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— Where did you learn microblading? — I started to learn how to do microblading in Hong Kong, with an experienced artist, and even though it was a personal training, I wasn’t satisfied with the quality. So I went to Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai and others. After that I visited Taiwan and Korea; my last training was in Los Angeles. So this is my training history. — Can you recommend any schools or master classes? — Personally I like «Long-Time-Liner». They have different levels and I like their teaching methods. To be honest with you, there actually are a lot of artists I really like and respect: Mary Ritcherson, Sviatoslav Otchenash, Tina Davies, Alina Soloveva. — W hat are the specifics of the manual lip technique that you’re practicing? Did you develop it yourself? — It is not actually a  new technique; I  know that many artists have been doing it for some time. There are not many high-level professionals that can perform this technique; it is mostly used by beginners, but they can’t make it look artistic. That is why there aren’t many people who know that this technique exists. I learned it about 4 or 5 years ago; I like using this technique because it makes lips look more natural, creates more even outline. You can really see lips taking color right after the procedure, and with the machines sometimes you can’t tell if that happens, unfortunately, due to lack of experience. But of course I use both methods as each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages. I just had training with two beginner groups and they loved the result a  lot, because it is very precise and you don’t have to learn how to control a machine as in this case you only need to control your hand. — What is the «hairline tattooing technique» that you use? Could you please tell us more about it? — Hairline tattooing is similar to microblading of eyebrows, however, the blade is bigger — I mean that it is wider and longer than usual blades. I am really satisfied with this technique, so are my customers. I  can tell you for sure that the colors really stay for a  long time if I  use black pigments; however, since most of my clients are Asian, I  haven’t got any experience with blonde hair yet. — Why did you choose microblading among other techniques? W hat advantages of this method do you like most?

— First of all, I like the fact that this way everything is controlled by hand, and it is more like art or craft. Secondly, I prefer microblading because it is cheaper than other techniques. I also believe that the result is much finer with microblading than with the machine method. Sometimes I try other techniques, but in the end the final result is pretty much the same, however, they are more expensive. — W hat do you think of the Color Theory? W hat is your method of choosing colors for different skin tones? — My method is actually based mostly on my experience and my errors. There are a  couple of brands that I choose all the time as I just know the result, because I  tested these products on my own body. It lasts for a long time and in 2 years you can see the results on clients as well. — C a n y ou tel l u s mor e a b out y ou r «PrincessBrows» brand? How did you came up with the idea and what do you produce under this brand? — One day I  just woke up and thought that this actually suits me perfectly. I have my salon and now I  also have the “PrincessBrows training academy”. Before I  opened the salon I  worked by myself; after a  trip to Los Angeles 2 years ago I  understood that I  was actually ver y good at permanent makeup, because people in America are at least 10 years behind my technique. So I was showing my technique to some students, and they were really amazed. Two years ago microblading wasn’t that well-known, so that is why I  started to develop skills and resources. Under this brand we produce certified microblades. Since most blades of this type are made in China, I decided to make my own blades in Korea so we would have everything approved. That way it is much safer because Chinese blades are very unpredictable and Korea has much better quality control. We have new needles coming out for lips and a  manual eyeliner technique. They are screw-ended with lock-in system (clip ending); it’s like a disposable hand pen with a changeable needle. These needles are coming out later this year. Also we have a  machine from Germany; we work together with the «Purebeau» company in crossover with the PrincessBrows name, so we have a  special design which suits my personal style.



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