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— Is PMU the only thing you do? — Yes, that’s all I do, I’m focused on that.

the permits are there. You are visited by the health inspector, the fire department and police — everyone is involved. Normally we have annual inspections.

— What would be your advice regarding aftercare? — I use a proprietary wet heal, so I would recommend this to others, too.. — Do you like to teach? — I like to teach people who already have some experience. I like to share my experience, knowledge and skills with other students, and I would like people to share their experience with me. — How did you first get on microblading? — They only briefly explained what it was during our training at «BioTouch», so I just started figuring it out on my own. It was 7 years ago when NOBODY was doing it — that is just so crazy to me. — Is there any particular artist that you aspire to? — In permanent makeup or body tattooing? — Either. — I’ve been a huge fan of Kat von D forever. I have always really looked up to her and loved her artistic ability. I think I follow a lot of people that I look up to. I love people from Canada like Tina Davies; I’m also keen on Mary Ritcherson’s work. There are numerous people from Russia that I’m getting exposed to, who I’m really interested in. I think that there’s a lot of talent there. They have their heads wrapped around the art, they are doing totally realistic work and that’s what I love. I am obsessed with hyper-realism tattooing.

— If you could learn something better or be more efficient in something, what would it be? — Lips. Just recently I went to L A to see Anna Savina because I  was really interested in learning her lip style; I would like to get better results then I originally did. — How long does it take to do lips and what type of needles do you prefer? — It usually takes me about one hour. With regards to needles, I use a one point needle for lips. — You work really quickly. — Yes. It comes from my background in makeup and television. Someone would come and sit in my chair — “Ok, this person needs to be camera ready in three minutes”. So you had to be the best you could possibly be, in the least amount of time. I think I just started getting this skill set of working efficiently. Overworking the skin can be damaging both physically and mentally for the client so I try to make it as short and pleasant as possible. — That’s really good. How do you like this course? Do you like the concept? — It’s tricky trying to have a holiday and educate at the same time; I think a hotel venue may be a better option than a cruise. — What’s your background?

— Tell us please a bit about the agreements that your clients sign. Did you have a lawyer write them up? Did you write them up yourself?

— I’m Ukrainian and Polish. My education background is in business marketing, makeup artistry and tattooing.

— The woman who I trained with had her lawyer write them up and then I’ve revised them, but they are originally based on lawyer’s documents.

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— Do you call your clients? Do you have a follow-up call? — No, normally they make a follow-up appointment. I don’t usually call them, they just come back to me. — What rules do you have to follow in your country? — It’s the Alberta Health Services. When you first get started they’re on top of you making sure all



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