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The Wolf Pack Your Monthly Newsletter from the Alaska National Guard Recruit Sustainment Program

Next Drill - 07-09 June Warriors WILL arrive 15 minutes prior to report time! If this is your first weekend drill or you missed last scheduled drill, you must contact your Recruiter or the RSP staff at 428-7303/7302/7301/7369

Remember to STAY SAFE! Anyone injured during training must report it immediately to the RSP staff. If you report to the RSP with an illness or injury, you must provide documentation from your health care provider to the Drill Sergeant.

In case of emergency… If an emergency comes up during drill weekend, the following emergency contact number may be used to contact SFC Baker: (907) 428-7303. If an NCO from RSP cannot be reached, LEAVE A VOICEMAIL with your contact information and a brief explanation of the emergency.

Change of address or phone number? Change of address or phone number must be reported to the RSP staff immediately.

Be sure to mark all these Upcoming drill weekend dates on your calendar:  No Drill July  2-4 August 2013  28-29 September 2013

Commanders Welcome Letter Good afternoon RSP Soldiers! Thank you for your participation in the After Action Review (AAR) during May’s IDT, your honest feedback assists us with improving our program and ensures we provide the most effective training possible. Each month we will continue instruction and indoctrination into the Army culture to include: standards for appearance, military bearing, Armyspecific terminology, drill and ceremony (D&C), physical fitness and rank structure. Upon your arrival for training in May, expect the Cadre to enforce the standards that will be expected of you upon your arrival at Basic Combat Training (BCT) and throughout your military career. If you have questions about specific requirements for hair, facial hair, jewelry, nail length etc., do not hesitate to contact your Recruiter or RSP NCOIC, SFC Baker at (907) 428-7303 prior to drill. I am very proud of your commitment and dedication to this program and I encourage you to challenge yourselves every drill; when you’re ready to give up, dig down a little further than you did the month before, I guarantee you will discover a surprising reserve of strength and endurance. ARMY STRONG! “Challenges are gifts that force us to search for a new center of gravity. Don't fight them. Just find a different way to stand.” - Oprah Winfrey

Stripes For Skills RSP APFT STANDARDS To fulfill Stripes for Skills Requirements

Ages 17-21 Females:


19 push ups (2 min) 53 sit ups (2 min) 18:54- (2 Miles)

42 push ups (2 min) 53 sit ups (2 min) 15:54 Run Time

Ages 22-26 Are you an E-1? Want to be PROMOTED? You can get promoted to E-2 just by knowing General military knowledge. The Stripes for Skills

Females: 17 push ups (2 min) 50 sit ups (2 min) 19:36- (2 Miles)

Test can be taken in the comfort of your own home.

Ages 27-31

Go to the below site and login with your AKO username and password. Once into the STRM portal click on the link that says RFP Stripes for Skills. Complete all required fields and print off

Males: 40 push ups (2 min) 50 sit ups (2 min) 16:36- (2 Miles)



17 push ups (2 min) 45sit ups (2 min) 20:30- (2 Miles)


39 push ups (2 min) 45 sit ups (2 min) 17:00- (2 Miles)

PT Assessments:

Bring in the certificate and take and pass an APFT

Males (17—35)

test and you will be an E-2!

Push ups—13 Sit Ups—17


1 Mile Run—8:30


Females (17—35)


Push ups—3 Sit Ups—17

1 Mile Run—10:30

All new enlistments are required to take the PT Assessment prior to shipment. Please work on failing areas

Upcoming Shipper Notice *********Shippers Remember ********* 1. Have at least $50 cash, an ATM and/or Debit Card in possession prior to departure for MEPS. 2. Take sufficient clothing and toiletries for several days. 3. USO, Travelers Aid, military travel representatives, and the American Red Cross are available at many airports and train stations to assist Soldiers with valid problems and emergencies. 4. Keep records in hand or in immediate possession at all times. A loss will result in a delay in entering any phase of IADT and the processing of pay actions. 5. Carry a copy of your orders in your wallet in case records are lost or stolen. Ensure you have the name of your unit commander or RSP staff, unit phone number, and the name of the ARNG LNO at the training center. Soldiers must know the name of their unit, unit commander, First Sergeant, and their Recruiter. 6. Carry your original Social Security Card (SSN) at the time of departure. During the ship Pre-Enlistment Interview (PEI) MEPCOM will check the SSN card or printout from SSA. Soldiers will not be allowed to ship without the SSN card or printout from SSA. Prior Service and Days of Service (DOS) processors will be allowed to ship with a DD Fm 214 or NGB Fm 22 in lieu of the SSN card.

Upcoming Shippers:            

Phillips, James—June 3 Pheth, Sorady—July 2 Dekalb, Connor—June 19 Cox, Mathew—June 11 Williams, Micheal—June 17 Hunter, Austin—June 17 Elroy, Timothy—June 24 Brower, Mark—July 22 Salevi, Vaa—June 17 Moseley, Sheldon—July 8 Koch, Kristen—June 20 Armstrong, Jessica—June 25

                          

Ortiz, Leo—June 19 Patnode, Ryann—July 15 Zach, Hunter—June 12 Milliron, Kody—July 15 Albertson, Justus—June 25 Higgins, Joseph—June 3 Campbell, Christopher—June 3 Matlock, Samuel—June 18 Kersbergen, Kalani—June 11 Lemieux, Jolene—June 3 Gilroy, Cody—June 6 Monteith, Nathaniel—June 3 Hite, Dylan—June 3 Connally, Cameron—July 29 Keys, Carson—June 11 Tibbetts, Troy—July 22 Depue, Anthony—June 20 Ofiu, Siolui—June 18 Tuikolongahau, Asipeli—June 3 Reeves, Shayla—June 17 Lapiz, Anthony—June 5 Vencill, Samuel—July 29 Kalilikane, Christopher—June 19 Shackelford, Taylor—June 19 Imhof, Sean—July 8 Holmes, Robert—July 8 Candelaria, Micole—July 16

PHASE II SHIPPERS NOTICE: If you are a soldier awaiting phase II training, and you did not do a layout during May drill, you will need to bring in ALL of your issued clothing from basic training for JUNE 07-09 Drill!!!

Common Drill Questions Soldiers Marching In Formation

2 or less

2 or more

3 or 4 or 6 or more more more

























Soldiers In Formation

What To Bring For Drill 

ID Card

Study Material

Personal Hygiene Items (toothbrush, body/hair soap, towel)

Correct Uniforms

2 Sets of PT’s

Running Shoes


Classroom Time

Exemplary Soldiers Recent Promotions__ 

Dekalb, Conner—PFC

Gilroy, Cody—PFC

Hutchins, Zachary—PFC

Smith, Stacia—PFC

Hite, Dylan—PV2

Hoff, Hanah—PV2

Military Trivia What was the original name for Alaska National Guard when it was started in 1942? The standard for the Army in 2013 is that you must ship to basic before your 35th birthday. In 1945 what was the age limit for a soldier to join?

Rsp newsletter may 21  
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