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RED EYEBROWS If the color of the eyebrows is maroon or bright red, then the only possible solution is to use laser removal. If the shading technique of permanent eyebrow makeup is requested, then it is necessary to choose olive shades of the corrective pigments. When working with the hairstroke technique, we need to do the following: 1. Drawing the main hair strokes with a brown color; 2. To make the skin color between the hair strokes look more natural, it is necessary to use a mixture of greenish (olive), beige and yellow shades, which is going to neutralize red tones 3. If necessary, it is possible to add a bit of shading using light brown colors. When the old pigment is really light, it is possible not to use any corrective mixture to neutralize the tone; instead, a cold shade of brown pigment can be applied on top of the pigmented area (using the shading technique) Everything depends on the color type of the client as well as the desired result.

PURPLE EYEBROWS Again, a lot depends on the situation: if the color of the old pigment is too dark, then it is necessary to use laser removal as the only way to correct it. If the shade is light enough, we can start working on the process of color correction. 1.

Drawing hair strokes using the correct shade of brown

2. Creating a mixture of yellow and beige (it is also possible to add a bit of orange or green, depending on the shade of the old pigment); applying the corrective mixture in between of the hair strokes 3. Using orange corrective pigments to make the shade warmer

As for the use of titanium dioxide in permanent makeup — it is a divisive issue. My opinion is the following: the less white the better. We have all seen how unattractive it can look when titanium dioxide remains in the skin. It is important to consider that titanium dioxide in its pure form is better to use for eyelid correction, or when camouflaging blue circles around the eyes; in such cases, the pigment is applied on top of the area that needs to be covered. When we work with eyebrows, then it is necessary



to apply very thin lines of pigment between the hair strokes; this helps to highlight the area a bit, and emphasize the dark lines of pigment. Over time, if the dark color goes away, and there are only light lines left, then it looks much better than red or blue eyebrows. Sometimes it is enough just to add a little more dark lines (as hair strokes) and everything falls into place, provided that the brown pigment used for the procedure has no cadmium, nor should it be greyish with a cold tone.

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