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Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen. When I was asked for this interview, I thought to myself: “This can’t be true. One of the most important Permanent Makeup magazines in the world is contacting me...” — you can understand why I was so surprised. But actually it was true... so here I am, telling you about my life. My name is Matteo Perazzi, I was born on September 14th, 1977 in a little town in the Central Italy, Rieti. Perhaps somebody among you is wondering how I got to permanent makeup. In this respect, I believe that the story of our life is always written by destiny. Until I was 30, I’d never thought of doing anything like this as I had attended technical school. I had been working as a  supervisor in Italian as well as international companies of electronics, then in 2005 a  stroke of lightning changed my life. I  was in Bologna at an international fair of Aesthetics. I  was lucky to meet interesting people such as Pablo (the Art Director of Gil Cagne), one of the most talented Italian makeup artists; later the same year I attended a course of makeup and eyebrow design. So I have worked in «Gil Cagne Pro makeup artist» team from 2006 to 2009 and took part in many important events. If you want to become a good permanent makeup artist, you should attend courses as it is impossible to get the best results without having basic knowledge of the color theory, morphology as well as facial geometry. In 2009 I attended my first training of permanent makeup at the International permanent makeup Biotek Academy in Milan. The teacher there was Cristiana Causo, one of the best international permanent makeup artists; we got married in 2014! Cristiana helped me to become a Biotek Master teacher after one year of academic training. Thanks to the Academy my skills were growing rapidly, I learned a lot about techniques and procedures, tools and materials as well as clients’ psychology. I know that lots of companies produce tools and pigments for dermopigmentation; personally I  trust Biotek’s products as I  have been using them for a long time. As an alternative to Biotek production there is the Orsini & Belfatto Company which offers two kinds of different devices, one for permanent makeup, the other one for Tricopigmentation. To learn about the Tricopigmentation, I attended a special course given by my friend and colleague Toni Belfatto. If we speak about safety of pigments for permanent makeup, then I would say that there are some brands that I trust and know very well, therefore use them all the time — I never had any problem with products of Biotek, Orsini & Belfatto, Nouveau Contour. I am convinced that a modern

permanent makeup artist should use all the good stuff that the market offers, and then, after having tried lots of different variants, you can select the ones which are the best in your opinion. My favorite areas to work with are eyebrows and lips: I believe that those facial parts are able to emphasize the character as well as beauty the most. The advice I would like to give you is «listen to your customers», listen to them carefully, and try to understand why they had decided to get permanent makeup applied. That will help you to choose the correct technique and the harmonious image in general. Unfortunately, a  lot of artists make money as their first priority without caring about new techniques, without developing their skills and increasing their level. That is why there are too many bad, unattractive results. I  have been practicing dermopigmentation for several years and I am sure that if you have a thirst for knowledge as well as determination to work hard, you can achieve very high levels of professionalism. To be a  man in the industry where women are the majority is not a  disadvantage. My experience led me to the conclusion that women tend to compete (being customers, artists or models) more often than men. Women don’t always listen to their customers as they are used to doing makeup in their own way, therefore it makes them feel that they know better; on the contrary, men generally tend to work in a more collaborative and communicative way. To achieve the best results in the world of dermopigmentation, you have to start with the basics: makeup and colorimetry courses after which you can start doing permanent makeup. It is very important to acquire and analyze all the given information, to avoid possible mistakes during procedures. I have made lots of mistakes, just like everybody else, and I know I will make some more in the future, it is inevitable; however, it is important to make sure that you learn from your mistakes, not repeat them again and again. This is my philosophy. I wish you all to be asked for interviews like this one, because that will mean you have reached something important and remarkable in your professional life. Thanks to everybody!



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