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— How much time do you actually spend working in your salon with all those master classes and other business? — I think I work about 2-3 weeks a month in my salon, but not only doing treatments, as there is a lot of administrative work and management as well. However, sometimes it might be 1 week, it really depends on my situation. — Which PMU artist in this industry inspires you? — I would say it is definitely Slava (Sviatoslav Otchenash). I was actually a huge fan of his; I absolutely love and admire his work. I try to message him, to share experience, we have basically become colleagues now. — What pigments and equipment do you use in your work? — Now I use Purebeau and PrincessBrows pigments from the USA. However, in Europe they only allow you to use E.U. approved pigments, therefore I have to use another brand in Europe — and it is Purebeau.

— What is better, in your opinion: microblading or a diamond blade? What is your preference? — These are completely different things. I don’t think I can compare those techniques. Diamond blades are finer; they have some gaps in between. However, it is less traumatic to perform permanent makeup with microblading. — What is the main goal of your ambitions and dreams? — My dream is to get retired very soon (laughs). My ambitions… to make PrincessBrows worldwide maybe. There are a lot of prep schools in the industry, they are claiming to give a lot of different certificates, giving different trainings — but they are not really qualified for intermediate and advanced trainers. Countries like Australia, New Zealand, America. — How do you manage to stay in such a good shape? Do you have any secrets? — I do exercises and try not to go to bed too late; I also have some spa procedures when possible. PMUINTERNATIONAL.COM


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