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My name is Ennio Orsini; I’m an Italian PMU artist. I have been working in the field of PMU since 2000. I am the inventor of the Tricopigmentazione® as well as an innovative technique that helps artists create naturally looking eyebrows for men and women. I  am a  teacher, too. I  give individual and group micropigmentation training courses. I am the CEO in “OR SINI & BEL FAT TO”, a  company that sells products and equipment for micropigmentation. I  am also a  writer. My last book is called “Ultrarealistic Eyebrows”; it was translated into 5 languages. I  participate in different congresses and conferences, run master classes and workshops in many different countries. My studio is in Italy, in Abruzzo. I  have my own academy called Orsini & Belfatto that I  manage with my associate Tony Belfatto. If we talk about my motto, I wouldn’t say I have one — I just have my personal lifestyle. I always ask myself: “Why?” in both my personal and professional life. I  hope I  will always have enough strength to find the answers. My first experience as a makeup artist helped me a lot at the beginning of my career in permanent makeup. I  learned pretty much everything by myself, never attended any courses. It’s quite interesting that I studied engineering in college, although I  left after some time, fortunately and unfortunately. I am sure that mathematics, physics, IT and chemistry gave me important basic knowledge which helps me in my current occupation. Regarding my favorite facial areas to work on… I prefer applying permanent makeup of eyebrows, it gives me more satisfaction. If you asked me to give any recommendations to people who are novice at PMU, I would say the following: try to find a permanent makeup artist that you really like, and then contact this person. Also, it is very important to get a  permanent cosmetics artist license. Your first procedures will probably be performed at your home, after that you could work in a beauty salon, and then, when and if you are ready, you can set up your business. Today there are many brands of PMU on the market, however, I’ve worked with many types of equipment and products, but I wasn’t happy with any of them. Therefore I decided to set

up my own company, ORSINI & BELFATTO SRL . I use these products and equipment on a daily basis; I admit that I am not objective in this respect, but honestly, the brand “Orsini & Belfatto” meets all my requirements. The world of PMU is developing, some countries such as Brazil are starting to dictate fashion trends; I  think soon it will become a  reference point of the world. In the near future I  see pigments and equipment becoming more and more reliable that will help artists increase the level of their professionalism. However, I believe that after quite a long period of time PMU will be unnecessary; the newest achievements of medicine (e.g. stem cells) will replace it. Today it is not enough just to be experienced and talented, because the world is full of talented people. To become a  good permanent makeup artist and to be a  successful person, you need to be PERSEVER ANT; it means that you need to be unbelievably motivated. Sometimes it just happens, people might not have chosen it; quite often artists achieve great results because of some painful experience that seriously damaged their confidence or self-esteem; they are haunted by these memories, every day and during sleepless nights, and just to get rid of them, to redeem themselves, becoming really perseverant and incredibly motivated, people achieve amazing results. We take energy from the world and from the people around us. I was inspired by Tony Belfatto, who helped me in my personal growth. I  must mention Mario Gisbert, I admire his organizational skills. In the PMU industry there is a  person who I  really respect and thank as he was the breakpoint in my professional career — it is Massimo Froio. And Claudio Inove — I  must thank him for my reputation in Brazil. For me it is very easy and comfortable to work in the field of PMU being a man among women — I feel like there is less competition for me. I wish you to always be intrigued and never be afraid of the unknown. Visualize anything you want to get, and you will get it eventually; visualize the results of your work, and you will achieve them.



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