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The letter was typed and contains several instances of white out. Carl probably typed the letter himself. If Carl was really serious about suing me, I would have received a letter from an attorney. Judging from the lack of any reference to Psychic Warfare, Kirlian photography, psychotronics etc. in the media, Mankind Research Unlimited did not come up with anything significant. MRU was a product of Cold War paranoia, and wasted millions of taxpayer dollars, because of Russia's alleged lead in the field of Psychic Warfare. This "gap" was KGB disinformation. Russia never had a psychic secret weapon. The Soviet Union collapsed. Books like "Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain" were probably an unwitting part of a KGB Operation to get the United States to waste it's resources investigating phenomenon that just don't exist. Psychic phenomenon and religious phenomenon share one thing in common - a lack of evidence to substantiate their existence.

Carl is bluffing and does not have the resources to sue me since no of his research ever panned out. If you want to sue me you can contact my attorney, Jerimiah Guttmann at 275 7th Avenue #1776, New York City, but don't zap him with any psychic energy. How come Carl did not sue when the same info was published in Covert Action Bulletin? Carl is wasting his time sending me letters. I will never take this information down. If Carl wants to sue me, it is fine with me, and we will finally get to the bottom of Mankind Research through interrogatories and depositions of the key figures involved, assuming they are still alive. It is APRIL 25, 1999 and I have still not heard from Uncle Carl's lawyers. It looks like they decided not to sue me. What bad luck! It is May 25 2008. The reason I called Cark "Uncle" was because of his close relationship with Uncle Sam. Dr Strangelove, I mean Dr. Schleicher had his good side so all is forgiven in death and may he rest in peace.

The Washington Times 12-07-1999 CARL SCHLEICHER, 66, FOUNDATION PRESIDENT Carl Schleicher, 66, founder and president of Mankind Research Foundation, died Nov. 25 at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring. A scholar, researcher and scientist, he worked to extend "frontiers of science" to mankind, his family said. Under his leadership, the Silver Spring-based Mankind Research Foundation was awarded grants for educational and medical programs. His company worked with the government to research and develop treatments for cancer and AIDS. One of his most recent and successful projects was the development of new uses for ultraviolet blood irradiation to treat viral and bacterial infections. Mr. Schleicher was the author of many scientific papers and was a professor at American University and the University of Maryland. He served as an intelligence officer for 10 years in the Navy, attaining the rank of lieutenant commander. He was assigned to posts in Germany and Turkey. Born in Reading, Pa., he attended Booton High School in New Jersey, graduating in 1951. He then attended Drexel University and was a member of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. He transferred in 1952 to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis and graduated with honors in 1956 with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. He was awarded a Rotary Foundation Fellowship and studied at the University of Cologne in Germany, where he received a master's degree in political economics in 1962. He later earned a doctorate degree. He spoke six languages and served as an interpreter for President Eisenhower and Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. After leaving from the Navy, he returned to the United States in 1966 and moved to Silver Spring, where he lived until his death. He is survived by his mother, Mary Schleicher, and a sister, Cheryl Ann Schleicher, both of Booton, N.J.; and a brother, John E. Schleicher Sr. of Denville, N.J. Services have been held




MANKIND RESEARCH UNLIMITED: THE CIA'S PSYCHIC WARFARE RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT PROPRIETARY In the 1970's the U.S. Navy and the Central Intelligence Agency spent millions of dollars to finance an obscure District of Columbia corporation called Mankind Research Unlimited, Inc. (MRU). The personnel of this bizarre company and its affiliates and subsidiaries include some of the most frightening scientists the government had at its disposal. Its goal, despite the jargon of its brochures, was the military application of psychic phenomenon.

I first learned of MRU in 1972 from a young friend, Ronnie Sunshine, who knew Dr. Stanley Krippner, then Chief Researcher at the "Dream Laboratory" of Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn, and Vice-President of the Soviet-American Association for Psychotronic Research. Dr. Krippner told my friend that he had returned from the Soviet Union with a schematic drawing for a " Kirlian Device" given to him by a colleague there. A "Kirlian Device" reportedly photographed electrochemiluminescence, an as yet undefined energy field which allegedly surrounds living matter and is sometimes referred to as the "human aura." Ronnie Sunshine took the above picture of his penis with a Kirlian device, despite the fact that mild electric shock was involved. He made a great sacrifice for science. According to Krippner, "The U.S. government had information on Kirlian, photo-graphy in 1959, but released it only to Rand, the Air Force, etc. It wasn't until I went to the USSR and brought back the blueprints personally that this in-formation was made available to the general public." Krippner gave a copy of the schematic to my friend Ronnie Sunshine who then assembled such a camera and began some experi-ments with it. Shortly thereafter, he stopped by my office to tell me that he had been contacted by some very strange dudes: "They are either Martians or CIA agents. They call themselves Mankind Research, Unlimited. Whoever they are they want my schematic and they want it bad." The minute I heard the Russians were involved I told Sunshine, "It's the fucking Agency and we're going to do a number on them."

The man who wanted the schematic was Paul Sauvin, who, we later learned, was MRU's expert "specializing in the detection and analysis of life energy emissions," in the words of MRU's brochure. Sauvin was an electromechanical engineer and inventor who had worked in the aerospace industry for thirteen years before moving to the National Institute for Rehabilitation and Engineering at St. Joseph's Hospital, Patterson, New Jersey. According to the MRU materials his research dealt with thought-

controlled devices and psychokinetic switches. Roninie Sunshine told this researcher that some of Sauvin's switches were allegedly activated when Sauvin had an orgasm. Although the MRU bro-chure indicates that this research was directed toward the development of prosthetic devices for the severely disabled, the military's interest in a trigger which could be actuated by thinking the command to fire was obvious. Ronnie Sunshine met with Sauvin, indicated his interest, and hinted at his willingness to part with the Kirlian sche-matic, but asked if he could visit MRU's headquarters in Washington. Sauvin agreed, and in early 1973 Yippie Sunshine drove to Washington and went there late in the afternoon to see MRU Director Carl Schliecher. Without much difficulty my agent succeeded in talking Schlicher into letting him crash at the MRU offices, during which he "inspected" the available files and stole a number of documents, all of which he subsequently sold me in return for a video camera given to me by Tom Forcade. MANKIND RESEARCH UNLIMITED I. PHILOSOPHY AND PURPOSE Introduction Mankind Research Unlimited, Inc. was organized to collect, study, develop and apply extensive and proliferating data on what may be called the "frontiers of science". This data has come into being as a result of the cross-fertiliza-tion of various scientific fields which long had little or no direct contact with one another, and the re-examination of research areas which were previously ignored by academe as heterodox.- This orthodoxy of thought was also shared by many applied scientists in both industry and the government. Consequently, the probability of achieving technological and scientific breakthroughs by the use of innovative ideas and concepts, however imaginative or esoteric they might be, has gradually diminished to the point where, in certain critical areas, the United States is falling behind existing technological state of the art in other countries of the world, notably those in Eastern and Western Europe. Mankind Research Unlimited hopes to reverse this trend and serve both as a catalyst for and originator of new and creative ideas to stimulate research and technology applications in areas beneficial to mankind.

Based on our experience in systems concept development and technological forecasting, we feel this objective can be optimally attained through application of system engineering principles to direct, coordinate, and govern the activities and creative efforts of our multi-disciplinary team of scientists and experimenters.

Evolutionary Trends in Science During recent years a number of discernible trends in research have been noted which point to a second Copernican era in science. While the first era, sparked by the illustrious Polish astronomer, radically altered man's cherished conceptions about the universe, the second gives promise of revising man's concepts about his own nature and relationship to the universe around him. On what may be called the "frontiers of scientific investigation", new discover-ies are being made which increasingly confirm that man not only is a product of his own environment, both in the earthly and cosmic sense, but that the biological effects of this environment can be modified by the action of energies, or force-fields, either to enhance or threaten his well-being. The principles which have evolved from Planck's Quantum Theory and Einstein's Theory of Relativity are leading man to realize that the material universe is a uniform and interrelated whole, and helping man from within to understand the purposeful organization of living structures and the relationships between mind and matter. The astrophysicist Dr. Gustav Stromberg, in his well- considered book, The Soul of The Universe, concludes that the individual memory is probably indestructible and that the essence of all living elements is probably immortal, thus tending to confirm the existence of a World Soul or God. The sciences of physics on the one hand, and of biology and medicine on the other, after long and artificial separation, are now beginning to come into close and fruitful interaction. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the somewhat belated recognition that everything in nature possesses electrical characteristics, and that nature has provided a delicately balanced outdoor spectrum of electromagnetic energy for man's well-being which unfortunately is not being duplicated indoors.3 Belated, too, has been the realization that living organisms, man included, are as influenced by the actions of energies or force-fields as are objects in the inanimate world. The barrier between living and nonliving matter, so long a mystery and heretofore impenetrable, is increasingly seen to be an artificial construct of the other. Unknown Energies Postulated It has been postulated for some time that various energies may not necessarily be associated or correlated with those on the conventional electromagnetic spectrum. A decade ago, a farseeing editor wrote: "The possibility that there are one or more biological force-field potentials constitutes the greatest challenge before the world today. Consider that-the existence of an electro-dynamic or psychodynamic field were established with certainty, and that the laws of its universal and its localized operations were described and used, as are the universals of particles and atoms, of planets and solar systems, this would mean that man could come to have the same tranquil

confidence in life as a continuum and himself as a localization therein as does the astronaut in the fields which constitute his special certainty. In addition to the relatively new concept of biological force-fields, reference has also been made to the existence of various undefined forces in nature which penetrate and permeate conductors as well as dielectrics, do not attenuate according to known formulas, cannot be measured by conventional electronic test equipment and may even have a spectrum of their own. The Human Mind as an Energy Generator The suspected existence of a biological or psychodynamic field, as alluded to above, is another possibility which is rapidly converting itself into a dis-tinct probability, if not a fact of hard science. The actions of the human mind -- it must be stressed, are not synonymous with the brain -- have been taken under study by pioneer researchers, some medically trained, who are revealing human potentials which only a few years ago were unknown and unsus-pected. Mankind Research Unlimited is fortunate to have several of these pioneer researchers associated with our programs. These studies imply that the human mind has and can develop greater than normal access to information by extending and enhancing the sensory abilities. Through the development of these sensory abilities, however latent they may be, beyond those of the five recognized senses, may thusly permit man to tran-scend, or pass beyond the limits which contemporary science accepts as confining. The Mind-Body Link in Health By means of these extended sensory perceptive abilities, man is able positively to affect his bodily (somatic) actions in the same manner in which the early pioneers in psychosomatic medicine believed that certain psychological states could have a deleterious effect on the body's functioning and status. Not only have these positive effects of higher sensory perception begun to be dramatically recorded, but the possibility of their being taught, and con-stantly improved through autogenic feedback mechanisms, is on the threshold of becoming a reality. The control of autonomic functions, or those of the involuntary nervous system, have been well-documented -- a development which places in some jeopardy the use of the term ''involuntary''.

Ignored Historical Evidence Now Being Justified Although research scientists far ahead of their time have compiled significant data about many of these phenomena for decades, their results were often ignored or, worse, maligned by their more conservative and orthodox colleagues. One of the important reasons for this stage of affairs was the physicists' and biologists' mutual incomprehension of developments in one another's fields. Applications requiring such understanding, and research which made trenchant use of insights from both disciplines, were oftentimes overlooked or derided. The gap between what has been considered metaphysical and what is accepted as physical is seemingly beginning to close. More than twenty years ago a remarkable book conjoining physical and psychic data was published, but few of the world's scientists paid it any attention. Out of print today, this book is now coming into repute and there are increasing demands for its repub-lication. Particle and plasma physicists, who are breaking up the smallest units of matter into their even smaller constituents, are coming to recognize that energy fields may be the progenitors of all that exists in the physical world. The concepts of anti-matter and antigravity pose deep philosophical questions as to the nature and reality of matter. Complementing the revolutionary advances and new points of view in physics, are advances and speculations in the study of the human mind. An early pioneer published his subjective experiences in altered states of consciousness while under LSD. To this has been added the brilliant work of a Czechoslovak psychiatrist on the effects of LSD on the mind -- not the least practical and humanitarian of which is to relieve dying patients from their fear of the beyond. Other intrepid researchers of the mind, using subjectively and objective approaches are opening new vistas in the dark forest of the human psyche. The power of psychically-gifted individuals such as the redoubtable Edgar Cayce -- who in deep trance diagnosed the ills of, and prescribed remedies for, thousands of hapless patients -- were long the object of distrust and scorn on the part of official medicine. Recently they have begun to receive serious medical scrutiny. Trails in research, bringing together new and startling data from physics, biology, psychiatry, religion, etc., continue to be blazed. One milestone was reached when the newly-formed Academy of Parapsychology and Medicine held its first symposium in 1971 to evaluate paranormal and unorthodox healing and seek breakthroughs which might be applied to the understanding and treatment of illness. These means would

include hypnotherapy, magnetic healing, acu-puncture, radionics or radiesthesia, and psycho-physical control of internal states. The Scientific Revolution in the USSR and Eastern Europe Data forthcoming from research based on new attitudes toward, and concepts for developing, human potentials does not always initially surface in well- recognized scientific journals. Nor is it exclusively the product of "Western" science. The Soviet Union, as well as certain countries in the Eastern European bloc, have been active and productive in nearly all of the above-mentioned research directions. In both connections, we may cite, for instance, the papers published by a new British journal on a symposium on "Psychotronics" held in Prague,Czechoslovakia, in the fall of 1970.23 Psychotronics is the Czechoslovak term for what in the United States is called parapsychology, a discipline recently given official acceptance by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. In the USSR the prefered term is biocommunications. As far back as the 1920s Leonid Vasiliev, a student of the famous Vladimir Bekhterev, founder of the Moscow Institute for the Study of the Brain and Nervous Activity, had termed what westerners call "telepathy", big-radio communication. Later, the incor-poration of the word "biological" into the nomenclature for various ESP phenomena became standard in the USSR. Milan Ryzl, a scientist who emigrated from Czechoslovakia to the United States, has defined biocommunications as a new branch of science concerned with the human capability of obtaining and interpreting information from other than the recognized "normal" senses. This science, in-Soviet usage, has two subdivisions: bioinformation and bioenergetics. The first deals with the means of obtaining information through the senses, and the second deals with the energetic effects produced by humans on other matter. That the Soviets had been actively pursuing research in biocommunications (parapsychology) was given wide publicity with the appearance in the summer of 1970 of a popular book containing over 400 references citing work and specific experiments conducted in this area by Soviet and other East European scientists. It reveals that the USSR has more than twenty centers for the study of biocommunications and related phenomena, with an annual budget estimated to be over 12 million rubles ($13 million) for 1967 and as high as 821 million for 1970 III. LABORATORY AND RESEARCH FACILITIES Mankind Research Unlimited currently has available laboratory and research facilities in various parts of the country which are used to perform experi-mental studies and research based on data in the MRU data bank, and for the conduct of special research and applied engineering services as may be designated by the customer

Location Specialty Albuquerque, N. Mex. Bioluminescence, Psychophysics, Bionics Bethesda, Md. Sensor Technology and Signal Processing Boston, Mass. Biophysics, Plasma Physics, Magnetohydrodynamics Los Angeles, Calif. Bioluminescence, Psychophysics Miami, Florida Physiological, Biological Effects of Magnetic Fields, Acupuncture Montclair, N. J. Psychiatric Research, Bio-Feedback, BEG Analysis Mountain View, Advanced Sensor Technology, Cybernetics, Los Altos, Calif. Psycho-Acoustics, Cytology Paterson, N. J. Bioluminescence; Prosthetic, Therapy, and Diagnostic Techniques; Radionics State College, Pa. Biophysics, Biocybernetics, Bionics Washington, D. C. Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Physico-Chemistry Washington, D. C. Behavioral Sciences, Psycho-Technology Research, Biocybernetics Washington, D. C. Acoustic Technology, Psycho-Acoustics Research IIV. COMPANY CAPABILITIES Mankind Research Unlimited, Inc. has unique capabilities for collecting, analyzing and evaluating scientific and technological data (both US and foreign) to assist customers in determining the impact of biosensory, biocommunication, and behavioral science applications in their area of control, interest or responsibility.

In addition MRU has and is acquiring on a daily basis a large amount of unique biocybernetics data from the USSR and Eastern Europe, which is other-wise unavailable in the United States. MRU will make this unique data avail-able for analysis and evaluation for customers with an interest in Soviet and Eastern European biocybernetics and human engineering state-of-the-art applications. Supplementing this

data will be information collected from sources in Western Europe including leading research centers located in France, Germany, Switzerland, and England. Areas where MRU is exceptionally well qualified to study or conduct experiments are: Validation of current scientific progress, and trends in various foreign countries and identification of research capabilities of foreign laboratories and experimenters. Determination of technological state-of-the-art develop-ments and implications. Preparation of technological forecasts and assessments. Definition of systems which improve man's relationship to his environment Determination of potentially beneficial health programs and innovative medical research which highlights causal or preventive factors in human illness and disease. Determination and identification of specific user require-ments with respect to new technologies and concepts in the health, education, and welfare areas. Development of programs for further investigation based on the particular users' requirements where an advanced tech-nology approach involving a multi-disciplinary effort is involved. To be able to offer such a broad spectrum of research and analysis capability to its customers, MRU has brought together many leading scientists and experi-menters in the multi-disciplinary field of biocommunications which includes the sciences of bionics, biophysics, psychophysics, psychology, physiology neuropsychiatry, cybernetics and systems engineering. This team is available to conduct research and analyses based on the unique data available at MRU and/or that which may be made available- by the customer. Representative problem areas that could be studied and are fully within the capability of MRU include: Man-machine cybernetic interactions Special sensory biophysical activities Bioluminescent and bioenergetic emissions Improvement of human performance via biofeedback techniques Effects of altered states of consciousness on the human psyche

Innovative therapy/prosthetic/diagnostic techniques Environmental effects upon biological (human or non--human) systems. Infrasonic and ultrasonic effects upon biological systems Geopathogenic factors which induce illness Brain and mind control. Telepathic communications or bioinformation transceiving Special anesthetic techniques such as electronic anesthetic -systems and acupuncture Development of predictive and protective measures against natural disasters, specifically earthquakes, tornados, and hurricanes. Chromotherapy or music-color therapy as remedial agents to improve mental health Healthful adjustment in ecology balance through aeroionization control devices. Enhancement of the ability of the five senses to receive and transfer information. The above list is not meant to be all-inclusive but is presented to give some indication of the scope of MRU's capability V. BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES MRU is pleased to be able to offer some of the leading scientists in the fields of biocybernetics, biophysics, bionics, biocommunications, psychophysics, psychology, neuropsychiatry, health and welfare research, human systems engineering, and related scientific disciplines. Nearly all of the MRU professional staff possesses either advanced graduate degrees or doctorate degrees. The individuals whose biographical sketches follow were selected in order to show a broad base of complementary expertise and linguistic ability. A number of those persons listed are highly familiar with special aspects of research and application as it pertains to the Western, but particularly to the Eastern world. Descriptive titles of the MRU researchers listed in this brochure include: 路 Advanced Diagnostic

. Parapsychology Researcher . Applications Researcher · Parapsychology Scientist · Astro-Biophysics Scientist . Psychiatry Researcher · Biocommunications Editor · Psychology Researcher . Biocommunications Researcher · Research and Development . Biocybernetics Researchers Manager . Biomedical Engineer . Research Physicist . Bionics Researcher . Research Psychologist · Biophysics Researcher o Russian Technical Translator · Clinical Psychiatrist o Russian Translator · Electromechanical Engineer . Senior Engineer for Advanced Technology · Engineering Specialist . Senior Technical Analyst · Foreign Area Analyst . Sovietologist · International Affairs Analyst · Technical Analyst · Medical-Biophysical Researcher · Technical Writer · Medical Researcher Biographical Summaries CARL SCHLEICHER, MRU Research and Development Director and specialist in biocybernetics research, has had long experience in the analysis and evaluation of foreign scientific developments. After graduating from the U. S. Naval Academy (B.S. Electrical Engineering) in 1956, he served as a Naval line officer specializing in operations research and linguistics. He received his M.A. in political Economics from the University of Cologne, West Germany, was engaged in advanced study at the Universities of Bonn, West Germany and Lund, Sweden and is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Technology of Management at American University. Before joining the staff of SCI, he was an Operations Research Analyst and R&D Engineer at the Marine Corps Development Center in Quantico, Virginia. His most recent work has been the design and development of a management system for assessing R&D projects to determine priorities, and in bionics, biocommunications, and cybernetic software

systems. Mr. Schleicher has had considerable management experience as a result of his assignments both in the military and industry, and has also served as a management sciences consultant. DR. JAMES C. ALLER, a biomedical engineer, graduated from the U. S. Naval Academy (B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1942) and served for 20 years as a Naval officer and test pilot specializing in electronic warfare, missiles and flight systems. He received the M.A. and M.E.S. degrees from Harvard University and the D.Sc. degree from George Washington University, where he is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Clinical Engineering. He formerly held the chair in Physical Science at the Naval War College, where he was also a member of the Advanced Technology Committee. Experienced in the design and development of advanced medical systems and computer technology, he is a senior member of the IEEE, a member of the Society for Advanced Medical Systems and Editorial Advisor to Biocharacterist. He has been a consultant to the President's Advisory Council on Management Improvement (Health) and a Fellow in Medical Systems Development (United States Public Health Service). CHRISTOPHER BIRD is a writer who came into the biocommunications field while researching a biographical study of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich. After receiving his B.A. in Biology at Harvard University (1951) and a Certificate in Chinese at Yale University (1950) he completed the course work for an M.A. in Anthro-pology at the University of Hawaii (1957). He is currently a candidate for the Ph.D. degree in Russian Area Studies at American University. After his military service, he became Washington Representative for the Rand Development Corporation of Cleveland, Ohio, whose president, Dr. H. J. Rand, was one of the first to undertake private negotiations with the Soviet Union for the purchase of technical devices and information. Fluent in French and Russian, Mr. Bird has been an editor of the Gallatin Annual of International Business and a correspondent for Time Magazine in Yugoslavia. DR. CHARLES R. BUFFLER, a research physicist, received his B.S. (1951) from the University of Texas and his M.S. (1956) and Ph.D. (1959) from Harvard University. After conducting experiments in spin wave analysis of ferromagnetic resonance, he went on to study the effects of weak or near-zero magnetic fields on humans and the theoretical aspects of microwave interaction with various materials. He has also experimented on a possible biomagnetic explanation for dowsing and investigated ESP phenomena. Some of this work was in collaboration with Professor Yves Rocard, Director of the Laboratory of Physics at the Ecole Normale Superieure, University of Paris.

A Senior Member of the IEEE, Dr. Buffler has published articles in the Journal of Applied Physics, the American Journal of Physics, and elsewhere. DR. EDWIN BOYLE, JR., Director of Research at the Miami Heart Institute, received his B.A. from the University of North Carolina (1943) and his M.D. from the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, in 1945. After his internship and residency in Philadelphia, North Carolina and Virginia, he held a post- doctoral Fellowship at the National Heart Institute, where he was Senior Clinical Investigator in Metabolism. He is currently a Clinical Voluntary Assistant Professor at the School of Medicine at the University of Miami. He has published or presented over fifty papers on lipids research and cardio-vascular disease. In recent years he has taken up the study of mind-body interaction which has involved laboratory investigation of individuals possessing special sensory abilities. Dr. Boyle is a member of the AAAS, the Aldous Huxley Foundation, the New Horizons Research Foundation and many medical societies. DR. JOHN CARSTOIU is a mathematical physicist currently engaged in research in biophysics and bionics. He received his B.S. in Mathematics from' the University of Bucharest, Romania, a higher degree in Civil Aeronautical Engineering from the Ecole Superieure de l'Aeronautique in Paris, and his D.Sc. in Mathematics ' from the University of Paris. After his arrival in the United States in 1949 he taught and lectured at Johns Hopkins University, Indiana University, Columbia University and Northeastern University. After joining an electronics company in 1959, he founded his own research corporation. - His recent research has been principally in biophysics and bionics. He has received special recognition for his work in electromagnetic, magnetic and gravitational fields, and in 1965 he was awarded the "Prix des Laboratories" by the French Academy of Sciences. DR. STANLEY R. DEAN, a clinical psychiatrist, was graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School (cum laude) in 1934 after which he took psychiatric training in four hospitals in New England and New York City. Presently, a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Florida College of Medicine, Gainsville, and Regional Psychiatric Consultant for the Erickson Educational Foundation, Dr. Dean is the Founder and Vice President of the Research in schizophrenia Endowment and cofounder of the Stanley R. Dean International Award for Research in Schizophrenia. Dr. Dean has published over fifty articles, the most recent of which deal with various aspects of metapsychiatry and the ultraconscious. He is a Fellow of the American College of Psychiatrists, the American Society for Psychical Research, the American Psychiatric Association, the AAAS, the Royal Society of Medicine (Great Britain) and a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. SKAIDRITE MALIKS FALLAH, foreign area analyst, was brought up and completed her high school education in Latvia. She is competent in several European languages.

Mrs. Fallah received her B.A. (1960) from Hunter College and her M.A. (1962) from Johns Hopkins University, both in International Relations. She has worked as a member of the U. S. government Foreign Areas Studies Division (FASD), where she was part of a multi-disciplinary team preparing handbooks on Latin America. She later worked as a Senior Research Associate in the Cultural Information Analysis Center, a division of the U. S. Army Research Office-supported Center for Research in Social Systems (CRESS), where she was responsible for research on a broad spectrum of subjects pertaining not only to peoples of Asia but to domestic problems relating to minority groups. One of her papers, published in May 1969 by the Cultural Information Analysis Center (CINFAC) was "Research Notes on Current Activities in Selective Fields of Parapsychology". PAUL E. T. JENSEN, engineer and mathematician, holds a B.S. degree in Physics (1947) and a B.B.A. in Marketing (1949) from Tulane University. He pursued further graduate work in mathematics at San Jose State College and in psychology at the University of Virginia. After WWII service in the U. S. Navy and Marine Corps, Mr. Jensen was an industrial representative at the U. S. Army Proving Ground, Fort Huachuca, Arizona and later became manager of R&D publications for the same company. In his previous work he has specialized in the study of new technology develop-ments in the communications-electronics fields of many countries. He has also managed the air defense task of the Army's Electronic Warfare 1975 Study. Recently he has been reviewing East European scientific and technical journals covering research in neurology, psychiatry, biophysics, brain research and related electronic measurement techniques. Currently, he is preparing an article on research methodology in biocommunications and related fields. DR. NORMAN KOROBOW, psychologist, has had 25 years' experience in psychological research and its computer applications. He received his B.A. and M.A. from the City University of New York (in Psychology and Biology) and his Ph.D. from New York University (in Psychology). Dr. Korobow has been head of an interdisciplinary team working on information control system problems. He has accomplished neuro -psychiatric research in stress and personality, chemotherapy and personality and developed methods for assessing military personnel for training in advanced electronic techniques. Mr. Korobow has taught courses in general, personnel, experimental and industrial psychology. He is a member of the American Psychological Association. RICHARD B. LA TONDRE, advanced sensor technology engineer, has attended Jackson College, Honolulu, Long Beach State College and George Washington University. He studied Chinese at the U. S. Army Language School in Monterey, California, and Data Processing at an advanced government technical center. He has worked at the Advanced Requirements Branch of the Marine Corps Development Center in Quantico, Virginia and at other defense-related agencies. Presently employed

as a project engineer on an advanced electromagnetic assessment study being conducted by the U. S. government, he is primarily responsible for planning and implementing the advanced sensor analysis effort. He has been an electronics consultant in private industry for such state-of-the- art firms as Triangle Research Corporation; Dideen, the Associated Designers, Inc., and the Techtran Corporation. John E. Laurance, astro- and biophysicist and engineer, has wide training in nuclear physics, electronics, physical chemistry, engineering and medical sciences. Mr. Laurance received his B.S. at Whittier College, his M.S. at the University of Southern California and did graduate work at the University of California. He has conducted many research projects in these fields and has carried his knowledge into the development of electronic sensor systems relating to the paranormal. One of the pioneers in space research, Mr. Laurance served on advisory committees of. NASA and worked as space program manager for several corporations. He has also served as acting chief scientist for the Office of Naval Research. In 1968, he helped to organize Life Energies Research, Inc., a non-profit institution for the investigation of human-energy systems and currently serves as a member of its Board of Directors and on its Research Committee. Addition-ally, he has made several trips to Brazil to study paranormal medical healing. Mr. Laurance is listed in various professional directories including American Men of Science and Who's Who in the East. DR. ANDREI LOBANOV-ROSTOVSKY is a retired professor of history who has spent a lifetime avocationally studying Hindu philosophy as it relates to parapsychology and human betterment. He received his doctorate from the Institut des Sciences Politiques in Paris. After ten years as a correspondent for Baring Brothers in London, he taught European, Russian and Far Eastern history at UCLA and the University of Michigan. Author of over 40 books and articles in his specialty, Professor Lobanov- Rostovsky continues to teach at colleges in Florida and to give lectures through-out the U. S. in the fields of ancient philosophies, transcendental meditation, and parapsychology. A Russian by birth, he commands several foreign languages. ARTHUR MARCUS, research psychologist, received his M.S. degree in experimental psychology and has completed course requirements for the Ph.D. at the University of Massachusetts. He has had thirteen years experience in human factors analysis, developing training programs, and field consulting for both government and industry. He has designed many tests for the evaluation of human potential in a variety of settings and has participated in various projects relating to the design, development and evaluation of information systems. Mr. Marcus has coordinated and directed experiments in human performance including the experimental design and preparation of apparatus and procedures, collection and analysis of data and interpretation of results both with regard to their theoretical and to their practical implications.

DR. E. STANTON MAXEY is a general medical surgeon practicing in Stuart, Florida. He received his B.S. from Wake Forest College (1946) and his medical degree from the Bowman Gray School of Medicine (1950). After interning at the University of Pennsylvania, he completed his surgical residency at the C&O Hospital in Huntington, West Virginia (1951-55). He is certified by the American Board of Surgery and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Maxey, in addition to his surgical career, is licensed as a commercial pilot and flight instructor and has taken out, or is applying for, patents on inventions in electronics and aviation. He has conducted extensive research into the human unconscious and dreams correlating his findings with the effects of such exterior influences as electromagnetic fields, barometric changes and the positions of the moon and planets. H. SCOTT MCCANN, a technical writer and broadcast engineer, holds a B.S. degree in English from Loyola College where he is also pursuing a master's degree in psychology. He has ten years' experience in writing and editing mechanical manuals and has worked in testing half lattice crystal filters and travelling wave tube amplifier systems. As a technician for ITT Research Institute, he worked with their Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis Center. Recently he has worked with TV station WETA in Washington, D. C. as the engineer responsible for operation and maintenance of equipment, conduct of air operations and network switching. He previously was a technical editor with Operations Research, Inc. and the Tate Technical Service. DR. STEFAN T. POSSONY, a specialist in international affairs and in psychological strategies, came to the United States after serving as an Advisor to the French Air Ministry and the French Foreign Office in the early stages of WWII. He then worked as a Technical Consultant for the U. S. Navy and was a Special Advisor to the U. S. Air Force. In 1961 Dr. Possony became Director of the International Political Studies Program at the Hoover Institution on War Revolution and Peace where he is currently a Senior Fellow. He has been a visiting professor at universities in Asia and Europe. His doctorate is from the University of Vienna. DR. MILAN RYZL is an international authority in biocommunications and parapsychology. Educated in Czechoslovakia, he was elected a member of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. After arriving in the United States in 1967, -he worked with Dr. J. B. Rhine at the Institute of Parapsychology in Durham, North Carolina, where he carried on original research pertaining to the influence of hypnosis on ESP. After teaching at San Diego State College, he became a professor of parapsychology at San Jose State University. His Parapsychology: A Scientific Approach, Hawthorn, 1970, is a landmark in the field, presenting indisputable and thoroughly documented evidence that psychic phenomena exist and can be studied under laboratory-controlled conditions.

PAUL SAUVIN, electromechanical engineer and inventor, is also qualified as a broadcast engineer and pilot. He has worked in bionics and conducted research in engineering systems of an electronic, biometric, or bioluminescent nature. After 13 years in the aerospace industry, he became affiliated with the National Institute for Rehabilitation Engineering at St. Joseph's Hospital, Paterson, New Jersey, which designs, builds and dispenses all types of rehabilitation equipment and prosthetic devices for the severely disabled. Currently, he is carrying out independent research into advanced medical applications specializing in the detection and analysis of "life energy" emissions, inclusive of electro-optical/electro-magnetic radiation given off by living organisms. GEORGE SCHEPAK, Russian-born aerospace systems engineer and scientific translator, was educated in Russia and Germany. He has worked with several California aerospace firms where he designed solid-state, general purpose, computers and participated in the U. S. space program. He is currently participating in a research program at the Sepulveda (California) Veterans Administration Hospital where he is investigating the physiological aspects of healing using EEGs, EKGs and other devices for monitoring physiological functioning. He has translated many Russian articles in the parapsychological field dealing with medicine, physics, magnetism, botany and geology. An active member of the Southern California Society for Psychical Research, he became its Director of Research in 1969. He holds a B.S. in Engineering from UCLA and a law degree from the Blackstone School of Law. DR. BERTHOLD ERIC SCHWARZ, psychiatrist DAD.) and writer on parapsychological subjects, holds a R.A. (Dartmouth) and graduated from both the Dartmouth Medical School and the New York University College of Medicine. Prior to his entry into private practice he was a Fellow in Psychiatry at the Mayo Foundation in New York. He has conducted in-depth electrographic and clinical research on LSD, mescaline and clinical electroencephalography in the Foundation's section of Physiology and Neurophysiological studies on animals and humans. Dr. Schwarz has studied telepathic communications in the parent-child and physician-patient relationships and has published the results of this in the recently published book by Garrett Publications, Parent-Child Telepathy. He has also made investigations of such extraordinary paragnosts as Henry Gross, Jacques Romano, Gerard Croiset and Joseph Dunninger. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and a member of the American Electroencephalographic Society. ALBERT B. WING, advanced technology engineer, took his B.S. in Chemistry at Brown University (1943) and his M.S. in Optics and Physics from the University of Rochester (1952). After working on the Manhattan Project in W. W. II, he has served as a Senior Staff Scientist for an advanced systems engineering company, manager of operations research for a defense agency and as a private consultant in radiation sensing and

solid-state transducer physics, X-ray and neutron diffraction, microwave systems, bionics, geophysics and chemical engineering. Earlier he was principal physicist to the Cornell Aeronautical Laboratories where he directed research in biosensor telemetry, space-environment simulation chambers, IFF video defruiters, centralized time and frequency control and other problems. Mr. Wing's affiliations include the IEEE (Senior Member), the American Institute of Physics and the American Optical Society. He is listed in American Men of Science and was named to honorary membership in the research Society of America. NEW DOCUMENT: MANKIND RESEARCH UNLIMITED INCORPORATED 050 31 It STREET, N. W. WASHINGTON, D. C. 20007 PHONE (202) 333-6558 1 November 1972 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD TO: Selected addressees FROM: Carl Schleicher, President Mankind Research Unlimited, Inc It has recently come to my attention that various rumors concerning our operation of Mankind Research Unlimited, Inc. (MRU), have surfaced, particularly in the state of California. Such rumors, however, are to be expected when an action-oriented organization engaged in pioneering and innovative research comes on the scene, and more so if such a group is headquartered in Washington, D. C. We, in Mankind Research Unlimited, are pleased and gratified to hear of the interest me have evoked through second and third party sources, however we cannot take credit, in any manner possible, for some of the claims made about us. Therefore in order to set the record straight, I want to confirm the following: We are not a front organization for any branch of the U.S. Government, or any other government for that matter. We are a private business organization, incorporated in the District of Columbia, pay federal taxes, and are forced to compete in cur "free enterprise" economy for contracts and grants against other companies, whether they be profit or non-profit. We do not mind such competition in these areas of mankind research, but actually encourage and engender it. We have never sold data, of any type, to the U. S. Government because the U. S. Government is not authorized to buy data - only finished research results. The U. S. Government data banks far surpass what any company or non-government organization

could ever hope to offer. We have, however, obtained several modest government research contracts to nuke feasibility studies in certain human engineering and psychosomatic evalua-tory areas. These appear to be "firsts" for governmentalsupported "human engineering" research grants. All of our research and resources are oriented toward peaceful applications for any work Able perform, and to improving and bettering the status of mankind. In this respect, we are doing our best to carry out the promise that the authoresses, Lynn Schroeder and Sheila Ostrander, made to East European para-psychologists - to use their data and materials, and to perform parapsychology research, for peaceful purposes only. However, It is interesting to note here that unconfirmed reports have reached us, which indicate that this may not necessarily be the reality of the situa-tion in Eastern Europe. We hope these "reports" are proven wrong or un-founded. We have not yet paid the girls, Lynn and Sheila, a penny for their data because, as yet, we haven't received a penny in return for their material, nor did we agree to pay the girls anything at any time. If we did, however, pay out several thousand dollars to translate their material and gave priority for this effort to unemployed engineers and technical translators. Many organizations were approached to provide funds to support this venture, but none came forward. Most of the groups approached mere in the parapsychology field, including my own organiza-tion, the American Society of Dowsers - the latter turning me dozen cold and with some admonition for making such a request in the first place. I can thank, though, the stockholders and Board of Directors of my parent company, Systems Consultants, Inc., for being the only ones with foresight enough to advance the necessary funds, and faith no strings attached to enable this material to be translated. Since our organization, Mankind Research Unlimited, was founded and set-up in a proper business manner, we are doing our best to keep it that way. With your held, we hope to keep our image as untarnished as possible, and of the highest esteem from the ethical and moral standpoint. Your dissemination of the contents of this letter would be extremely helpful in this regard. I still feel that some of you may be of the opinion that ice should, nevertheless, pay the girls, Sheila and Lynn, some sort of honora-rium, etc., for their data and trouble. I wholeheartedly agree, and this will be done as soon as we derive either a return from their data, or we bring ourselves in the "black", whichever is sooner. If June 1973 is not soon enough for this, I will then, at that time, turn over some of the fees to them that I personally have received from presentations made to various groups. If this is not satisfactory, I still then try to meet whatever obligation the girls feel is satisfactory. As yet, they have made known to me no such request or obligation. This certainly speaks well for them, and I would like to think it may be due to their under-standing of the difficulty it takes to start a business in these high-risk areas.

For many months I have heard the comment made, 'fishy doesn't our government support research in parapsychology areas, as they do in Eastern Europe?" Acting on this message, we in MRU were inspired to attempt to inquire into this. We have found that the government can, and will, support research in these areas, if such research is properly com-municated to them, provides a beneficial use of tax-payers' funds, and is conducted by responsible organizations. MRU stands ready to assist any other group to obtain funds for their programs, should they so request it from us. We have found that there are opportunities available, more than we can ever hope to handle ourselves. As a last comment, it is surprising to note that in all of our endeavors to date, the only rumors or gossip we have thus far, heard have emanated from some fell within the parapsychology community, and not at all from government or the orthodox scientific sources, as one might expect. I hope this memorandum serves to set the record straight, and that all of you can join us in many of the pending mutual research endeavors. Most of these are designed to focus on, and help further develop and apply, the works of some of the heretofore maligned or un-appreciated "frontiers of science" researchers and pioneers, including: Harold S. Burr, Ph.D. F.S.C. Northrop, Ph.D. Leonard J. Ravitz, M.D. Wilhelm Reich, Ph.D. R. B. Amber, D.C. H. Flotoyama, Ph.D. Oscar Brunler, Ph.D. Galen HieTonymus Gen. Henry M. Gross Verne Cameron John Shelley Ambrose and Olga Woorrall, Ph.D. Harold Sherman Townsend Brows R. Abrams, M. D. Ruth Drone Carey Reams, D.N. Buckminster Fuller Nikola Tesla, D.Sc. Yogi Bhajan Henry and John Foray K. Raudive, Ph.D. Ingo Swann S. W.Tromp, Ph.D. L. L. Vasiliev, Ph.D.

Karl von Reichenbach, Ph.D. Walter Russell, Ph.D. Gopi Krishna Gustaf Stromberg Jose Silva Edgar Cayce Cleve Backster: Sincerely yours, Carl Schleicher NEW DOCUMENT SYSTEMS CONSULTANT INC MEMORANDUM 25 September 1972 TO: D. Stevens FROM: B. Zimmerman SUBJECT: CONTAC Publications REFERENCE: (a) Enclosure (1) (b) (b) Enclosure (2) Mr. Carl Schleicher is signed for documents listed on Enclosure (1) with the TIC COMTAC Library. The following documents have been sighted and are in our security system. 2486 Secret Electronic Warfare (U) Ned 33 (C) 9 February 1970 2636 Secret Anti-Ship Missile Defense (U) NWP-31 12 March 1969 2647 Confidential Mission and Characteristics of U.S. Navy Ships and Aircraft (U) SWIG 11-20 (U) 4001 Confidential Logistic Reference Data (U) NWP 11-21 (E) Document 1671 Confidential Anti-Air Warfare (32) NWP 32 did September 1967, has been returned which is shown on enclosure (2). If Mr. Schleicher has another original of this document, I have not found it in our log book. Mr. Schleicher, to the best of my knowledge, has not found documents JNAP 128 (C)

(superseded) and NWP 22 (B) which are reclassified mud not under my supervision. At the time Mr. Schleicher finds these documents, I will contact IPMC and arrange to have you sign for all accountable documents that you have a need for. B. Zimmerman cc: C. Schleicher NEW DOCUMENT DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY NAVAL MATERIAL COMMAND SUPPORT ACTIVITY WASHINGTON, D. C. 20360 19 SEP 1972 TO: Carl Schliecher From: Naval Material Command COGNAC Custodian (NMCSA 55T1) Subj: COGNAC Publications; custody of Ref: (a) NA~M4TIMST 5511.7B of 30APR71 1. This office has record of your holding the following COGNAC publications: SHORT TITLE COPY NUMBER CLASSIFICATION 2. In the event of discrepancies, please note them so we can contact you concerning them. If any of your publications have been superseded or have outstanding changes it will be indicated next to the publication above. These publications are out of date. Please retire the superseded publication and obtain a current One. If changes are indicated, they should be picked up from this office as soon as possible. 3. In accordance with reference (a, the normal "check out" period for publications is two (2) weeks. Since that period has elapsed, please sign the endorsement below and forward it to NMOSA 55T as soon as possible. N.K. KIPPER FIRST ENDORSEMENT From: To: NMCSA 55T Subj: COGNAC Publications; custody of 1. I have the above listed publications under my custody and will return them to Room 682, Crystal Plaza Building 6 to clear mar signature when I no longer have a need for their constant use.

NEW DOCUMENT DATE RECEIPT FOR CLASSIFIED DOCUMENT 28 AUGUST 1970 TO: NAVY CONTACT LIBP.4RY DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA 22202 Washington, D. C. 20007 202-333-2111 SYSTEMS CONSULTANTS INC 1050 31st Street, N. W. Washington, D.C. 20007 202-333-2111 2280 #1 CONFID. SHIP EXERCISES (U) FXP 3 April 26, 1968 1671 ANTI-AIR WARFARE (U) nwp 32 September 1967 1700 AIR AND AAW EXERCISES (U) FXP 2 APRIL 1968 I have personally received from the sender the material, including enclosures and attachments, as indicated above. I assume full responsibility for the safe handling, storage and transmittal elsewhere of this material in full accordance with Department of Defense regulations governing classified material. POSTAL REG. NO. | SIGNATURE & TITLE OF RECIPIENT DATE RECEIVED HAND CARRIED BY C. SCHLICHER NEW DOCUMENT MANKIND RESEARCH UNLIMITED I. COMPANY BACKGROUND Mankind Research Unlimited, Inc. (MRU) was recently established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Systems Consultants, Inc. (SCI) to provide an organization for scientific research, development and application of biocommunications, biocybernetics, bionics,

biophysics, and other activities which impact upon the welfare of mankind. In view of the short history of MRU, a brief description of the parent company is given to provide the potential customer with sufficient background so that a corporate and finan-cial evaluation can be made. SCI was established in 1966 and has experienced continued growth in personnel, skills, experience and facilities, We now maintain a staff of 250, with approximately 210 technical and scientific specialists. The Company's sales have grown from $250,000 in 1967 to sales of $6.5 million in 1971. Under existing government regulations, SCI qualifies as a small business. Because SCI maintains no affiliations with software or hardware producers, it is, without reservation, able to provide objective services to all clients. A permanent professional staff (with an average of 15 years experience) has concentrated on problem solving in the areas of system definition, intelligence, electronic warfare human factors analysis, sensor technology and applications. Systems Consultants, Inc., has its main office in the Georgetown area of Washington, D.C. In addition, it has personnel working on a variety of projects in field offices located in Virginia Beach, Virginia New York City and Huntington, New York; Ridgecrest and San Diego, California; New London, Connecticut, Newport, Rhode Island; Key West, Florida; and Honolulu, Hawaii. The Board of Directors of SCI has made available the full support and financial resources of SCI to ensure the success of this innovative endeavor in a relatively new field of science and technology. The capabilities of MRU and the support capabilities of SCI are summarized in Table 1 to provide an indication of the experience in related fields and an overview evaluation of the scientific expertise available. II. COMPANY CAPABILITIES Mankind Research Unlimited, Inc. (MRU) has unique capabilities for collection, analyzing and evaluating scientific and technological developmental data (both U.S. and foreign) to assist customers in determining the impact of biocommunication and behavioral science applications in their area of control, in-terest or responsibility. In addition MRU has and is acquiring on a daily basis, a large amount of unique biocybernetics data from Eastern Europe. Some of this original data has been translated and to our knowledge these reports have not previously been available within the United States. MRU will make this unique data available for analysis and evaluation for customers with an interest in Eastern European biocybernetics state-of- the-art

applications. Areas where MRU is exceptionally well qualified to study or conduct experiments are: Validation of the current state-of-the-science in various foreign countries, identification of the research capabilities of foreign laboratories and experimenters. Definition of techniques and methodology for data validation or potential direct evaluation and application. Determination of technological "state-of-the-art" implications, preparation of technological forecasts and assessments. Definition of systems which improve man's relationship to his environment. Determination of potential health implications, and innovative causal or preventive medical research. Determination and identification of specific user requirements, Determination of educational/teaching implications, Development of a program for further investigations based on the particular users requirements. To be able to offer such a broad spectrum of research and analysis capability to its customers, MRU has brought together many of the leading scientists and experimenters in the multidisciplinary field of biocommunications which includes the sciences of bionics, bio-physics, psychophysics, psychology, physiology, neuropsychiatry, cybernetics and systems engineering. This team is available to conduct research and analyses based on the unique data which is available at MRU and/or may be made available by the customer. Some tasking areas that could be assigned are: man-machine cybernetic interactions, special sensory biophysical activities, brain and mind control, telepathic communications or bioinformation transceiving, bioluminescent and bioenergetic emissions, effects of altered states of consciousness on the human psyche,

improvement of human performance via bio-feedback techniques, innovative therapy/prosthetic/diagnostic techniques, environmental effects upon biological (human) systems, infrasonic and ultrasonic effects upon biological systems, geopathogenic factors which induce illness. The above list is not meant to be all-inclusive but is presented to give indication of the scope and depth of knowledge and capability available to MRU. LABORATORY AND RESEARCH FACILITIES Mankind Research Unlimited currently has available laboratory and research facilities in various parts of the country which are used to perform experimental studies and research based upon data in the MRU data bank and for the conduct of special research and applied engineering services as may be designated by the customer. LOCATION SPECIALTY Albuquerque, N. Mex. Bioluminescence, Psychophysics, Bionics Bethesda, Md. Sensor Technology and Signal Processing Boston, Mass. Biophysics, Plasma Physics, Magnetohydrodynamics Los Angeles, Calif. Bioluminescence, Psychophysics Miami, Florida Physiological, Biological Effects of Magnetic Fields, Acupuncture Montclair, N. J. Psychiatric Research, Bio-Feedback, EEG Analysis Mountain View, Advanced Sensor Technology, Los Altos, Calif. Cybernetics, Psycho-Acoustics, Paterson, N. .J. Bioluminescence; Prosthetic,Therapy, and Diagnostic Techniques; Radionics State College, Pa, Biophysics, Biocybernetics, Bionics Washington, D.C. Biochemical, Pharmacology and Physico-Chemical

Washington, D.C. Behavioral Sciences, Psycho-Technology Research, Biocybernetics Washington, D.C. Acoustic Technology, Psycho- Acoustics Research IV. SELECTED RESUMES OF PERSONNEL MRU is pleased to be able to offer some of the leading scientists in the fields of biocommunications, bio-physics, big-cybernetics and related scientific disciplines. The individuals whose resumes follow were selected in order to show a broad base of complementary expertise. CARL SCHLEICHER Research and Development Director Mr. Carl Schleicher is President and Research and Development Director of Mankind Research Unlimited, Inc. a frontier of science research company located in Washington, D. C. Mr. Schleicher has special qualifications and back-ground in the fields of biocybernetics, bionics, psychophysics, special sensor design and biocommunications research. This includes the design and application of devices used in the scientific evaluations of research in those advanced technology fields such as infrared radiation detectors, ultraviolet recorders, magnetometers, bio-feedback recorders, Lakhovsky wave oscillators, and human sensory measurement devices. In the course of this research, Mr. Schleicher has developed special software systems employing statistical analysis, operation research, and mathematical programming to record, evaluate, and document biological effects of special environ-mental factors on plants, animals, and humans. One of Mr. Schleicher's most recent works has been the design and development of a state of the art technological forecasting and assessment system for the valuing and selection of multi-million dollar R&D projects. Some of the methods used in this system included state-of-the-art software techniques such as interacting exploratory and normative forecasting subroutines, decision tables and optimization alogorithms. A prolific writer, Mr. Schleicher has written many articles, manuals and reports (published and unpublished) which include the areas of statistical theory, war gaming simulations, systems engineering, biophysical effects, human Engineering and parapyschology. Mr. Schleicher studied electrical engineering at -Drexel Institute of Technology and graduated with a B.S. in Engineering from the U. S. Naval Academy. He received his M. A. from the University of Cologne in political economics and has also done graduate study at the University of Lund (Sweden) and the University of Bonn (Germany). Currently Mr. Schleicher is a Ph.D. candidate at American University in the field of Technology of Management with specialties in Operations Research, Management Information Systems and R & D Management.

JAMES C. ALLER Biomedical Engineer Dr. Aller has had extensive experience in clinical engineering, biomedical research and has designed and developed advanced medical systems. His most current assignment has been as an Associate Professor in the Department of Clinical Engineering at George Washington University Medical Center. He has served as Lecturer on various biomedical engineering application areas which include: Hospital Information Systems for the Institute of Advanced Technology, Automated Data Processing (ADP) and Medicine at the Civil Service Commission, and Reliability for Tutorial on Multitesting at the International Health Evaluation Association. In addition, Dr. Aller has served as a consultant to the President's Advisory Council on Management Improvement (Health Study) and has organized and developed a course in "Clinical Engineering" at the George Washington University School of Engineering. Dr. Aller held the Chair of Physical Science in 1968 to 1970 while a Professor at the Naval War College and also served there as a member of the Advanced Technology Committee where he was responsible for the introduction of time-sharing computer support of curriculum objectives. During the period 1963 to 1967, he was a member of the Professional Staff of the Operations Evaluation Group at the Center for Naval Analyses of the University of Rochester. While a staff member, Dr. Aller was awarded a Fellowship in Medical Systems Development Laboratories by the U.S. Public Health Service. Dr. Aller served for a period of twenty years (1942-1962) as a naval officer which included major assignments as Fleet Electronic Warfare Officer, Missile Range Director, Project Officer of Regulus II Missile, Head of Missile Guidance Division, Pt. Mugu (California), and as Project Officer and Test Pilot for the evaluation of optical aids to all weather landing at the Naval Test Center Patuxent River (Maryland). Dr. Aller graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy with a B.S.E.E. in 1942 and subsequently received his M.A. and M.E.S. from Harvard University. In 1968, he was awarded the Doctor of Science degree from George Washington University. Dr. Aller is a Senior Member of the IEEE, the Society for Advanced Medical Systems, and various other professional scientific organizations. He is also Editorial Advisor to Biocharacterist and is listed in Who's Who in the Computing Field. SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY Publications and Presentations "Evaluation of Medical Systems," Engineering Research Foundation Conference, Deerfield, Massachusetts, 1969. "Electronic Warfare Concept," Naval War College Review, May, 1970. "Evaluation of Health Care Delivery Systems," University of l Virginia Colloquium speaker, June 1971.

"Medical Engineering" (article in press). "Action Styles and Management Game Performance," Colloquiums of the University of Texas Business School, (in press). "Data Reduction through Multidimensional Analysis," Transactions of Eascon 1971. "The Organization and Staffing of Evaluation Units in Limited Institutions," paper presented at XIX International Meeting of the Institute of Management Science, April 4, 1972, Houston, Texas - joint author "The Use of Man-Machine Systems in Medical Decisions," presented at 1972 San Diego Biomedical Symposium, February 2-4, 1972, joint author "A Proposal for Improvement in the Selection Process of Candidates for High Political Office by Use of New Medical Technology," presented at 1972 San Diego Biomedical Symposium, February 2-4, 1972, joint author . "Automation et Acquisition De L' Information Medicale en fonction Du Diagnostic E1 Du Traitement, (fourth author). Presented at l Sixth World Congress of Cybernetic Medicine, Naples April 5-9, 1972 by R. P. Charland, M.D. Action Styles and Management Game Performance An Exploratory Consideration." Naval War College Review, Vol XXIV, No. 10 June 1972 pp 65-82. (Third author). Aller, continued Co-Author "Watch Out That Those Bits Don't Bite - A Case Study," Proceedings r of 23rd Annual Conference on Engineering in Medicine and Biology, L Washington, D.C., 1970. "Systems Analysis of Operational Data from a Multiphasic Screening Center," Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 57, No. 11, November, 1969. "Reliability of Multiphasic Screening Systems," in Proceedings of 21st Annual Conference on Engineering in Medicine and Biology, sponsored by IEEE, ISA, and ASME, Houston, Texas, November 18-21, Vol. 10, p. 2236, 1968. "Introduction of Computer Techniques to Older Multitest Screening Groups," Proceedings of Third Joint Meeting Clinical Society and Commissioned Officers Assn., Public Health Service, San Francisco, March, 1968. "Comment on 'chagas' Disease," IEEE Transaction of Bio-Medical Engineering, Vol. BME-15, No. 4, pp. 326-327, 1968. Clinical Engineering in Health Service Delivery Multitest Facilities: A Model, presented before ASEE Annual Meeting, June 1971.

CHRISTOPHER BIRD Biocommunications Editor/Russian Translator Mr. Bird's experience in biocommunications has largely been gained during research for a biography on the life and work t of the late biocommunications researcher Dr. Wilhelm Reich. This research has taken him into tangential fields such as bionics, psychophysics and psychology, where he has conducted investigations and reported the results in a series of technical papers. Additionally, Mr. Bird's linguistic skills, education and training have equipped him well for carrying out research in the biocommunications field. Mr. Bird has worked professionally as an interpreter and translator in the Russian and French languages. He learned the former by living with a family of white Russian emigres and the latter from two year's residence in France working with refugees and displaced persons. Mr. Bird studied Chinese for three years at Harvard and Yale and has a basic knowledge of Spanish, German and Serbo-Croatian. After graduating Mr. Bird worked for a classified government agency. During this period he was stationed in Japan. He then served in the U.S. Army, specializing in psychological warfare, and prepared a course of study in that subject for the Divisional Staffs of the South Vietnamese army. After his military service, Mr. Bird became the Washington representative of the Rand Development Corporation of Cleveland, Ohio, whose President, Dr. H. J. Rand, was one of the first to undertake private negotiations with the Soviet Union for the exchange and purchase of technological information. During this period, he attended the Pugwash meeting on Atomic, Chemical and Biological Warfare as an assistant to the international industrialist Cyrus Eaton. Next, Mr. Bird became editor of the Gallatin Annual of International Business. He later worked for Time magazine as a correspondent in Yugoslavia. After his return from Yugoslavia, he became a free-lance writer and biocommunications lI researcher. A selection of articles and lectures by Mr. Bird L follows. Mr. Bird received his B.A. in Biology from Harvard, where he also studied the histories of Russia, China and Southeast Asia, I in 1951. He completed the course work for a B.A. Anthropology at the University of Hawaii and passed the comprehensive examinations for a Ph.D. in Russian Area Studies at American | University in January 1967. He received a Certificate in Chinese Language from the Yale Institute of Far Eastern Languages in 1950. SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY "From a Reporter's Notebook" (summary of situation in Yugoslavia). Problems of Communism, July-October Lectures on Yugoslavia to Businessmen's Training Course at American University; School for Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University; American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies, Washington, D.C., 1969.

"Soviet Foreign Aid". Lecture, Carnegie Seminar on Technical Cooperative and California Institute of Technology Graduate Seminar on Soviet Foreign Policy, University of Southern California, December 1963. "Scholarship and Propaganda" (part of a series: Russia in Africa). Problems of Communism, March- April, 1962. Reprinted in Le Contrat Social, Paris, July, 1962 as "L'Africanisme en URSS". "Soviet Objectives in Africa" World Affairs Institute, University of Southern California Annual volume for 1961. Lectures on "Russia and Africa" to Institute of World Affairs, E. Carolina College, 1961; American Association for - Advancement of Slavic Studies, Washington Chapter, 1961; Rand Corporation, Santa Monica, 1961. "Soviet Ethnography: A Base for Applied Study of and Operations in Africa", (Analysis of Soviet writing on Africa). Human Organization, Fall of 1960. Series of articles in Africa Special Report on Soviet research in Africa: "Soviet Ethnographic Research on Africa", October 1957. "Bibliography of Soviet Publications on Africa", October 1957. "Africa's Diverse Peoples Offer Openings for Soviet Agitation', November, 1957. "What Russia Reads about Africa", December 1957. "A Soviet Anthropologist Visits Ghana", March 1958. "Soviet Scholars Embark on Major Program of African Research", April 1958. "New Soviet Journal on Asia and Africa", August 1958. "Letters from Vietnam". Series of articles including interview with President Ngo Dinh Diem for Honolulu Advertiser (Editorial page). Bird, cont. Participant, Harvard International Seminar, summer 1957. Lecture, Harvard Summer School Conference on Political Geography (Soviet Designs on Africa), summer 1957. "Force for Freedom" (psychological warfare in the Philippines). American Mercury, 1956. . Editor, "News from the Pacific", Anthropological Society of Hawaii, 1956-57. Translated and published a Russian novel, (Mnymye Velichiny, Chekhov Press, New York) which appeared as The Chains of Fear - Regnery, 1958, and ran in eight issues of Saturday Evening Post May-July, 1958. In Partisan Review, 1961 Special Issue: "Dissonant Voices in Soviet Literature", translated "The Making of Asper" by A. Grin. Scientific translations for Academy of Sciences, et-al.

EDWIN BOYLE, JR Medical Researcher/Advanced Diagnostic Applications Dr. Boyle has had over twenty years' experience as a medical researcher and is currently serving as the Director of Research at the Miami Heart Institute. Dr. Boyle's medical background includes assignments as a rotating intern at the Philadelphia General Hospital, Assistant Resident at Watts Hospital, Durham, North Carolina (Teaching Hospital of the University of North Carolina), and Resident at the University of Virginia Hospital in Charlottesville. He has also held a postdoctoral Fellow-ship at the National Heart Institute and was the Senior Clinical Investigator of the Metabolism section of that institution. Afterwards he became an established Investigator of the American Heart Association and the Director of the Lipid Metabolism Laboratory of the Medical College of South Carolina, where he was an Instructor in Medicine. He became an Associate in Medicine at the Medical College of South Carolina, and eventually Assistant Professor of Research-Medicine at that institution. In 1971, Dr. Boyle was appointed Clinical Voluntary Assistant Professor at the School of Medicine of the University of Miami in addition to his work at the Miami Heart Institute. Dr. Boyle has published or presented over fifty papers on aspects of lipids research and cardiovascular disease and has several others in preparation. He also lectured extensively on a wide variety of medical subjects. In his recent years Dr. Boyle has taken a special interest in researching the human psyche and its influence upon states of the physical body. Some of this research has included the study of gifted individuals who possess special sensory abilities and investigating such individuals by clinical methods employing hypnosis and EEGs, EKGs, myographs, plethysmographs and other laboratory apparatus. Dr. Boyle took his B.A. from the University of North Carolina in 1943, and his Certificate of Medicine in 1945. His M.D. is from the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dr. Boyle is a member of many Medical Societies, including the Aldous Huxley Foundation, the American Association for the |Advancement of Science, several councils of the American I Heart Association, the American Medical Writers Association and the American Board of Internal Medicine. He is also a member of the Medical Electronics and Data Society, the New Horizons "Psychic) Research Foundation, the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, and the American Schizophrenia Association. DR. CHARLES R. BUFFLER Research Physicist 1 Dr. Buffler has over fifteen years' experience as a scientific researcher, primarily in the fields of magnetism and parapsychology. During and after a research assignment at Harvard, he conducted several experiments, which resulted in his "Spin Wave Analysis of Ferromagnetic Resonance" and other papers disseminated in the Journal of Applied Physics, the American Journal of Physics and various other scientific publications. Dr. Buffler's latest work is on the effects of weak or near zero magnetic fields on humans and on the theoretical aspects of microwave interactions with various materials.

Dr. Buffler has a long-standing interest in the field of parapsychology. He has assisted in and performed independent experiments on a possible biomagnetic explanation for dowsing, and has investigated phenomena of general extrasensory perception and psychokinesis. Some of these experiments were conducted in Paris with the eminent ESP researcher, Professor Yves Rocard, Director of the Physics and Chemistry Laboratories of the Ecole Normale Superioure, University of Paris. Dr. Buffler received his B.S. in Physics (1951) from the University of Texas, and his M.S. (1956) and Ph.D (1959) -from Harvard. He is a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and a participating member of the IEEE Groups on "Microwave Theory and Techniques", "Magnetics", "Engineering in Medicine and Biology" and "System Science and Cybernetics". He is also a member of the American Society of Dowsers, Phi Beta Kappa, the Honorary physics society Sigma Pi Sigma and Sigma XI. DR. JOHN CARSTOIU Biophysics Researcher Though educated primarily as a mathematician, Dr. Carstoiu's recent research and experimental work has been principally in the biophysics and bionics fields. Some of this research has involved experiments with plasma radiation and waves, knownas the Priore treatment, which deals with the biophysical application of magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) in the treatment ofcancer and in developing immunology of living cells to sleeping sickness. Further research has included the study of the 85 biological effects (in terms of health status, accident rates, behavioral patterns, etc.) to humans and animals of variations in electromagnetic, magnetic and gravitational fields. For his work in these areas, Dr. Carstoiu was awarded in 1965 the prize, "Prix des Laboratories," by the French Academy of Sciences. Dr. Carstoiu came to America in 1949 and became a member of the faculties of Johns Hopkins University and Indiana University in succession. Eve has since lectured at Columbia and North-Eastern University. He became a citizen in 1954. In 1955 he joined the aerospace industry, where he worked on the optimal trajectories of jet aircraft and missiles, the passive detection of fast-moving objects and the NIDAR effect and the Clayer. In 1959 Dr. Carstoiu joined an electronics company where he conducted research in magneto-fluid dynamics. He was particularly concerned with the ASW problem, shockwave propagation in the presence of a magnetic field and radio and magnetohydrodynamic wave interaction. Two years later he founded the corporation of which he has been President and Chief Scientist ever since. That company has conducted research on the earth's interior and its magnetism, the electrodynamic properties of sea water (with -possible applications to communication between and detection of submerged submarines), magnetic storms and auroras, electromagnetic phenomena, the dynamics of storms, atmospheric electricity, artificial meteors and many other topics.

Dr. Carstoiu received his B.S. in Mathematics from the University -of Bucharest, Romania, and a degree in Civil Aeronautical Engineering from the "Ecole Nationale Superieure de l'Aeronautique in Paris. He became a Doctor of Science in Mathematics at the University of Paris. Dr. Carstoiu has published extensively in the Journal of Rational Mechanics and Analysis, the Journal de and many others. Certain of his works are: Articles in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the USA: "Induced Electromagnetic Fields in the Earth", Vol. 45, p. 208, 1959. "Hydromagnetic Waves in a Compressible Fluid Conductor", Vol. 46, p. 131-136, 1960. "Note on Hydromagnetic Waves in a Compressible Fluid Conductor, Vol. 47, p. 891898, 1961. Magnetohydrodynamic Waves in a Constant Dipole Magnetic Field", Vol. 48, p. 990996, 1962. This article was also published as NASA Technical Note D-1689, December 1962 ''Note on Electric and Magnetic Polarization in Moving Media", Vol. 57, p. 1536-1541, 1967. "Electrohydrodynamic Waves and Related Phenomena", Vol. 58, p. 870-875, 1967. "Fundamental Equations of Electromagnetodynamics of Fluids: Various Consequences", Vol. 59, p. 326-331, 1968. Some new aspects of Magnetohydrodynamic Phenomena" in Relativistic Fluid Mechanics and Magnetohvdrodynamics, New York: Academic Press, 1963. "Tentative Synthesis of Electrohydrodynamic Phenomena in the Earth's Atmosphere-Theoretical Development" in Planetary Electrodynamics, Vol. 2, p. 277-289, ed. Samuel C. Coroniti and J. Hughes. New York, Gordon and Breach, 1969. Dr. Carstoiu's theories on electrohydrodynamics have also been discussed in "Electricity and Weather Modification" by Seymour Tilson in IEEE Spectrum, p. 39-40 April, 1969. STANLEY R. DEAN Biocommunications Researcher/Clinical Psychiatrist Dr. Dean has had extensive experience in clinical psychiatry and research, including research in biocommunications. His general internship was at Hurley Hospital, Flint, Michigan, In 1935. He went on to take his psychiatric training at Taunton State Hospital, Massachusetts; Boston Psychopathic Hospital, Massachusetts; Fairfield State Hospital, Connecticut; and Montefiore Hospital, New York. Dr. Dean was in clinical practice in

psychiatry from 1940 to 1965. In addition, he has been a member of the American Psychiatric Association Task Force on Transcultural Psychiatry, an Executive counselor for the American Association of Social Psychiatry, and an Executive counselor for the International Federation for Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and Social Medicine. He has also been Vice-President of the Psychiatric Council of the Pan American Medical Association, Founder and Vice-President of the Research in Schizophrenia Endowment (RISE), co-founder of the Stanley R. Dean International Award for Research in Schizophrenia and Staff Psychiatrist Emeritus at Stamford Hospital and St. Joseph's Hospital, both of Stamford, Connecticut. Dr. Dean is at present a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Florida College of Medicine, Gainesville. He is also the Regional Psychiatric Consultant for the Erickson Education Foundation and the Medical consultant for the National Study of the Medical Importance of Wine, conducted by the California Wine Institute. Dr. Dean has published about fifty articles, of which those that pertain to biocommunications are listed. Dr. Dean graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School (Cum Laude) in 1934. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and a Fellow of the American College of Psychiatrists. In addition, he is a member of Phi Kappa Phi and Alpha Omega Alpha. Dr. Dean is a Fellow of: the American Society for Psychical Research, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Medical Authors, and the Royal Society of Medicine (Great Britain). SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY 'Beyond the Unconscious: The Ultraconscious". Psychologia, Vol. 8, No. 3:145-50, September 1965. "Beyond the Unconscious: The Ultraconscious". American Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 122, No. 4:471 October 1965. The Ultraconscious" American Journal of Psychiatry Vol. 122 "Is There an Ultraconscious Beyond the Unconscious?" Canadian Psychiatric Association Journal, Vol. 15, No. 1:57-62 "The Ultraconscious Mind". Behavioral Neuropsychiatry, Vol. 2 ' No. 1-2:32-36, AprilMay 1970. "Metapsychiatry and the Ultraconscious". Published - American Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 128 No 5 (Nov) 1971. Reprinted in Congressional Record, Vol.117 No 176 (Nov 17) SKAIDRITE MALIKS FALLAH Foreign Area Analyst and Parapsychology Researcher Mrs. Fallah has had wide experience as a foreign area analyst with primary emphasis on Eastern Europe. She has also conducted independent research in parapsychology. Her particular fields are international law, social and political developments and conflicts in less developed countries, revolutionary movements and organizations and minority

groups and subcultures within a society. She has written many published and unpublished technical research reports, one of which, "Research Notes on Current Activities in Selective Fields of- Parapsychology', is of particular interest due to the nature of the task proposed in this paper. This document was published at the Cultural Information Analysis Center (CINFAC) in May 1969 and was prepared for the use of the Department of the Army, U.S. Army Combat Development Command. Mrs. Fallah was one of the six U.S. members selected by the New York Board of Education to participate in a two-month social studies workshop in Israel. While a member of the Foreign Areas Studies Division's (FASD) multi-disciplinary team which prepared handbooks on Latin America; she conducted research for and wrote the chapters on economic development and conditions in Venezuela and Peru. Upon completion of that assignment, she worked as a Senior Research Associate in the Cultural Information Analysis Center (CINFAC), initially as a member of the Asia/Pacific branch and later in the Func-tional Studies branch. In this capacity Mrs. Fallah conducted research on a great variety of subjects pertaining to the governments and peoples of Asia as well as selected domestic problems involving racial minority groups. Note: CINFAC is a division of the Center for Research in Social Systems (CRESS) which at that time was under contract to the U.S. Army Research Office for foreign area support services and special international studies. Mrs. Fallah received her B.A. in International Relations, with emphasis on Political Science and Sociology, from Hunter College in 1960. She received her M.A. in International Relations (Latin American Area Studies) from Johns Hopkins University in 1962. Mrs. Fallah has traveled extensively and is particularly familiar with Eastern Europe, having been raised and educated in the Baltic state of Latvia prior to the Soviet takeover in1945. She has native fluency in several foreign languages, particularly those of Eastern Europe. SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY Publications Research Notes on Hue as a Traditional City of Vietnam. SORO/CRESS, 1964. A Selected Bibliography on Urban Insurgency and Urban Un-rest In Latln Amerlca and Other Areas. CRESS 1966. Customs and Taboos of Selected Tribes Residing along the Western Border of the Republic of Vietnam. CRESS 1967. Co-author A Study of Rear Area Security Measures, "China 1937-1945" SORO/CRESS, 1965.

Research Notes on the Vietnamese Village Council. SORO/CRESS, 1965. U.S. Army Area Handbook for Venezuela, SORO/FAS, 1966. Anotated Bibliography on Internal Defense. CRESS,1968. Unpublished Reports "Notes on the Social, Economic and Political Situation in Thailand", 1967. "Research Notes on Current Activities in Selective Fields of Parapsychology", CRESS, 1969. "Black Muslims; Problems of Custody and Incarceration", - CRESS, 1969. "Training of Military Advisors: An Annotated Bibliography and Selected Readings", CRESS, 1969. Co-author "Significant Developments in the Republic o' Korea, 1955-1968", CRESS, 1968. "Political, Economic, Social, Psychological and Military Factors in Indonesia, Japan, India, Thailand and Malaysia", CRESS, 1968. PAUL E. T. JENSEN Engineering Specialist and Technical Analyst/Writer Mr. Jensen is an Engineering Specialist doing intelligence research and analysis. For the past ten years he has studied Eurasian Communist and Free World research and technology programs. He has been especially interested in new commun-ication techniques, combat surveillance systems, and long range technological forecasts relating to these programs. The results of his studies have been published in over 30 classified publications for agencies of the Department of Defense. Recently he has been reviewing East European scientific and technical journals covering research neurology, psychiatry, biophysics, related electronic measurement techniques, and brain research. At present he is preparing an article on the methodology of research in telepathic communication and related fields. Mr. Jensen has managed the air defense task of the Army's "Electronic Warfare 1975" Study and also the Electromagnetic Threat to Armv-S5. Since 1964 he has participated in threat and vulnerability studies for the Army. In June 1966 he was made project supervisor for the studies being done for the US Army Security Agency Combat Developments Activity. Earlier in 1966 he headed an analysis project developing a Threat to Army-75. Mr. Jensen was a company representative at the US Army Electronic Proving Ground, Fort Huachuca, Arizona, during 1959 and 1960. From 1960 to 1964, he was supervisor

of engineering writing and, later, manager of the R&D Publi-cations Department. During World War II and the Korean Conflict, he served in the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps. Mr. Jensen holds a B.S. degree in Physics (1947) and a B.B.A. in Marketing (1949) from Tulane University. He has also done graduate work in mathematics at San Jose State College, and psychology studies at the University of Virginia. NORMAN KOROBOW Psychology Researcher Mr. Korobow brings to the company a total of over 25 years experience in psychological research and computer applications. His work has been in the areas of human factors; research instrumentation in optics, electronics, physiological psycho-logy and communications; and computer applications to research. As part of Mr. Korobow's previous experience, he was head of an interdisciplinary team for the solution of Information Control system problems. This work included perceptual and bandwith requirement analysis, and the setting of psychological require-ments for Aerospace training equipment design. Mr. Korobow also preformed neuro-psychiatric research in the areas of personality behavior under stress, personality and chemotherapy, research design and implementation, and instrumentation development. He directed research on accident related variables, and studied methods for the determination of trainability of selected mili-tary personnel in advanced electronic techniques. Earlier, Mr. Korobow conducted research on Military Leadership at the U.S.M.A. at West Point. This work involved the analysis of identifiable personality variables associated with graded i leadership behavior, the development of new training techniques, | and motion picture production. He has also studied man-machine capability in the area of sensorimotor performance under stress, and the human factors in system design for avionics. Mr. Korobow received his B.A. degree in psychology and M.A. in psychology and biology from Brooklyn College, City University of New York. He later earned a Ph.D. in psychology from New York University. He has had extensive teaching experience and has taught courses in general psychology, normal personality, personnel psychology, experimental psychology, and industrial psychology. He is a member of several professional organizations, including the Eastern Psychological Association, the New York I State Psychological Association, arid the American Psychological Association. Korobow is a certified psychologist in New York State. Some of Mr. Korobow's many scholarly publications include;

"Errors in Perception". M.A. Thesis, Brooklyn College Library, 1946. "Personality and Audiogenic Stress". Ph.D. Thesis, 1953. "Reactions to Stress; a reflection of personality trait organization". Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology 51:464-8, 1955. Korobow, cont. How to Get More out of Training Aids". Technical Publication SDC 383 7-1 Special Devices Center, Office of Naval Research. "A Study of the Utilization of Four Representative Training Devices". Technical Publication SDC 383 - 7-2 Special Devices Center, Office of Naval Research, Project 20-A-1OA, l G 1932. "1970 Human Factors Data for ILAAS". GK 2910-0057, Bureau of Naval Weapons, Dept. of the Navy (SECRET), November 1967. "Human Factors Analytical Study of ILAAS 1967". GH 2910-0004- 041 Bureau of Naval Weapons, Dept. of Navy (Research on instrument legibility under high altitude high ambient light conditions. Development of a new technique for pilot unburdened weapon delivery), 1964. "Human Factors Analytical Study for ILAAS 1970", GK 2910-0004-042 Bureau of Naval Weapons, Dept. of Navy (SECRET), (Perceptual and motor limitations on man as controller and decision maker in 1967 aircraft). RICHARD B. LA TONDRE Senior Technical Analyst for Support Services Mr. La Tondre has served as the SIGINT/Electronics Warfare Officer, Advanced Requirements Branch, Marine Corps Development Center, Quantico, Virginia; the Communications Officer for the Chief, Department of Defense Special Representative in Vietnam; I and an Intelligence Research Analyst for the National Security I Agency. He has also received extensive formal training in the fields of combat intelligence, guerrilla warfare, photomagery, hydrography, special communications, electronic warfare, and analytical analysis. My. La Tondre is currently employed as project engineer for the Enemy Electromagnetic Threat (CD-107-EW), a study being conducted for a U.S. Government Agency. He is primarily responsible for the planning and implementation of the electronic Warfare effectiveness analysis effort as related to the update and publication of the Enemy Electromagnetic Threat 1975. He has participated in various electronic threat analysis L projects and studies, including the "Enemy Electromagnetic Threat to Friendly Tactical Aircraft in South Vietnam.

La Tondre has also been an electronics warfare consultant performing special ED analysis and feasibility studies for private industry, including Triangle Research Corporation, DIDEEN, the Associated Designers, Inc., and TECHTRAN Corporation. Mr. La Tondre attended Jackson College, Honolulu, Long Beach, City College, Long Beach State College, and George Washington University. He also studied Chinese Mandarin at the U.S. Army Language School, Presidio of Monterey and Data Processing at the National Security Agency. JOHN E. LAURANCE Astro - and Biophysics Scientist Mr. Laurance is a diversified scientist and regis-tered professional engineer with an advanced degree and numerous pre-doctorate courses covering astro-physics, nuclear physics, electronics, physical chemistry, engineering and medical subjects. He has had extensive experience in conducting and directing scientific research in multi-disciplinary fields and especially those involving energy systems. In addition, he has a broad supplemental background in conducting investigations and performing research related to paranormal fields and in developing electronic sensor systems derived through such research. A pioneer in space research, Mr. Laurance has served on advisory committees during the initial establishment of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and has been space program manager for several major corporations in the aeronautics and space industry. In the latter capacity, as manager of the Astro-Electronics Division (Engineering Programs Development and Programs Analysis), he was responsible for program planning for advanced space vehicle systems. Prior to this Laurance coordinated the support of basic research programs for the Office of Naval Research in Washington, D.C. and in the eleven western states where he served as acting chief scientist. In 1969 Mr. Laurance became Vice President and General Manager of a new corporation established to pro-vide new technologies and scientific procedures to Latin American and other developing countries. Mr. Laurance has been involved in the study of extra sensory perception and other paranormal subjects since 1930. Subsequent to 1963 he has made several trips to Latin American countries to investigate these subjects, particularly in the area of bioenergetic activities including medical healing. In 1968, as an Associate of '`Essentia Research Associates" he accompanied a group of U.S. medical doctors to Brazil to I investigate the works of the widely acclaimed medical healer Arigo. While there, individuals in this group which were referred to as "The Medical Commission on Arigo" also looked into additional subjects such as heart transplants and paranormal activity demonstrations. Mr. Laurance was instrumental in the establishment in 1968 of "Life Energies Research, Inc.", a non-profit organi-zation which conducts scientific investigations of unusual and little known properties of human energy systems. In connection with this research, he created electronic measuring equipment and conducted research on radiations

emanating from human energy sources. He now serves on the Research Committee and is a member of the Board of Directors of Life Energies Research. Laurance (cont.) Mr. Laurance received his B.S. at Whittier College, M.S. at the University of Southern California and did graduate work at the University of California. He is a member o f numerous professional and scientific societies and is listed in professional directories including "American Men Science" and "Who's Who in the East". ANDREI LOBANOV-ROSTOVSKY Sovietologist/Soviet Bloc Trend Analyst Professor Lobanov-Rostovsky has had wide experience extending over fifty years as Sovietologist and observer-analyst of Eastern European affairs. He has lectured and written extensively on this subject and has in more recent years closely followed trends in parapsychology from Eastern Europe with emphasis on psychical research in the Soviet Union. Professor Lobanov-Rostovsky has been active in psychical research in the United States since the 1930's and is a member of the 'American Society of Psychical Research. Russian by birth, Prof. Lobanov-Rostovsky served in the Russian Imperial Guards and the French Army during World War I, and in the White Army during the Russian civil war of 1919-1920. Afterwards he went to London and spent the next ten years as Foreign Correspondent for Baring Bros., Ltd. He emigrated to America in 1930 and became a U.S. citizen in 1936. Since coming to America he has taught European, Russian and Far Eastern history -ART at nearly fifteen colleges, although he has always been a member of the History Departments at either U.C.L.A. (1930-1945) or the University of Michigan (1945-1952) where he is a Professor Emeritus of History. Among his extra teaching assignments was a year with the U.S. Army Special Training Corps. He has also lectured on parapsychology. Prof. Lobanov-Rostovsky attended the Imperial School of Law at St. Petersburg (now Leningrad), the Lycee de Nice (France) and the Institut des Sciences Politiques in Paris, from whom he received his diploma in 1923. He has published over forty books and articles relating to his specialty. They include: Russia and Asia. New York, The Macmillan Company, 1933. Russia and Europe: 1789-1825. Durham, Duke University Press, 1947. Russia and Europe: 1825-1878. Ann Arbor, The George Wahr Publishing Co., 1954. "Russia at the Crossroads: Europe or Asia". London, The Slavonic Review, March 1928. Lobanov-Rostovsky, cont.

"The Soviet Muslim Republics of Central Asia" London, Journal of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, July 1928. "Psychological Undercurrents of the Russian Revolution". London, The Slavonic Review, March 1929. Bali "The Problem of Strategic Frontiers" in Frontiers of the Future (Lectures arranged by the University of California Committee on International Relations). Berkeley, University of California Press, 1941. "Russia and Germany". The Russian Review, March - April 1943. "The United States and Russia". Reprinted from the United States in the Postwar World, Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Press, 1947. "Trends of Soviet Foreign Policy in Asia". Recent Soviet Trends, Proceedings of the Conference Held at the University of Texas, 1956, Austin, University of Texas Publications, 1957. A Digest of the Krasnyi Arkiv-Red Archives Vol 31 - 106 Editied by Lobanov Rostovsky Ann Arbor, The University of Michigan Press, 1955. "The Soviet Union and the War". The World in Turmoil, Proceedings of the Institute of World Affairs, Vol. XIX, pp. 130-133, Los Angeles, University of Southern California, 1942. "Russian Expansion in the Far East in the Light of the Turner Theory". The Frontier in Perspective, pp. 79-95, Madison, University of Wisconsin Press, 1957. ARTHUR MARCUS Research Psychologist Mr. Marcus brings to this project more than thirteen years of experience in the areas of experimental psychology, human factors analysis, training and field consulting for both government and industry. Much of his work has been in the design of field tests and the evaluation of the performance effectiveness of people and systems in a variety of settings. He has participated in many projects related to the design, development and evaluation of information systems. This work has included the determination of requirements, development of operational methods and procedures, allocation of manmachine functions, evaluation of system alternatives and the selection of hardware and software applications for system implementation. Mr. Marcus has been responsible for coordinating, directing and conducting experiments in human performance, including the experimental design and preparation of apparatus and procedures, collection and analysis of data and interpretation of results both with regard to their theoretical implications and their practical applications.

Mr. Marcus has performed and reported on applied research studies (both field and experimental) to determine immediate answers to special human factors problems. In doing this, he has surveyed relevant literature for useful ideas, facts, approaches and techniques. He has reviewed research reports published by other organizations and individuals and has maintained liaison with, and when necessary has obtained assistance from, other researchers and organizations who have lan interest and capability to perform psychological research. Since joining the company, Mr. Marcus has become invoIved in two major military electronic system efforts, notably the SHORTSTOP System and the Air Combat Maneuvering Range System. His work has been in the human factors areas of display design, workplace layouts and in the determination of personnel require-ments for operation, maintenance and control. His tasks on SHORTSTOP include the optimization of operator duties, planning and participating in field tests, and the analysis of a variety of EW functions. Mr. Marcus has provided support to numerous other military System Program Offices (including SAM-D, LHA, NMCC, 416L, BUIC and 440L) through the application of exploratory and advanced development findings to system acquisition problems. His primary function has been to insure that adequate psychological principles and techniques are applied to improve the design, performance and operational capability of current and planned military systems through the conduct of research tasks and special studies. Marcus received his M.S. degree in Experimental Psychology and has completed the course requirements for a Ph.D. at the Diversity of Massachusetts. He received his B.B.A. industrial Psychology from the City College of New York. Marcus currently holds a SECRET clearance. SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY Preliminary Evaluation of Human Factors Affecting the Selection and Utilization of Displays for the ACMR System. Systems Consultants, Inc. 25 May 1970. Sequence Diagram Techniques in Systems Analysis (with T. G. Slattery and H. E. Etter). Dunlap & Associates, Inc. Monograph No. 5, 1 July 1969. A Case for AD Human Performance Testing. Dunlap & Associates, Inc. Report No. 17648, 21 November 1968. SAM-D Symbology-Human Factors Testing of Proposed Symbol Code (with H. Bowen and R. Bughman). Dunlap Associates, Inc. Report No. 176-38, 24 July 1968. Integrated Closed-Circuit Television Study (Report prepared on the EHA Program for the Raytheon Co.). Dunlap and Associates, Inc., 27 November 1967. National Military Command Center Briefing Facilities Users' Manual. Decision Sciences laboratory, Electronic Systems

Division, January 1966. "The Effect of Correct Response Location on the Difficulty l Level of Multiple-Choice Questions". Journal of Applied Psychology, 47, 48-51, 1963 E. STANTON MAXEY, M.D. Medical-Biophysical Researcher Dr. Maxey has practiced general surgery in Stuart, Florida, since 1956. In addition to his practice, he has wide interests in Aviation and Electronics. He is Licensed as a commercial pilot (airplane single and (multi engine ratings) and as an Instrument and Flight Instructor. At present he holds a patent for his Video Landing and Departure System and has applied for patents on other inventions in electronics. Dr. Maxey is conducting extensive studies in sleep research and human unconscious behavior patterns. Through the use of sophisticated sensors, he is attempting to determine the effects of exterior phenomena on dreams. An innovative feature of this research will be the use of electromagnetic recording of EEG's, ultraviolet and infrared sensors, precise weight analysis and the correlation of these technical factors with exterior phenomena such as electromagnetic fields, moon and planetary positions, barometric changes, and the dream recall abilities of the subject. Dr. Maxey received his B.S. (Cum Laude) in 1946 from Wake Forest College where he was also elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He received his M.D. from the M.D. Bowman Gray School of Medicine in 1950, and completed his medical Internship (1950-1951) at the University of Pennsylvania. His surgical residency was at the Chesapeake and Ohio Hospital in Huntington, West Virginia, from 1951-1955. Dr. Maxey is certified by the American Board of Surgery and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. H. SCOTT MCCANN Technical Writer/Editor Mr. McCann brings to the company a total of nearly ten years experience in technical writing, and editing of weapon systems technical manuals. He has also had experience in testing half lattice crystal filters and traveling wave tube amplifier systems. Mr. McCann has most recently worked with TV station WETA where he was an engineer responsible for the operation and light maintenance of station equipment, the conduct of day to day air operations, and network switching. He previously served as a technical editor for Operations Research, Inc. where he was responsible for all-stages of editing. Mr. McCann held a similar position with Tate Technical Service, Inc. As a technician for IIT Research Institute, Mr. McCann has had four years of experience with the Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis Center (ECAC) working with engineers on various RFI problems on communications, radar, and weapons systems. In addition,

Mr. McCann served as a technician for the Aeronca Manufacturing Corporation, responsible for testing half lattice crystal filters and traveling wave tube amplifier systems. Mr. McCann received his B. S. degree in English from Loyola College, and is currently a candidate there for a Masters Degree in Psychology. Mr. McCann has a First Class Radio-telephone (Broadcast Engineer) license. HENRY C. MONTEITH Electrical Engineer/Bioluminescent Researcher Mr. Monteith has had over ten years experience in engineering which has included color TV design, bioluminescent research, and development of innovative medical techniques. Presently he is a technical staff engineer of an engineering company under contract to the Atomic Energy Commission at Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mr. Monteith special interests have led him into research involving the study of biological effects of electromagnetic forces on living organisms at the molecular, and atomic levels. This has led him into experimenting and validating recent Russian research in the area of bioluminescence which is referred 'to as the "Kirlian effect.'' Prior to his present position, Mr. Monteith was assigned to the research laboratories of a large manufacturer of television sets where he designed circuitry and developed decoder parameters for color television. Subsequent to this assignment, he completed four years of military service in the U.S. Navy. Mr. Monteith received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering in 1965.He also studied engineering at the University of Pennsylvania and Purdue University. In 1970, he was awarded an M.S. degree in electrical engineering, with a minor in computer science from the University of New Mexico. Currently, he Is completing studies leading to a doctorate degree also at the University of New Mexico. His academic honors include member-ship in the Sigma Pi Sigma Physics honor society. SELECTED RESEARCH PAPERS "Computer Determination of Decoder Parameters for Color Television", RCA Working Report, August 1967. "The Time Theory of Nikolai A. Kozyrev", unpublished report written as internal company memorandum, Sandia Corporation, 1971. "Stimulated Emissions from Living Forms May Provide Clues to Novel Medical Techniques of the Future" (submitted for publication in the near future).

STEFAN T. POSSONY Sovietologist and Psychological Warfare Specialist Dr. Possony is a Sovietologist, International Affairs, and Psychological Warfare Specialist of high reputation and experience. Prior to and during the early stages of World War II, he served as an Advisor to the French Air Ministry and the French Foreign Office. After this assignment, he came to the United States and held a post as a Carnegie Re-search Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey. During World War II and through 1946, he was a Psychological Warfare Specialist at the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). Between 1946 and 1961, he served as Special Advisor to the Assistant Chief of Staff, Intel-ligence, USAF. During the same period, Dr. Possony served as Professor of International Politics r Georgetown Uni-versity, and during 1956-1958 as Director of Research for Life Magazine's Russian Revolution project. In 1961, Dr. Possony became Director of the International Political Studies Program at the Hoover Institution on War Revolution and Peace, where he is now a Senior Fellow. He testified before the U.S. Senate Internal Security Sub- Committee on the Threat of U.S. Security Posed by Stepped-up Sino-Soviet Hostilities and has on frequent occasion been called upon as a special consultant to U.S. Presidential Committees, Congress, and the Defense Department. Dr. Possony has been a Visiting Professor at American, ''European and Asian universities and participated in numerous international conferences. Dr. Possony received his Ph.D. from the University of Vienna. He has authored, co-authored and edited many books and other publications. Some of the more recent and relevant of these are: The Strategy of Technology; and Lenin, the Compulsive Revolutionary. MILAN RYZL Biocommunications/Parapsychology Scientist Dr. Milan Ryzl is an international authority in biocommunications and parapsychology, who has lectured widely both in the United States and in Europe. Dr. Ryzl, educated in Czechoslovakia, was a member of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences in Prague and was a leading figure in the application of scientific methods to the study of parapsychology. After he arrived in the United States, he worked with Dr. J. B. Rhine at the Institute of Parapsychology in Durham, North Carolina. There, Dr. Ryzl was especially noted for his original research on the influence of hypnosis on ESP. Dr. Ryzl has taught parapsychology at San Diego State College and is currently a professor of parapsychology at San Jose State University. He is a member of and has founded parapsychological and psychical research groups in Europe and in the United

States. Dr. Ryzl's primary efforts in this field have been to document a case for parapsychology by means of highly refined and systematized scientific methods. He published his results in 'Parapsvchology: A Scientific Approach (Hawthorn Books, 1970). In this work, Dr. Ryzl presents indisputable and thoroughly documented evidence that psychic phenomena exist and scientifi-cally examines the full range of psychic phenomena by evaluating experimental evidence derived from laboratory controlled testing. Dr. Ryzl is also well known as a reviewer and analyst of parapsychology developments and trends in Eastern Europe. He has frequently published reviews and commentaries on parapsychological works from behind the Iron Curtain. One such is Telepatie A Jasnovidnost (Telepathy and Clairvoyance), by Dr. Z. Rejdak. Dr. Ryzl's review of this book was published in the July-August 1971 edition of the Parapsychology Review. P. PAUL SAUVIN Electromechanical Engineer/Bionics Researcher Sauvin has had wide experience as an electromechanical engineer and researcher. Such bionics research has included the application of biological principles to the study and design of engineering systems; especially those that are electronic, biometric and bioluminescent. For thirteen years he worked in the aerospace industry, where he was initially a Flight Technician and eventually an Engineering Associate. His duties were primarily concerned with the installation, maintenance collection of flight data on airborne Doppler radar systems. He laid out and assembled experimental research and development units. Afterwards, Mr. Sauvin was responsible for the cable layout of the Plane Position Data Display Console and the electrical alignment, mechanical adjustment and maintenance of this console at the National Facilities Experimental Center. Mr. Sauvin also assisted with the initial development and maintenance of the Weather Display Console. He hen moved into systems engineering, and set up a Telemetry Test Labratory for the Mobile Mid-range Ballistic Program, performed evalutation tests of telemetry sub-carrier oscillator and pulse code System and participated in the preparation of the research and development specifications and the work statement for the signal conditioner for the Stellar Acquisition Feasibility Flight Test program. He later held project engineering responsibility for this development. Sauvin is currently with National Institute for Rehabilitation Engineering (NIRE) at St. Joseph's Hospital, Paterson, New Jersey, which designs and dispenses act types of special rehabilitation equipment, tools and prosthetic devices for the severely disabled. Apart from his work at NIRE, Mr. Sauvin has conducted independent research into medical applications of the bionic, biometric, biochemical and bioluminescent sciences. This research deals with the detection and analysis of emissions and electrooptical/electromagnetic radiation given off by human, animal and plant organisms. His research has also included investigations of the High Frequency "Kirlian Effect" photography, thought-controlled devices, and psycho-kinetic switches. The goal of such

research and analysis is to devise and develop hardware configurations which can aid the handicapped and severely disabled. Sauvin has studied at Delehanty Institute and attended Westchester Community College. He completed a programming course at National Air Facilities Experimental Station. Sauvin is currently active as a private pilot (single engine and seaplane ratings). He holds a 2nd class license in broadcast engineering, a 1st class radiotelephone license and an F.C.C. technician license. He has written many technical articles in the fields of electronic system applications, advanced electromechanical systems, applied bionics and rehabilitation engineering devices and techniques. GEORGE SCHEPAK Russian Technical Translator/Biocybernetics Researcher Mr. Schepak has had wide experience both as a translator and as an aerospace systems engineer, and has additionally been very active in parapsychological research. He has translated Russian scientific articles in parapsychology with emphasis in the fields of medicine, physics, geo-magnetism, botany and zoology. Mr. Schepak was born and educated in Russia. He has also studied in Russian schools in Germany. Mr. Schepak has been an engineer with several California aerospce firms. He has designed solid state general purpose, computers and worked on ground support equipment for inertial components. He participated in the DISCOVERER, MIDAS, SAMOS, VOYAGER and APOLLO space programs. Mr. Schepak is now participating in a research program headed by Dr. Barbara Brown, Chief of Experiential Psychology at Sepulveda Veterans Administration Hospital, in which he is investigating the physiological aspects of healing using EEG's, EKG's and other physiological measurements. Mr. Schepak has been an active member of the California Society for Psychical Research since 1962 and Director of Research for that organization since 1969. He is also a member of the Biofeedback Society and does advanced research in this area. Mr. Schepak holds a B.S. in Engineering from UCLA, and a LL.B. from the Blackstone School of Law. In addition he has studied in cybernetics, the behavioral sciences, biological feedback and parapsychology. Mr. Schepak has been a naturalized citizen of the United States since March 1955 and has held a Defense contractor security clearance.

BERTHOLD ERIC SCHWARZ, M.D. Psychiatry/Parapsychology Researcher Dr. Schwarz is a psychiatrist in private practice in Montclair, New Jersey. In addition to his practice, he has conducted extensive psychiatric/parapsychological researches and is the author of over fifty published reports (a selected bibliography follows). Prior to his entry into private practice, Dr. Schwarz was a Fellow in Psychiatry at the Mayo Foundation from 1950 to 1955. In addition to the basic studies required by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, the Fellowship gave Dr. Schwarz experience as a consultant to all sections of the Mayo Clinic, the psycho-somatic and closed divisions of St. Mary's Hospital, in child psychiatry and neurological services and as manager of the consulting service for the downtown hospitals. He has conducted depth electrographic and clinical research on LSD, mescaline, and clinical electroencephalography in the Section of Physiology and neurophysiological studies on animals and humans. Dr. Schwarz also made psychoanalytic investigations while working on the Mayo Clinic schizophrenia, delinquency and perversion projects, as well as studying didactic and personal psychoanalysis. In addition to his private practice, Dr. Schwarz has studied telepathic communications in the parent-child and physician - patient relationships. He has also made investigations of the accomplishments of such extraordinary paragnosts as Henry Gross, Jacques Romano, Gerard Croiset and Joseph Dunninger. These psychiatric-parapsychological studies and techniques are focused on the elements of reality, psychopathology and induced psychophysiology. Dr. Schwarz received his B.A. from Dartmouth College and his Diploma in Medicine from the Dartmouth Medical School in 1945. He graduated from the New York University College of Medicine in 1950 and interned at Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital, Hanover, New Hampshire, 1951. He received a M.S. in Psychiatry from the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine of Minnesota; and is a diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and a member of the American Medical Association as well as the American Electroencephalographic Society. Schwarz, cont. SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY "Telepathic Experiments in a Child Between 1 and 3-1/2 Years". International Journal of Parapsychology, Vol. III, No. 4:5-52, 1961. "Physiological Aspects of Henry Gross's Dowsing". Parapsychology, Vol. 4-, No. 2:7186, 1962-1963. "Psychodynamic Experiments in Telepathy". Corrective Psychiatry and Journal of Social Therapy, Vol. 9, 169-218, 1963. "Discussion of Dr. Grad's paper 'Psychic Healing"'. New York Academy of Science, 28

October 1963. Journal of American Social and Psychical Research, Vol. LIX: 127-29, 1965. Psychic-Dynamics. New York, Pageant Press, 1965 (Title of paperback, Psychiatrist Looks at ESP, A Signet Mystic Book, New York 1968.). "Death of a Parapsychologist, Possible Terminal Telepathy with Nandor Fodor". Samikea, Vol. 2, No. 1:1-14, 1966-1967. "The Telepathic Hypothesis and Genius: A Note on Thomas Alva Edison". Corrective Psvchiatrv and the Journal of Social Therapy, Vol. 13' No. 1, 17019, January 1967. "Possible Telesomatic Reactions". The Journal of the Medical Society of New Jersey, Vol. 64, No. 11:600-603, November 1967. Preface to the American edition of Telepathy and Clairvoyance, by Professor Dr. W. H. C. Tenhaeff, Trans. Mrs. A. C. Matteson, 1967. -"Precognition and Psychic Nexus". Journal of the American Society of Psychosomatic Dentistry and Medicine, Vol. 18, No. 2. "Telepathy and Pseudotelekinesis in Psychotherapy". The Journal of the American Society of Psychosomatic Dentistry and Med-icine, Vol. 15, No. 4:144-154, October 1968. "Parent-Child Telepathy", A study of the Telepathy of Everyday Life, Garrett Publications, New York, 1971. Co-author: "Hypnotic Phenomena, Including Hypnotically Activated Seizures, Studied with the Electroencephalogram". Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases, 122:564574, December 1955. Schwarz, cont. "Behavioral and Electroencephalographic Effects of Hallucinogenic - Drugs". A.M.A. Arch. Neurology Psychiatry, 75:83-90, January 1956 "Electroencephalographic Changes in Animals under the Influence of Hypnosis". Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases 124: 433-439, November 1956. "A Study of Chlorpromazine Photosensitivity". Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 28:329-338, 1957

ALBERT B. WING Senior Scientist/Engineer for Advanced Technology Mr. Wing has over twenty years experience in the research, design, and development of advanced technology which date back to his work on the Manhattan Project during World War II. He has also served as a senior staff scientist for an advanced systems engineering company, manager of operations research and systems research projects for a defense agency, and as a technical consultant. Mr. Wing is currently performing research in technologies of sensors and pattern recognition; information processing and display; feature discrimination, enhancement, and recognition; and transfer of electronic warfare technology to anti-crime applications. Mr. Wing has served as a management advisor to U.S. government RDT&E programs and has devised systems for interdisciplinary problem evaluation and innovative solutions. Among his many government consulting tasks have been his assignments as a special consultant in radiation sensing and solid-state transducer physics, X-ray and neutron diffraction, microwave systems, bionics, geophysics, and chemical engineering. In private industry, Mr. Wing has developed an air traffic contra' system, served as project manager for a camouflage R&D effort, and headed the special projects department for a University of Rochester team under contract to the Manhattan Project. His other industrial experience includes analysis of: microwave antenna radiation patterns and new antenna designs; foreign technology developments in lasers, masers, and sensors; ionospheric propagation and upper atmosphere technologies, and reconnaissance and surveillance communications. While serving as principal physicist to the Cornell Aeronautical Laboratories, Mr. Wing directed research which included biosensor telemetry, space-environment simulation chambers, IFF video defruiters, shipboard electro-magnetic computability, centralized time and frequency control, broad spectrum camouflage, sound-ranging equipment, and imagery transmission. Mr. Wing received his B.S. in Chemistry from Brown University in 1943 and his M.S. in Optics and Physics from the University of Rochester in 1952. He has also taken additional graduate courses at these institutions in advanced organic chemistry, advanced physiology, neurology, biochemistry, pharmacology, and toxicology. His professional organization affiliations include the IEEE (Senior Member), American Institute of Physics, American Chemical Society, Optical Society of America, and the Rochester Academy of Science. Mr. Wing is listed in American Men of Science and has been named to honorary membership in the Research Society of America. He obtained two Atomic Energy Commission Fellowships in 1944-45 and 1949-50 tenable at the University of Rochester. For his work on the Manhattan Project, he received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Secretary of War.

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS BY FIELDS Geophysics"The Earth-Scanning Problem in the GEOS Altimetry Program," NASA Report., 1967. "On Satellite Geophysical Discrimination Techniques," Rome Air Force Base Report., 1966. "New Designs for Inertial, Gravitational & Magnetic Field Sensors," Defense Communication Agency, 1968. Electronics- "A Critical Survey of Satellite Attitude Sensor Devices," Defense Communication Agency Report., 1967. BuShips Contract Specifications Manual for Defruiters in IFF Video Equipment," Cornell Aeronautical Laboratories/Navy Rept., 1966. X Rays "Crystal & Molecular Structure of Dimethoxy-benzophenone by the Direct Probability Method," (co-author), Acta Cryst. 10, 481 (1957); ibid. 11, 257 (1958). "X Ray Cartography of Cleaved Crystals," Report of Naval Research Laboratory Progress, Dec. 1961, p.7. "Aligning Single Crystals for X Ray Diffraction," (co-author), Rev. Sci. Instr. 23,442 (1952). Naval Research Laboratory Reports #4402 (1954) & #4553 (1955), and many other writings in this area. Optics"The Sharpening of Photographic Images: A Systems Approach," to be published. "The Anastigmatic Anisotropy of Visual Acuity," M.S. Thesis, U of R. 1951. NEW DOCUMENT LISTING OF HEALTH AND WELFARE PROGRAMS WHICH ARE WITHIN THE CAPABILITY OF MANKIND RESEARCH UNLIMITED, INC. 1. Investigations into Causal and Preventive Factors for the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) 2. Methods of Improving Beds, from a Therapeutic and Comfort Standpoint, for Hospital Patients 3. Applications of Music-color and Chromotherapy as Remedial Agents in the Treatment of Emotionally Disturbed and Retarded Children 4. Analysis of the French-developed Electronic Anesthetic System

5. Investigations of Geopathogenic Factors and Their Effects on Inducing of Human Illness 6. Application of the Burr-Ravitz Electrodynamic Field Theory to the Precise Electronic Prediction and Determination of Female Ovulation Times in Terms of Minutes 7. Application of Newly Developed U.S. Army "Thermoviewer" Devices to Analyze Diagnostically the Status of Body Tissue Beneath the Skin 8. Investigations into the Use of Negative Ion Generators and Their Potential Application in Enhancing Human Performance, Welfare, and Health 9. Use of the Italian -Developed Device Referred to as the "Tobiscope" to Analyze and Detect Abnormal or Malignant Conditions in Body Cells and Tissues and to Locate Acupuncture Points 10. Use of High Frequency Electromagnetic Waves with Pulse Cadence Near Alpha Rhythm Brain Wave to Produce Narcosis Effects 11. Use of Psychobiological and Physico-Chemical Drugs to Alter States of Consciousness and Control Moods, Fatigue, Alertness, Personality, Perception, Tension 12. Through Interaction of Biophysiological Techniques and Electromagnetic Fields, Varying Emotional States of Groups of People and Inducing Visual or Auditory Hallucinations by Applying Specific Field Intensities 13. Luminescent Microscopy Techniques to Diagnose illnesses 14. Analysis of Acupuncture and Its Degree of Effectiveness in Treating Human Ailments 15. Human Sensitivity to, and Effects of, Ultrasonic Energy 16. Biological Effects in Strong or Reinforced and Weak or Disturbed Geomagnetic and Electromagnetic Fields 17. Production of Electrographic Images of Living Organisms 18. Human Perception and Relation to the Conditioned Reflex 19. Applications of Neurocybernetics 20. Bio-Feedback Training and Applications 21. Electromagnetic Field and Magnetoresistance Effects on Neural Tissues

32. Biological Effects of Water Treated by Magnetic Fields on the Behavior and Activity of Living Organisms 23. Use of 'Microwave (SHE) Therapy" in the Treatment of Diseases 24. Investigation of the Stimulating Effect of Electromagnetic Fields on HemopoIesis and on the Composition of the Blood in Humans and Animals 25. Measurement of the Electric Parameters of Body Tissues in Various Frequency. Ranges for Diagnostic Purposes - I :3 26. Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Cultures of Normal and Malignant Human Cells and on Malignant Tumors 27. Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Human Blood in Respect to Clotting Time and Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate. 28. Destruction of Bacteria by Electromagnetic Waves of Certain Wavelengths and by Biotherapy Means 29. Physical and Chemical Factors which Influence and Inhibit the Olfactory Senses 30. Ability of Electric Potentials on the Skin (referred to as "skin potentials") to Immediately Reflect Internal Changes in the Human Body 31. Use of Magnetic Fields and Magnets to Effect Pain-Deadening Conditions NEW DOCUMENT SYSTEMS CONSULTANTS, INC., is an organization of technical and management specialists who are able to provide solutions to a broad range of problems in the fields of: · Systems Engineering · Computer Technology · Management Consultation The interdependency of technical disciplines to solve these problems has resulted in the development of a highly diversified staff. Our project management approach to organization enables us to maximize the staff resources available for each client. SYSTEMS CONSULTANTS, INC., maintains high standards of performance that are reflected in two basic corporate objectives: · The timely and accurate definition of client problems · The client's complete satisfaction with, and ability to implement the solution

This introductory brochure provides a brief de-scription of the Company and its qualifications. Additional information will be furnished upon request. SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Company has participated in projects concerned with a wide spectrum of technical and sclentific skills and capabilities that we have been applied to the following type assignments: · Aircraft and electronic systems · Command and control systems · Data collection and display systems · Product quality assurance projects . Reliability and maintainability studies · Test and evaluation projects · Economic and mathematical modeling · Electronic systems simulation · Ship and craft armament systems . Multi-sensor aircraft systems · Electro-optical sensor systems Our efforts in these assignments have not been limited to the commonly accepted concepts of systems engineering. Systems Consultants relates its work to the total system, and its impact on the external and internal interfaces that exist throughout the operating environment. The assignments cover the broad range of development from feasibility through test and evaluation. COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY Many of the new problems posed by modern technology can only be solved through the application of advanced computer sciences. The computer staff of Systems Consultants, Inc. constantly seeks new and better solutions to such problems. Among our current efforts in this area are: · Design and evaluation of interactive graphic display systems · Analysis and design of an automated Con-gressional constituent mail system

· Analysis and integration of airborne and ship-board data processing systems · Specification, simulation, and evaluation of com-plex multi-processing systems · Studies of third-generation real-time computer systems · Analysis and design of advanced multi-processing executive programs for real time applications · Evaluation, analysis, and specification of high- level programming languages We have had broad experience in computer system feasibility, design, development, analysis, simulation and evaluation. The Company has performed system analysis on a variety of client problems and selected the optimum combination of automated machines and manual procedures which efficiently and economically process the data to meet the needs of management.

MANAGEMENT CONSULTING In the conduct of business and government many complex problems relate to the development of information for managers and directors. Our staff is experienced in the development of solutions to management problems for national, state and local governments as well as private industry. The Company provides its clients with a wide variety of management services, including · Management Information Systems · Appraisal System Design · Program Management Planning · Cost Benefit Analysis · Organization Evaluation · Training Program Development · Equipment Procurement · Technical Audit · Architectural Safety Advisory · Security and Safety Planning Through our efforts in these, areas, Systems Consultants, Inc., has had extensive experience in planning, organizing, and evaluating a variety of gov-ernmental and industrial projects as well as defining, developing and implementing management

information systems, professional training programs, safety and security methods and procedures. CORPORATE OFFICES 1054 31St STREET N.W. WASHINGTON, D. C. TE LEPHONE (202) 333~800 TWX (710) 822-0103 WASHINGTON DlVISION 202 333-6800 1050 31st Street N.W. Washington, D.C. 3500 Virginia Beach Boulevard Suite 411 Virginia Beach, Virginia 1411 Jefferson Davis Highway (Suite 808 ~ 99R) Arlington, Virginia v NEW YORK DIVISION 7777 Leesburg Pike, Fails Church, Virginia 2 Penn Plaza New York City 410 Jerico Turnpike Jericho, New York 809 Aquidneck Ave P.O. Box 330 Middletown, Rhode Island 6525 Belcrest Road Hyattsville, Maryland RlDGECREST DIViSION 543 Graaf Street, Ridgecrest, California. CALIFORNIA DIVISION 16661 Ventura Boulevard Encino, California 7330 Convoy Court San Diego, California 3255 Wing Street Diego, California

Systems Consultants Inc. was established in 1966 and has experienced continued growth in personnel, skills, experience and facilities. The staff is composed of scientific, engineering and management specialists. To support the technical staff, SCI maintains complete services in graphic arts, technical publications, management presenta-tions and computer time-sharing facilities. The broad academic and professional background of the Company's staff have enabled it to develop strong capabilities in a variety of fields. The Company has no affiliation with equipment manu-facturers; therefore, we are able to provide objec-tive evaluations of our client's needs.

The Corporation is formed around four operating divisions to enable diversified and independent management of the services and products tailored to specific customer requirements. 1. Burr, Dr. Harold S., Blueprint for Immortality -- The Electric Patterns of Life, N. Spearman, London, 1972 (in press). 2. Stromberg, Gustaf, The Soul of the Universe, Educational Research Institute, N. Hollywood, California, 1948. 3. Daniels, Rexford, "New Horizons in EMC", Proceedings of the 1970 IEEE International Symposium on Electro-Magnetic Compatibility, pp. 160-67. 4. Pressman, A. S., Electromagnetic Fields and Life, Plenum Press, New York, 1970 (originally published in Russian by Nauka Press, Moscow, 1968). 5. To the Reader", Main Currents in Modern Thought, Volume 19, Number 1, September-October 1962. 6. Daniels, op cit. (Note: This does not imply that we currently have identified all forces which may appear on the electromagnetic spectrum nor that we have adequately described all laws that govern natural phenomena.) 7. Karagulla, Dr. Shafica, Breakthrough to Creativity: Higher Sensory Perception, Virginia Beach, Virginia, 1970. 8. See, for instance, Puharich, Henry.K., M.D., "The Work of the Brazilian Healer Arigo", in The Varieties of Healing Experience, The Academy of Parapsychology and Medicine, 1971. 9. Karllns, Marvin and Lewis M. Andrews, Biofeedback -- Turning on the Power of Your Mind, J. B. Lippincott, 1972. 10. Green, Elmer, Ph.D., "Biofeedback for Mind-Body Self-Regulation: Healing and

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27. 0strander, Sheila, and Lynn Schroeder, Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1970. 28. Unfortunately, these figures are not matched in the US, where only insignifi-cant sums have been spent for this type of research. This indicates that the European Communist countries, especially the USSR, seem to be more aware of the benefits and applications of biocommunications research. Mankind Research Unlimited hopes to counter and reverse this trend so that the full fruits and benefits derived from this research are also made available to our own citizenry. FOLLOW UP Charles R. Buffler is now the Vice President of the Microwave Research Center. Christopher Bird died of a heart attack on May 2, 1996. Possony was the Acting Chief, Special Studies Group, Department of Intelligence, United States Air Force. Possony was a Board Member of the Committee for Inter-American Security, along with Larry Pratt and Patrick Buchanan. Pratt was associated with Willis Carto's Liberty Lobby. The Committee for Inter-American Security was involved in the FBI's CISPES affair, as was Oliver Buck Revell. Possony co-authored "The Strategy of Terror" with Lynn Francis Bouchey, an organizer for the Unification Church, and a former lobbyist for Pinochet of Chile. Possony was a board member of Lyndon LaRouches Fusion Energy Foundation and co-authored a book titled The Geography of Intellect with Nataniel Weyl. In 1974 Possony was published by William Buckley's Arlington House Press. It was fortunate that MRU didn't discover anything significant because Possony would have used the information to create a nation of brainwashed, anti-Communist zombies. As stated in this database, Possony died in 1995. RAND CORPORATION DOCUMENT RELEASED BY DOD SHOWS DOD INTEREST IN PARAPSYCHOLOGY. CLICK HERE The latest news of MANKIND RESEARCH was contributed by a researcher in Texas who discovered that William Leavitt who was involved with Nazi Aryan Nations microbiologist Larry Wayne Harris in attempted terrorist activity was on the Board of Directors of Mankind Research. Click HERE to see the document in pdf form.

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The story of Mankind Research is the story of the paranoia of the Cold War.


The story of Mankind Research is the story of the paranoia of the Cold War.