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Our Story…. Like our flagship brand Kradle Kouture, Aj’BEA Kouture provides an alternative choice to couture clothing however this line caters to women. Aj’BEA Kouture was conceived as a result of many inquiries from mothers / women about items for themselves after purchasing

products for their little ones. The same way we put a lot of thought, care and creativity in our products for your little ones so do we do the same for our women. Aj’BEA Kouture products are made from rich African fabric made with vibrant colors, abstract designs cut out of

modern designs. Aj’BEA Kouture represents the crossroads where modern style, elegance and rich culture collide into a fashion statement to die for!

Our Philosophy…. As a subsidiary of Kradle Kouture Inc., Aj’BEA Kouture provides a style offering for the trendsetting woman looking for that signature piece that blends culture, modern styles and sophistication into one perfect outfit.

At Aj’BEA Kouture our main mission is to provide a new lens into the ever evolving face of fashion and how it can relate to the most cherished aspects of culture. We look to redefine culture, however not in a way to

completely lose what is, but more so to enhance it and make relevant in today’s market. Our clothing provide today’s woman sophistication and style rich in culture and poised in modern fashions.

Our Brand…. Aj’BEA Kouture represents the trendsetter who is always eager to explore and adopt new style choices and is not afraid of color. Our client is one who is looking to diversify her style portfolio with custom made Page 2

items and understands the role culture could play in fashion. Aj’BEA Kouture is well positioned in our belief that our culture has an key place in

fashion. The Aj’BEA Kouture line includes a clothing line and a bag/purse collection guaranteed to turn heads.


CLOTHING Lime Green Multi Print Double Puff Sleeve Dress

Turn heads with this color blocking Lime green multi print double puff sleeve dress ($55.00) made from authentic Ghanaian Dumas print. Ideal outfit for all occasions and events. Belt not included. Page 3

Nsaansaa Patchwork Maxi Skirt

Patchwork skirt made from stripes of different Ghanaian Dumas fabrics infused together to give this wearable artwork. Nsaansaa patchwork maxi skirt ($55.00). The multi-colored nature of skirt allows it to be matched with any color.

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Brown Nsaansaa Multi Print Baby Doll Dress Remain bold and beautiful with this Brown Nsaansaa multi print baby doll dress ($60.00). Full skirt made from stripes of African fabrics infused to give the patchwork look and feel to it. Definitely a show stopper!

Once again the multi colored nature of the dress allows for ample accessory choices. Belt and necklace not included.

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Red Caliente Cape Sleeve Dress

Blaze up your closet with this sizzling red and yellow number: Red caliente cape sleeve dress ($60.00).

Remain fly and fierce with the detailed cape like sleeves, geometric patterns and the enhanced front panel.

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Tomato Peppernickel Multi Print Baby Doll Dress

Evoke your inner child with this color block baby doll dress. The combined earth tone colors give an alluring effect in this Tomato peppernickel multi print baby doll dress ($60.00)

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Purple & Yellow Cape SleeveFlirt Dress

Feeling free and flirty‌ well do it well in this Purple and Yellow Cape Sleeve poodle dress ($60.00). Come on show a little leg and get your flirt on with this number. Belt not included.

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Pinkberry Lime Puff Sleeve Pencil Dress

Its all in the details...feel classy and sophisticated in this Pinkberry Lime puff sleeve pencil dress ($55.00). Evoke the essence of tradition inter-twined with modern flair.

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Brown Cinnamon Nsaansaa Multi Print Dress

Always go out with a bang and this Brown Cinnamon Nsaansaa multi print dress ($60.00) knows a lot about big bangs! Celebrate your earth tones with an ounce of color and flair. Belt not included.

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Green Tomato Nsaansaa Multi Print Dress

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder ! Feel beautiful in this patchwork number guaranteed to turn heads. The detail is impeccable in this Green tomato Nsaansaa multi print dress ($60.00). Full skirt made from stripes of Ghanaian Dumas fabrics.

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Ahotow Traditional Print Pencil Dress

Ahotow means relaxed and tranquility so feel calm and collected in this number—the Ahotow Traditional Print pencil dress ($55.00)

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BAGS A girl’s best friend...

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Clutch at my heart‌.

Cherry Blueberry Traditional Floral Print clutch ($50.00)

Powder Pink/Wine/White Classic Print clutch ($50.00)

Kente Multi Traditional Classic clutch ($60.00)

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Color knows no bounds‌. Get your color on with this statement piece!

Make color your best friend...and let this fantastic clutch start you on your way! This Yellow Pink Green Classic clutch ($60.00) is a kaleidoscope of color and patterns. Its multi colored appeal allows for it to be a fashion companion to every hue in the book.

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True Blue... Every woman needs a fashion side kick to complete her style!

The Blue Scribble Swirl Classic Print purse ($50.00)makes a wonderful fashion companion if you are into feeling completely styled and sophisticated. Add this piece to your purse collection and you will not be left wanting!

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Child’s Play...

Do let your mini-me in on the fun too with this African fabric themed backpack for boys and girls! Let your little ones be unique in their social circles. Let this piece help them stand out! Spacious room in main compartment with front and side flips for little tokens and other tools.

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Earth Tones made sassy... Yellow, Orange and Brown Classic Floral print purse ($50.00), I deal for occasions and events when you are required to stand out and look chic!

The fiery tones on this purse, not only provides the sizzle to your outfit as you carry it around as a trophy but also includes a fierce pep to your step! Make sure you make this Yellow Caliente Traditional Print purse ($60.00) a part of your collection

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Purse envy...

Colorful Pleasure Classic Print Mini– clutch ($45.00)

Caramel Brown Star Classic Print Purse ($60.00)

Caramel Brown Star Classic Print Clutch ($60.00) Page 19

Just make my day...

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Primary Business Address 1271 Mackintosh Park Atlanta, GA 30318 Phone: 404 - 441 - 6601 Fax: 678 - 973 - 0151 E-mail:

Kradle Kouture ‘where your kids are the fashion icons on the runway!’

Find us on the web at

Culture Redefined… Aj’BEA Kouture is a startup couture brand catering to the woman looking for style intertwined with culture. It is a subsidiary of Kradle Kouture. The official website for Aj’BEA Koture is currently under construction. For all online purchase, please visit the website of Kradle Kouture: See additional products we carry in the ‘Store’ section.