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My name is Toni Belfatto. I started working as a tattoo artist in 1989, and then several years later I started to dedicate my time to permanent makeup and paramedical dermapigmentation. Having certain qualities in my personality, such as perseverance, as well as lots of passion for my work, I  was always ready to experiment, to study new techniques and grow professionally; this is how the training academy called “Orsini & Belfatto” was created. There were about 5000 students, among which I selected the best artists so they could join me in my new franchising project called “Belfatto Lab”. I am the President of the Italian Association of Dermapigmentation; a speaker and an Italian representative at more than 50 world congresses of medicine and micropigmentation; the inventor of Tricopigmentation and a  holder of patents of specific equipment for this specialization; a  teacher in several universities; an author of several books about permanent makeup and Tricopigmentation that were translated into 5 languages. I  currently practice PMU in Casoli, Rome, Milan and Pescara; I  am the owner of the Tony Belfatto Academy and the co-founder of “ O r si n i & B el fatto”  — a  comp a ny t h at provides materials and un ique tech nologies that allow artists to achieve high levels of safety, effectiveness and professionalism. My motto is: don’t look for a way to happiness, instead just be happy and grateful for the way you are. I was fascinated by permanent makeup when I first discovered this new world; a lot of things I  learned by myself, improving my skills and techniques from day to day, trying new machines and new pigments. At the moment my favorite areas to work on are eyebrows; I  especially like these modern hyper-realistic techniques which allow you to achieve absolutely fantastic results. In my opinion, the company that provides the best qualit y equipment is Orsini & Belfatto; I  use products of this brand on a  daily basis. With regards to marketing solutions, I  believe that the quality of products and services is more important than any advertising campaign.

There are companies that provide ver y high quality materials, tools, pigments, for example Or si n i & B el fatto, N PM , M T. D er m — those companies can help artists achieve high levels of professionalism. Nowadays PMU is very popular ever y where, I  would say that Europe now is a  continent of PMU, the most professional and experienced artists from all over the world work and teach there. Permanent makeup is developing, therefore I  believe that certain things like the quality of tools, pigments, materials as well as procedures and trainings, are changing, and changing to the better. To achieve the best results, it is important not to only choose the right company which provides with the best quality products, but also to choose the right artist, an expert that can work with different equipment and various techniques. The most important things for PMU artists are technical skills, experience, communicative skills and highly developed artistic taste. There are two people who really inspire me, one of them is Carole Franck, — one of the first PMU artists in the world; the other one is Ennio Orsini, I respect and admire his artistic taste as well as his ability to apply marketing and advertising approaches to the world of PMU. I feel ver y comfortable working in the PMU industr y; there are a  lot of advantages of being a  man when most clients and competitors are women, for example female clients get both high quality procedures and male opinions about their new look. T here i s a  good ph ra se : “A m i nd i s l i ke a  parachute: it only works when open”. If you are open-minded, you can achieve great results. Curiosity as well as desire to experiment made me write manuals which, I hope, will help a lot of people to approach the world of beauty.

Thank you.



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