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Permanent makeup is a form of art for me. My trainings are improving my skills from day to day; they give me enthusiasm and new ideas that I put into practice. After my basic training 2 years ago, I have attended master classes held by famous artists, and participated in 4 conferences. During the UK championship I was a bit nervous before our category had started, but then relaxed and concentrated on my work. It was not difficult for me as I  as surrounded with my friends. I was happy to meet my colleagues all over the world and watch others to perform eyebrows. I think that Championship and Conference are very important for our industry development and they should be held every year.

AGNIESZKA SOBIERAJSKA SENIOR CATEGORY – 2 PLACE I am a permanent makeup artist living and work ing in Stamford , U K ; I am r unning a boutique Nail & Permanent Makeup Salon. In 2012 I attended a Swiss Color basic training cou rse , si nce then I have completed a number of master classes. 80% of my treatments are eyebrows. Championships were a great opportunity to meet with my colleagues, exchange views, and learn something new from the industry leaders. The hardest thing was to keep my hands still when being watched by judges and other colleagues. The list of artists I admire in PMU is huge; there are lots of talented people I get inspiration from.

TATJANA ANTONOVA SENIOR CATEGORY – 3 PLACE In 2012 I started look ing for Semi Permanent Make Up courses as I was dreaming of becoming an artist. I then set up my own business MARUSSIA BE AU T Y & PE R M A N E N T M A K EUP. I absolutely love my job; nothing else can be better than your client’s happy smile. It wasn’t an easy decision to attend the 1st international PMU Championship in the UK as there are so many talented artists, but I’m so happy I did it! To be honest, it was rather hard – so much stress… But you have to always believe in yourself. If you want to be successful, you need to be prepared to work really hard, but the result is worth it.

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