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My name is Alexander Sivak, I am the CEO (as well as the head of the training center) of the TAT PM Company. I am also a certified trainer of the NPM Company as well as the International League of professionals of permanent makeup, and an official distributor of NPM Russia. My work in the field of permanent makeup was the result of my passion for the art of tattooing. I did my first tattoo in 1997, and it was my hobby, nothing more than that, until 2000. In 2003 I started working on permanent makeup, which was very difficult at the beginning — I felt really uncomfortable performing procedures due to lack of knowledge, skills and experience. Teaching future permanent makeup artists today, I first of all share my experience in the hope to prevent them from making possible errors. In 2013 I decided to dedicate myself to PMU only; it gives me great satisfaction when I see happiness in the eyes of my clients, and I am also very proud of my students when they become successful. Today I am keen on working with eyebrows as in my opinion they create the character of the face. However, it doesn’t matter which area I am working on, the main thing for me is to emphasize natural beauty of my clients. My motto is the following: harmony will always be in fashion. It is very important for me to work with clients that share the same opinion as me; it helps me achieve the best results. When I talk to artists who are novice at permanent makeup, I quite often hear about their fear of working on particular areas such as eyes or lips, for example. I can say that all the facial areas are important; each of them has its own complex technical and medical aspects.

In my opinion, the most important thing for any artist is to understand the essence of the service as well as all the consequences. Everything else goes after — different techniques of permanent makeup application, artistic taste, experience, high quality equipment… All those things will be just a waste of time and money if you don’t get the main idea. I try to find inspiration by looking at other types of art; I believe that it allows me to be different from other artists. I have been interested in works of a Japanese artist called Toshiyuki Abe. His watercolor paintings are so delicate; they fascinate me with their subtle halftones. I also try to make my works look very natural; my aim is to emphasize my client’s character and individuality, to make the face look harmonious, to avoid the situation when one facial part is pronounced too much and therefore attracts too much attention. Women surprise me with their ability to endure anything for the sake of beauty — I really admire this quality, to be honest. Women are also really grateful and loyal clients, and I would like to say thanks to them. I believe that success only comes with selfimprovement and determination. You need to always be active and develop yourself. Remember that when you invest money in your education, it is the best investment.

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Two f u ndamenta l factor s of profe s siona l competence are hard work and the ability to take responsibilities. If we talk about manufacturing companies…Our market is saturated with advertising offers. We must learn to understand if this information is reliable. Creative marketing approaches should not be more important than quality and safety. Marketing is just a sales tool, it cannot replace the product. Naturally, marketing allows us to promote and develop ourselves, but it should always be followed by high quality products and services. PMU world is developing, new brands of pigments, equipment and materials appear pretty much every day, however, I strongly believe that future development is impossible without young, talented, creative and hardworking specialists. Future is theirs. PMUINTERNATIONAL.COM


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