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The advantage of the NPM pigments in this situation is that they don’t make arrows thicker, neither they add density — they only smoothly change the color to a more aesthetic one, leaving a certain level of transparency. The application of pigments based on titanium dioxide, especially the white pigment, can create an effect of “putty”. The bright pigments of the NPM EYE SHADOW COLLECTION such as CREAM, for example, are an optimal combination of density and colors; usually applying these pigments is enough to cover the wrong colors, and in this case there is no “putty” effect.

FANTASTIC COLORS OF THE NPM EYE SHADOW COLLECTION ALLOW ARTISTS TO CREATE DIFFERENT VARIANTS AND COMBINATIONS OF AESTHETIC COLORS. THE PALETTE OF EYE SHADOW PIGMENTS CONSISTS OF VERSATILE SHADES. Another advantage of these pigments is the fact that the NPM EYE SHADOW pigments are grouped in sets that are based on fundamental visage principles when light colors are used for shading. The palette of each set is created taking into account the basic rules of makeup and depends on the eye color; it makes the process of color selection much easier. However, this is only the beginning as the selection of pigments does not just depend on the eye color, but also on the skin color, the hair color as well as the condition of the skin. It is better to emphasize the color of eyes with the shade that is located on the opposite side of the color wheel — for example, green eyes can be emphasized with purple eye shadows. The NPM EYE SHADOW pigments can be easily mixed together that allows artists to create new interesting shades of colors. Knowing the basic rules of color selection, it is possible to make the shading process very easy and effective. Also, the NPM EYE SHA DOW pigments can be perfectly combined with the NPM EYE LINER AND EFFECTS pigments; it gives the opportunity to create more expressive transitions from saturated bright shades to completely transparent ones.

I CALLED THE TECHNIQUE OF WORKING WITH SUCH PIGMENTS “THE PASTEL TECHNIQUE”. The pastel technique helps artists create and show the whole complex range of transparent color transitions. This technique combines lines and colors; it can be used for drawing as well as shading. It is possible to create really saturated as well as pale



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