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My name is Sviatoslav Otchenash. At the moment I am living in Tallinn (Estonia). However, having been to so many places around the world, I  feel more like the whole world is my home. I  have long been engaged in tattooing, although permanent makeup became my specialty about 5 years ago. I do not have a favorite technique or favorite area to work with. I just love what I do. My motto is: «Never rest on your laurels!”, so I  tr y to make full use of ever y single day of my life. I  spend a  lot of time on self-development, creating my own techniques that can be useful for my work  — although I  never think that my techniques are perfect. I strongly believe that the most talented artists are from Russia. Seriously, no offense, but I honestly think so. Many artists that are known all over the world often don’t have as much talent as ordinary technicians who just do their job every day. My opinion is that Russia is the country that dictates fashion trends and styles in permanent makeup. It is clear that in different countries clients have different opinions and preferences. In the Middle East people prefer wide eyebrows that are set close to each other; in other countries clients tend to choose more natural design. However, sometimes a European woman with fair hair and light-colored eyes really wants to have dark wide eyebrows. This, in my opinion, is one of the main problems: the discrepancy between selfperception and artist’s views and ideas. Therefore, a  trusting relationship between an artist and a client is very important. I have clients who want to get permanent makeup applied for the first time in their life, and also I  correct various mistakes of other artists. However, I  never agree to correct bad results of microblading. In general, I  don’t understand this global microblading euphoria. Often PMU trainers when teaching this technique are not completely honest about possible consequences of bad quality work. Seeing these f laws quite often, I am not willing to correct them. Personally, I know this technique very well, and use it from time to time; I just don’t want it to be positioned as something out of this world. At this stage of my teaching experience, I  don’t give training courses on microblading. The art of tattooing has not changed that much within hundreds of years. The same situation is with permanent makeup: whatever we come up with, no matter what advertising shows us, the essence of the procedure is still the same.

There are no perfect pigments, and there a lot more things to study. Maybe one day there will be a  brand with a  really elaborate marketing campaign, the one that will be based on many artists’ opinions. A MIE A and BIOT EK are the brands that I prefer. I also want to mention LONGT IM E-L INER , for their competent marketing strateg y. I  believe that anyone who desires to be a  good artist can learn how to perform the procedure of permanent makeup application. A lot of my students have no art education, yet the quality of their work is really high. The results of their work might be not absolutely exquisite, but there are no defects, they look good, so the clients are satisfied. A good artist performs the procedure well from a  technical point of view; a talented artist is not only a technician, but also a  designer, a  stylist, a  colorist, a  psychologist, and by combining various techniques as well as pigment compositions he/she creates something unique. I  feel ver y comfortable being a  man in this “female” industry; I don’t see any problems. I agree though that for me, as a man, there is less competition than for female artists. I have never attended any master classes — I am a self-taught artist. However, I put a lot of effort into my work to be as good and creative as the artists who inspired me. Tatiana Petraitis — it is thanks to her work that I came up with a technique for working with the eye area — shading on the upper eyelid. There are two more artists who unwittingly helped my career — Valeria Barchenko and A nna Savina.

The most amusing question for me was: «Do you consider yourself a well-known artist?» I  had no idea that I am well-known J



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