a touch-up. You need to see the results of your work after healing.

4. DON’T THINK ONLY ABOUT MONEY! Especially in a situation when a client comes to you for a  correction procedure. If you realize that a certain problem cannot be solved by you, you should ask one of your more experienced colleagues to help you. Under no circumstances should you agree to perform a  procedure of permanent makeup if a  client has any contraindications.

5. A GOOD RELATIONSHIP or f r ie nd sh ip w it h a co smetolo g i st , a n opht h a l molog i st , a  der m atolog i st or anesthesiologist will be a great advantage for you as a specialist, because any professional advice from such experts is priceless.

7. FOLLOW THE LAWS. Don’t cheat. Don’t work at home. It is absolutely not serious.

8. TRY NOT TO SAY phrases like “Oh my God , who did that to you??” — remember of the boomerang law!

9. WHEN COMMUNICATING with colleagues, try to be very friendly and open. You are going to work in this society, so you need to respect it.

10. DURING YOUR FIRST WORKING YEAR, try not to do corrections — you might make the result even worse, due to lack of experience. Be patient.

11. ALWAYS TAKE BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS and, more importantly, take photos after healing.

12. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE client info cards filled in, with the names of all the pigments you used.

13. NEVER USE tools, pigments, anesthetics that don’t have a special certificate; neither should you use any type of equipment if you didn’t attend a special course on how to use it.

6. TRY TO MAKE FRIENDS with lawyers, tax consultants as well as specialists of regulatory authorities in your country — these people can be unbelievably useful.




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