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Hello to all the readers of the PMU International magazine, my name is Moshe Alul. I’m a tattoo artist; I have been practicing tattooing for more than 30 years. I also have been doing permanent makeup, Hair Follicle Simulation, areola procedures and paramedical treatments for the past 12 years all over the world. I am the owner of NPM International and the head of the Research and Development department, as well as the master instructor at NPM International. I have invented the NPM roller that had a really big influence on the industry of Hair Follicle Simulation around the world. I was born in Israel; my working place is located in the suburbs of a beautiful city called Kiryat Motzkin. I have 2 academies in Israel: one is located in the North of the country, the other one is in the center of the country, in Rishon LeZion. Our school offers different types of master classes; they cover all the basics of permanent makeup, from colors and needles, to drawing sketches. As an artist as well as a trainer, I give master classes in many different countries of the world. My motto is: «Make a difference in people’s lives», that is my personal and professional goal; I try to be as good as I possibly can no matter what exactly I do. As a manufacturer of devices, pigments or needles, I always try to create and produce the best products in the industry. My career in permanent makeup started 10 years ago, when I decided to do something to help bald people (as I was getting bald myself). I wanted to find a solution to this problem, so one day I came up with an idea of creating an optical illusion of hair follicles on the scalp. From that point on, I have been dedicating my time and energy to micropigmentation and permanent makeup; I have created the NPM Roller, 10 NPM needles (designed for different facial parts) as well as various machines, so the clients get the desired result. There are three areas that I really like working on: hair follicle simulation, areola treatments and eye shadows. Working on these areas makes me really inspired and creative. The fact that we can add colors, create different effects as well as emphasize certain facial features reminds me of all those years of being a tattoo artist. I was making progress every day when customers would come to me with different requests that I did not expect, neither was I ready for them. I still

remember when one of my friends asked me what I thought of her eyebrows. Her next question changed my life drastically — she asked me if I could do her eyebrows. Here I am 12 years later, the owner of NPM International. If you ask me about brands I use on a daily basis, I guess the answer will be obvious — I believe in what I have created and brought into the market, so I use only NPM products and am absolutely sure that they are amongst the best products in the industry. Regarding marketing solutions that I find highly professional, I would have to say that NPM campaigns are really successful and effective; however, I also need to mention the ORSINI & BELFATTO GROUP as well as BIOTEK, and give them credit for their marketing, branding and advertising. If we speak about a city that could be called “the capital of PMU”, I would struggle to name one that really stands out — although it could be said about one country: Russia. There are some artists who I believe dictate trends: Viktoria Tomashivskaya, when it comes to Eye Shadows; Nataliya Yeremenko with her hyper realistic Eyebrows; really talented artists Sviatoslav Otchenash and Alexander Sivak; in other countries there are names like Toni Belfatto, Ennio Orsini, Tunde Mehn and Alan Spadone. I believe that the PMU industry will only be growing, there is a lot more to learn and even more people to teach. I have noticed that the level of artistry is increasing; there have been lots of breakthroughs in the industry and there will be even more to come. Talking about secrets of success… It is important to find your own way; I have found mine in my MAPS: Mechanics of the devices that the artist uses; Artist’s skills; Pigments of high quality; Structure of the needle. These factors are the most important for PMU artists. I have been doing PMU for many years and I must admit — I feel very comfortable work ing in this so - called female dominated industry; there are lots of talented male artists who have proved that men are actually doing really well here. I would like to thank the PMU International Magazine and their team for their great ideas; I wish them lots of success in this brilliant project. All the best to everyone, and good luck!



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