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The First 50 Years

“Hold on to instruction, do not let it go; guard it well, for it is your life.� Proverbs 4:13

Artwork created by Donna Willet

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From Our Administrators... Fall 2011

Executive Director Scott Ernstmeyer and Principal Matt Heibel

Dear Friends and Family of Lincoln Lutheran, Lincoln Lutheran has been blessed with a legacy of 50 years of providing outstanding Christian education. To serve in a ministry with such a rich history and so many examples of servant-minded leaders is truly humbling. Having been a Lincoln Lutheran Trojan as a student and now providing leadership for Lincoln Lutheran Warriors feels a little surreal at times. Yet it is God’s design and His plan. Matt’s and my stories are not that different from most. God places us each in situations and provides experiences that prepare us for life and the calling He has in store for us. For some it means full-time service to the Church, for others it means making a difference in a secular calling. There are those serving as lay leaders within their churches, and others who travel internationally in mission for Christ. Sometimes it simply means praying for those in need and serving our neighbors. What we share as alumni or friends of Lincoln Lutheran is the impact God has made on us and our faith journey through this ministry. God has worked in the lives of more than 1600 young people at Lincoln Lutheran in the last 50 years. This ministry has also woven its way into the lives of parents and grandparents, neighbors, and the community of Lincoln. Born from the dreams of a few visionary leaders, this school has thrived in times of plenty and times of challenge because of the support of countless individuals. This year God has blessed our 50th year of operation with a record enrollment of 395 students in grades 6-12! Matt and I pray that you enjoy this publication. It certainly cannot capture everything Lincoln Lutheran has provided over the last 50 years. We pray it brings back fond memories for you and allows you to re-experience the blessings of a ministry so important to the lives of young people and their families for the last 50 years. May God continue to bless Lincoln Lutheran during its next 50 years of service! In Thanksgiving to God, Scott Ernstmeyer, Ed.S. – Class of 1989 Executive Director - LLSA

Matt Heibel – Class of 1976 Principal

The Founding Years

“Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” Colossians 3:2

The dream of a Lutheran Junior High School in Lincoln, Nebraska took root in 1953 when members of Calvary Lutheran and Trinity Lutheran discussed overcrowding problems at their two existing elementary schools. Trinity’s Christian Day School, located at 12th & H, opened its doors in 1886. A Junior High department was added in 1927 and grew to 152 students by 1956. Calvary opened its Christian Day School in 1929 with 22 students in grades one through eight. The first teacher was Mrs. Gertrude Gieselman. In 1945 the school moved to a remodeled seminary building located at 28th & Sumner. The enrollment had grown to 55 students in grades one through nine. By 1953 each school had considered adding a 9th grade, but due to building constraints at each school, they agreed that a shared facility and ministry would be wise. The idea finally began The Founding Fathers - Lincoln Lutheran’s First School Board - 1962 to take shape in 1958 when Trinity purchased Front Row: Rev. Arthur Krause (Principal), Rev. Melvin J. Tassler 18 acres of land on North 56th St. for $18,000. (Pastoral Advisor), Elmer Schroeder, President (Trinity), Dearle Schatz (Redeemer), A school building committee was appointed Walter Schaffert (Calvary) Back Row: Roland Luedtke (Trinity), Victor Schmieding to develop plans for a new school to relieve (Trinity), Delmar Maier (Redeemer), Dr. Harlan Papenfuss (Calvary), Martin Holtmeier (Calvary), Donald Lohrberg (Trinity), Martin Bauer (Redeemer) the crowded conditions and to allow for a Kindergarten-9th grade program.

The original building was completed in 1962. 2

Don Lohrberg, a founding father, at the 50th Anniversary Celebration, September 25, 2011, pictured with the original LLJHS sign.

Construction phase.

In the fall of 1959, Calvary, Trinity and Redeemer congregations authorized the formal incorporation of the Lincoln Lutheran School Association, whose first president was Trinity member Mr. Elmer Schroeder. The formal signing took place following the city-wide Reformation Service in October, 1959. The first voters’ meeting was held January 24, 1961, during which plans for the new Junior High School building were authorized with the intent of using the 18 acre plot previously purchased by Trinity. The original concept called for the school to eventually expand to the 12th grade, accommodating 400 students.

“Soli Deo Gloria” - To God alone, the glory. This cornerstorne was laid in the June 30, 1962 ceremony.

Lincoln Lutheran School Association first Executive Board. Roland Luedtke, President; Delmar Maier, Vice President; Martin Holtmeier, Secretary; Walter Schaffert, Treasurer.

The building was estimated to cost $300,000 and would be the first consolidated Lutheran Junior High in Nebraska as well as a pioneer project for the denomination. It was built to accommodate 200 students. While the building was under construction, Calvary Junior High and Trinity Junior High operated as consolidated schools in two separate locations for the 1961-62 school year. The schools shared four teachers and Arthur C. Krause was hired to be the first principal. At that time there were some 325 students enrolled in the two Kindergarten-9th grade schools. The official Groundbreaking Ceremony and Dedication for the new building was held November 26, 1961 with speaker Dr. Thomas Langevin, acting president of Concordia, Seward. A Cornerstone Laying service was held June 3, 1962. W. T. Janzow, professor of Sociology at Concordia was the speaker, with Rev. Melvin J. Tassler of Redeemer Lutheran conducting the service. As they say – the rest is history.


The 1960s After months of intense construction and much work still remaining, Lincoln Lutheran Junior High opened its doors for the first day of school on Friday, September 7, 1962 with 118 students in grades 7-9. Principal Arthur Krause had the honor of dedicating the new school on January 27, 1963. He stated that this was “truly a signal event for Christian Education, not only in Lincoln, Nebraska, but most important in the Kingdom of God! By this effort we have committed ourselves to the concept that our children’s formal education should not merely consist of education for this life, but should also be an education for eternity.” “It takes a lot of trading stamps to buy a school bus. It takes a lot more to buy two.” (local newspaper clipping) A bus was purchased in 1964 and again in 1965 using trading stamps, which brought the school’s fleet of buses to six. The buses were used to transport students to the two elementary schools and to the junior high. Busing was a huge undertaking because students came from all over Lincoln. In regards to the additional buses, the ‘64 Crown yearbook stated that “The transportation system became even more complex. This had no effect, however, on the fine service which continued day after day.” By the mid 1980s busing was no longer offered.

King Ron Ross and Queen Vicki Schmieding crowned during the May 1964 Honors Banquet.

January 24, 1961

Pastor Arthur Krause Mr. Eckhardt W. Scheer Principal Assistant Principal, Library

Mr. Elmer Meinke Social Studies, Art, Audio-Visual Director

Mr. Daniel Walther Guidance Director, Science, Mathematics

Mr. Richard Petri Mr. Edwin Martin Industrial Arts, Boys Music, Mathematics P.E., Transportation Supervisor

Mrs. Ed Banning, Jr. Home Economics, Girls P.E., Science

A typical early 1960s day in the lunch room.

First voters’ meeting approved plan for new Junior High


First Faculty Members

August, 1961

Arthur C. Krause installed as first principal

Groundbreaking Ceremony and Dedication

November 26, 1961

May, 1962

First Graduating Class

“He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.� Philippians 1:6

Above and top right: Mr. Richard Petri keeps the boys busy in his 1963-64 P.E. and shop classes.

1963-64 Orchestra directed by Mr. Edwin Martin.

These 1967-68 bus drivers helped transport students to LLJHS from all over Lincoln.

1967-68 Projection Club is guided by Mr. Meinke. First day of school in new building

Cornerstone Laying Service

June 3, 1962

September 7, 1962


The 1965-66 Science Club demonstrates a project.

The 1966-67 Student Council sponsored by Mr. Petri.

The first Yearbook ad from the longest continuous business supporter of LLJHS and now LLHS.

1965-66 Home Economics Class demonstrates what they have been learning.

Daniel H. Walther installed as principal

First yearbook published



Pictured above are the 1967-68 office assistants helping School Secretary Mrs. Erwin (Marie) Schwartzkopf.

May 1965

5th Anniversary Service

September 25, 1965

In December 1964, Arthur Krause took a call to become Pastor of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in St. Louis, Missouri. Daniel H. Walther, a 1961 graduate of Concordia, Seward, was installed as principal at the May 1965 commencement exercise. Mr. Walther had served as counselor at Lincoln Lutheran for four years and then as interim principal. Two years later, in 1967, Wallace W. Brueggemann was installed as principal, serving Lincoln Lutheran for 20 years. Over 300 people attended a celebration service on September 25, 1966 marking Lincoln Lutheran Junior High’s fifth anniversary. Dr. P. A. Zimmerman, President of Concordia College, Ann Arbor, MI, spoke on the role of parochial education. The service was conducted by the Rev. W. Koening, Pastor of Calvary Lutheran. These enthusiastic young ladies cheered on the Trojans during the 1969-70 School Year.

The 1968-69 Girls P.E. class has some fun posing for this picture for the yearbook.

Mr. Wallace Brueggemann leads the Closing Devotions in this 1968-69 photo.

The first yearbook was published in 1964. It showed that students were active in Art Club, Projection Club (later called AV Assistants), Library Club and Science Club. The Science Club had 30 members, all of whom were male. The Student Council (also referred to as Student Services over the years) was very busy organizing assemblies, intramural athletics and the Chapel schedule. They also handled Public Relations and planned social events. A school paper, called the Dispatch, was produced. The Red Cross Organization completed several service oriented projects. Some of the classes offered were Shop, Art, Home Economics, girls/boys P.E., Orchestra, Band and Choir. However, “the most important part of school life is religious instruction.” (‘64 Crown) That year, a King and Queen were elected and an Honors Assembly was held to recognize students for their various academic achievements. An Athletic Banquet was held to recognize students for their athletic achievements as they participated in the intramural sports of softball, basketball and volleyball, as organized by the seven LCMS churches. Being an Office Assistant (later called Student Assistant or Teacher Aide) was, and still is, popular. “The Office Assistants at LLJHS assist the teachers in office work and filing. They collect money from the various rooms on payment days and help decorate bulletin boards. They also do odd jobs around the school.” (‘64 Crown) The Drama, Debate, Home Economics and Photography Clubs made a brief appearance at the end of the decade. Mr. Eckhardt W. Scheer’s German class was added. And as opportunities for athletic competition increased, cheerleaders were naturally added to cheer their teams on to victory. This takes us into the next decade.

Eckhardt W. Scheer celebrated 50 years in the teaching ministry

Wallace W. Brueggemann installed as principal

August, 1967



The 1970s

With enrollment averaging 130 students, the 70s brought some important changes as the students continued to receive an excellent Christ-centered education. New and exciting classes such as Typing, Electronics and Drafting were added to the curriculum, preparing students for the big technology boom which would come in the 1980s. Most of the Clubs seemed to go by the wayside in the early 70s and wouldn’t return until the late 90s. However, the Student Council, sponsored by Mr. Brueggemann, was still very active, with their most important role being members of the Chapel Committee. The student body gathered every morning in the gym for devotions, often led by Mr. Brueggemann. A Matins service, led by Association Pastors, was celebrated on Tuesdays where students used hymnals and the acolytes wore robes to set this special time of worship apart from the rest of the week.

The 1973-74 yearbook staff members Jane Wooster, Jane Metcalf, and Nancy Roberts examine black and white negatives to see which ones would make the best pictures.

Mr. Scheer teaches German in this 1970-71 photo.

9th Grade Basketball Champs, 1971-72.

The 1973-74 Girls P.E. class demonstrates the uneven bars.

Students from the 1970-71 school year learning to type on their manual typewriters.

Elmer E. Meinke, Social Studies and Art teacher, celebrated 45 years in the teaching ministry, serving LLJHS for 12 years



“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” 1 Peter 4:10

The 1971-72 cast for the annual Christmas Play.

The 1972-73 Blue and Gold Trojan Cheerleaders.

The 1976-77 Volleyball Team coached by Marva Tonniges.

Many students enjoyed participating in the choir directed by Mr. Edwin Martin.

John Roeber installed as teacher

Fall 1973


This group is the 1972-73 Band directed by Mr. Ed Martin.

These boys see something interesting through their telescopes in this 1979-80 Science class.

Carla (Koeneke) Wachal demonstrates how a volleyball was served in this 1979-80 photo.

Boys work in the darkroom developing negatives in this 1969-70 Photography Club picture. One Foot in Heaven was first play



Above, Mr. John Roeber teaches a math class in 1975-76, while below, his drafting class works on their assignment.

The Acolytes wore robes for the Tuesday afternoon matins as pictured in this 1979-80 photo.

These 7th and 8th graders participated on the 1978-79 flag football team coached by Mike Breckel.

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3

The first Christmas pageant was held in 1969 and had a run of almost 20 years as the students told the Christmas story through drama and song. A Style Show was held for several years in the mid 1970s where the mostly female Home Economics students were able to show off the clothing they had made in class. The first drama production, One Foot in Heaven started a long list of successful and entertaining plays and musicals. A large percentage of the student body was involved in band and choir which were directed by Mr. Edwin Martin for 26 years. Sports offered at this time were flag football, boys basketball, girls soccer, and volleyball. The Lincoln Lutheran teams were the Trojans, ‘one who shows endurance and determined energy’ (1969-70 principal letter) and the colors were royal blue and gold. LLJHS teams proved to be competitive with other small schools around Lincoln. The newly formed Cheerleading squad held pep rallies to boost team spirit. Their outfits were normally sweaters, pleated skirts and knee-high socks and for a few years a sailor style tie was added. In the mid 70s, girls soccer was replaced with basketball. A Lincoln Lutheran student bowling league was held Fridays after school and was very popular. Boys and girls P.E. classes remained separate through the mid 80s.


The 1980s

At the opening of the next decade, Principal W. W. Brueggemann’s yearbook letter looked to the 80s with the following predictions, some of which came true and some of which did not: •Mini-computers will become a part of many homes, schools, churches and places of business. •TV will become a viable means of communicating (more economical than sending a letter). •Phono-vision will make it possible to see the person you are talking to. •Homework will be done with the help of a TV. •Videotaping a class and recording TV programs for later viewing may become commonplace. •Energy conservation will call for new ways of heating our homes and change the design of the house itself. •Fuel for automobiles will be replaced with other sources of power. •The metric system is scheduled to replace our present means of measurement. Even though there may be changes in the way we complete our tasks, some things won’t change. We still need to learn to be good communicators by learning the skills of reading, speaking, listening and mathematical computation. And God’s love through the Gospel won’t change.

Mr. Wallace Brueggemann is pictured here with the 1980-81 Student Council.

The Friday afternoon bowling league was a popular activity, as shown in this 1983-84 photo.

These boys seem to be a bit google-eyed—anybody know what happened in this 1980-81 class?

These 1981-82 cheerleaders enthusiastically show off their pleated skirts and sailor-style ties. Paul Leckband installed as Principal

Don Duitsman installed as teacher


January 1985

Fall 1987

“But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and forever! Amen.” 2 Peter 3:18

This 1984-85 photo shows two young men making use of the Apple IIe computer with its 5¼” floppy disk drive and large dot matrix printer.

The 1985-86 Marching Band rehearses the LL formation.

Scott Ernstmeyer and Joe Goldhammer are shown singing a duet in this 1986-87 photo.

This group of 1983-84 ninth graders show off their Honors Night Awards. Messiah Lutheran joined the LLSA



The 1984-85 Girls Basketball team (L to R): Coach M. Roth, S. Behrens, S. Shirk, T. Bolton, B. Going, A. Benson, J. Schell, T. Beck, R. Hollman.

Lincoln Lutheran Association Pastors in the mid-1980s are Rev. Daniel J. Ondov, Rev. Maurice W. Goldhammer, Rev. Charles D. Borcherding, and Rev. Mark H. Ebert. Mr. Don Duitsman receives Coach of the Year award for the 1985-86 school year. The Sportsmanship Awards went to M. Suing and J. Poppe. Parents and faculty often made up the Athletic Booster Club. Pictured here is the 1984-85 group. L. to R.: P. Leckband, H. Rockenbach, R. Elrod, J. Genthe, and S. Hollman.

The first Science Fair was held during the 1985-86 school year. Brian Smith was the winner.

Gene Windhorst hired as custodian


Fall 1988

The 1987-88 Girls Volleyball Team, coached by Mrs. Holly Kamprath, poses with their trophies.

This 1987-88 Outdoor Ed group demonstrates wall climbing under the direction of Mr. Don Duitsman.

Students had an array of things in which they could be involved and they had a lot of fun participating in the various activities. The Student Council, Chapel Committee, Student Assistants and the Yearbook Committee were busy planning, assisting with and recording the events. The Chapel Committee was phased out as the staff and student groups took turns planning the chapels. Band and Choir were still favorites with a lot of students. A new addition to the music department was a Wind Ensemble which existed for about seven years. “The elaborate Christmas programs, led by Ed Martin, that we used to stage, using the entire student body, took much patience and good humor during the weeks leading up to our production.� - Mr. Paul Leckband. The Junior High counselor position and the Parent-Teacher League made brief appearances in the mid 1980s. A Booster Club was established to support student athletics and has been present in some form ever since. Mr. Brueggeman retired from education in 1987 and sold AAL insurance for a while. He passed away August 23, 1993. Paul Leckband, who had taught English and Religion at Lincoln Lutheran for seven years, was installed as the new principal.

1986-87 CTC (Concordia) and Roundball Tournament Basketball award winners are D. Engelbart, C. Ernstmeyer, and M. Stuckenschmidt.

Alan Stigge taught the first computer class in 1983, with Don Duitsman taking over the next year. Outdoor Education began in the mid 80s to provide the 7th graders with an opportunity to get to know each other. It was usually an overnight trip to camp Kitaki where the teachers used the great outdoors as their classroom. Both 8th and 9th grade trips were added later. Outdoor Education was dropped about the time the high school was added. Around 2002 the traditional favorite was back with each grade having some type of special activity at the beginning of the school year. Busing was dropped in the mid 80s because it was too difficult to maintain. Thankfully, enrollment was not negatively affected by this decision as many had feared. The Athletic Banquet made an appearance the last half of the 80s. The only sports available were boys and girls basketball, volleyball and the Friday bowling league, which lasted through 1987. Student enrollment had remained fairly steady throughout the 60s and 70s averaging around 130 students and peaking in 1973 with an enrollment of 146 students. However, tough economic times caused enrollment to drop dangerously low in the late 80s and early 90s to an average of 96 students and many people worked tirelessly in their efforts to guarantee a future for Lincoln Lutheran.

The 1987-88 Office Assistants.

Just before the 1989-90 school year, a huge remodeling project was completed to remove asbestos from the building. The students came back to school to find new suspended ceilings, floor tile/carpet, lighting and paint throughout the building. New walls were built in the commons and media center and the decade went out with a bang.


Early 1990s The 1990s brought many changes and a number of firsts for the school as the students were offered more opportunities to be involved. In the first half of the decade, musical opportunities expanded to include Swing Choir, Jazz Band, and a String Ensemble. The small but mighty Spirit Club was a precursor to the ever popular “Warrior Zone.” A track team and boys soccer team were added along with The Inspirations Drill Team who provided half-time entertainment at basketball games. A Video Yearbook Staff was added for a couple of years to record school happenings in video format. The school’s intercom system was installed in 1993. A vision of adding a high school had existed since 1962. Over the next several decades, numerous attempts were made in the endeavor of building a high school. In the meantime, LLJHS students completed their high school education at public schools. Mr. Dan Heibel was hired as the Principal in 1993 and soon began the process of proposing these ideas once again. On December 4, 1993 a steering committee was formed and in July, 1994 PathWay Lutheran Ministries was contracted to do a feasibility study.

Lincoln Mayor Harris signs the proclamation for National Lutheran Schools Week, March 1991 with student Justin Francis as witness.

The 1990-91 Eighth Grade Cheerleaders, coached by Dorinda Magnus, who also coached the Inspirations Dance Team. Back Row (L to R): Mindy (Rabbe) Miller, Lindsey (Seevers) Kowalke (who taught English at LL from 2007-09 and was Media Specialist from 2009-11), Suzanne (Spomer) Singleton. Front Row: Nicole (Bamesberger) Kelly (coached the Drill Team), Marie Spomer as the mascot, and Jenny (Magnus) Duitsman (who taught English at LL from 2001-05). The 1993-94 Yearbook Staff use neighboring Trinity’s playground to pose for their group picture. Faith Lutheran joined LLSA



Daniel Heibel installed as Principal

August 29, 1993

I have fought the good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.� 1 Timothy 4:7

Mike Breckel

August 20, 1944-December 19, 1993

Mr. Breckel supervises as these 1986-87 seventh graders board the bus for an outdoor education trip to Camp Kitaki.

Mr. Breckel taught at Lincoln Lutheran from 1971 until his untimely death in 1993. He taught Religion, P.E., History/Civics, Geography, Health and coached boys basketball. He graduated from High School in 1962 at Lutheran HS West in Rocky River, Ohio and received his undergraduate Education degree in 1966 from Concordia Teacher’s College in Seward, Nebraska and a Masters degree from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio in 1971. His teaching career began at Bethlehem Lutheran School in Saginaw, Michigan where he taught from 1966-69. Mr. Breckel was well-loved and respected for not only his high expectations for his students, but also for the individual care and encouragement he offered them. He married Margaret (Maggie) on June 17, 1978. The 1993-94 yearbook was dedicated to his memory.

1993-94 Regional Science Fair winners: Grant Collings, Travis Pawley, Mike Schudel, Mark Duitsman, and Sara Johnson. The 1990-91 Track Team, coached by Don Duitsman and Lyle Ziems. High School Steering Committee formed

December 4, 1993

Mike Breckel died

December 19, 1993


The New High School The desire to add a High School to the Junior High had been discussed several times over the years, but in 1994, that dream became a reality. Voting members of the five association churches (Trinity, Redeemer, Messiah, Faith and Calvary) approved the Lutheran High School by a vote of 243-38. New Articles of Incorporation were adopted by a vote of 212-38 to allow non-LCMS congregations to join the Association. A Leadership Dinner was held on April 4, 1995 at the Lied Center which raised approximately $130,000 for the new school. The “Reflecting Christ Together� capital campaign was kicked off to help provide funding. Lincoln Lutheran Jr/Sr High opened in Fall 1995 with 185 students in grades 7-10. Dan Heibel was named the new Chief Administrative Officer and additional staff, including a guidance counselor, athletic director and chaplain, was added over the next couple of years. More space was needed to accommodate a high school, so Phase I of the building project began with a groundbreaking ceremony on May 7, 1995. This Phase cost about $2.9 million and included renovation and remodeling of the existing building along with the addition of space for fine arts, industrial arts, music, a kitchen and a commons area.

Principal Dan Heibel addresses the crowd at the official groundbreaking for the Phase I addition on May 7, 1995.

August 27, 1996 marked the first day of school in the remodeled building and new addition. There were now 270 students in grades 7-11. Where the junior high once had an average staff of 9, the new Jr/Sr high school faculty and staff went from 23 to 42 in its first four years of existence.

Students victoriously hold up the banner to announce the new High School.

The crowd gathers in the future courtyard before the balloon release.

Construction begins on the north side of the building. This photo was taken from the old kitchen dock facing east. High School project approved by voters


November 14,1994

Leadership Dinner

April 4, 1995

May 7, 1995

Groundbreaking Ceremony, Phase I July 1995

Immanuel Lutheran joined LLSA

The Seed artwork, by Professor Reinhold Marxhausen was reinstalled by Steve Willet. The idea for the artwork began in the early days of the school, when Professor Marxhausen was visiting with Mr. Elmer Meinke, of Lincoln Lutheran, at a football game. When told that the new school needed an artistic logo, Prof. Marxhausen sketched the design on the back of the envelope in half an hour. The artwork is displayed in the school lobby and has been used on stationery and major publications, including every yearbook (except 1966-67) through 1980-81.

Spring 1995. Construction on the north wing for the Music and Art Rooms, a Computer Lab and the Shop.

Construction of the north wing as viewed from the east into the courtyard.

“Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.� Psalm 127:1 The cross was lifted high and into place on the front of the building on February 26, 1997.

Phase II construction on the south side of the building for the South Gymnasium, completed in the Fall of 1997.

High School Opened Wilbur Tewes hired as Development Director Don Duitsman became Activities Director Fall 1995

March 1, 1996

Groundbreaking Ceremony, Phase II March 1, 1996

Bob Rabe installed as Assistant Principal

First day of school in the remodeled building and new addition

August 27, 1996


L. to R.: John Sampson, General Contractor of Sampson Construction; John Roeber, Facilities Coordinator; Stan Bartels, Foreman; Deon Bahr, Architect for Bahr, Vermeer, Haecker secure the new cornerstone.

The new cornerstone, shown with the original time capsule in the small box from 1962, and the new time capsule in the larger box .

Construction of Phase II began in 1996, adding a 1300 seat gymnasium to the facility, at the cost of $1.8 million. This Phase was dedicated on September 14, 1997. Phase III, which would add science facilities and an athletic field, was postponed. However, two satellite buildings with four total classrooms were completed at the end of 1999 with Mr. John Roeber coordinating the construction. Some Lincoln Lutheran graduates helped roof one of the buildings and a group of men from Messiah shingled the other. During the Cornerstone Laying service on March 2, 1997, the time capsule from the initial construction and a new time capsule were placed behind the new cornerstone. Few people can remember what these capsules hold, so it will be a wonderful surprise when they are opened in the future; perhaps at the school’s 100th Anniversary celebration!

Pastors presiding over the dedication are (L. to R.) Claude Hogue, Faith; Roger Henning, Calvary; Michael Neidow, Messiah; Duane Voorman, Trinity; Mark Hannemann, Faith; Mark Ebert, Redeemer; Luke Biggs, Messiah.

The original cornerstone was placed on the north side of the wall.

Mascot changed from the Trojans to the Warriors




Varsity Boys Soccer, Powerlifting, and Cross Country teams were added 1997

Good Shepherd Lutheran joined LLSA March 2, 1997

Phase I Dedication and Cornerstone Laying

The First High School Faculty and Staff “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.� Proverbs 22:10

Dan Heibel Principal

Don Duitsman Activities Director

Wilbur Tewes Development Director

Nylene Bartels

Nathan Bassett

Katie Bockelman

Susan Carlson

Gary Loontjer

Dianne Petersen

John Roeber

Judy Van Andel

Mark Wentz

Donna Willet

Kathy Ohlman

Sue Ziegler

Kitchen Staff: Susan Boeschen, Deb Hobelman, Jan Gossin, Susie Francis Lyle Ziems

Norma Jean Willers Secretary

Gene Windhorst Custodian

View of the newly constructed shop and East Entrance. Daniel Heibel installed as CAO Robert Rabe installed as Principal Dennis Engelbart installed as Development Director Rev. Steve Sirek installed as Chaplain March 2, 1997

First Prom

April 25, 1997

Dedication of Phase II Gymnasium

September 14, 1997


The Late 1990s

With the addition of a high school came the challenge to continue to expand educational opportunities and to set a standard of excellence for years to come. ACT tests were given to prepare the students for college. A few clubs such as Chess, German, Science and Math Counts were available. Volume 1 of the hardbound yearbook, titled Reflection, was printed and the first prom was held at the Ramada Inn downtown. The Band, Choir, Jazz Band and Swing Choir made their first appearance at the District Music Contest, all bringing home Superior ratings. The choir shared their talents in worship at area churches for Lutheran High Sundays. The first high school drama production was four one act plays.

The yearbook staff, led by Katie Bockelman, takes advantage of construction equipment for their group photo.

Due to a student vote in 1996, the school mascot was changed from the Trojans to the Warriors. Win or lose, the Warriors competed fiercely. The football team and girls and boys basketball teams had their first full varsity schedules. The football team qualified for the D-2 State Playoffs. A boys soccer team, a power lifting team and a cross country team were added.

The Junior High Science Fair tradition continues with 1996 winners Lisa Paul, Jessica Ruder, and Curtis Loontjer pictured with Science teacher and fair coordinator Lyle Ziems.

Nate Buss and Nate Paisley get tangled up at soccer practice.

Boys Cross Country qualified for State for the first time


Fall 1997

Fall 1997

Mrs. Kathy Ohlman began the popular high school jazz band tradition. First Homecoming

The 1995-96 Junior High Track Team, coached by Sue Ziegler and Don Duitsman and several parent volunteers isn’t afraid of a little dirt.

The Junior High Drama club performs for a Chapel service during the 1996-97 school year.

Lincoln Lutheran Plays and Musicals

A scene from the first musical, Once Upon a Mattress, was directed by Junior High Social Studies teacher Tom Guilford and performed during the 1997-98 school year.

Erin Crapo set an American record in the Bench Press 1997-98


Boys Basketball team ranked 9th in the State Spring 1998

1994-95 Four One-Act Plays 1995-96 Murder in the House of Horrors 1997-98 Once Upon a Mattress 1998-99 The Church Militant (fall); Our Town (spring) 1999-00 Cinderella 2001-02 Bye Bye Birdie 2002-03 The Mousetrap 2003-04 The Music Man 2004-05 Rumpelstiltskin 2005-06 Oklahoma 2006-07 A Fatal Combination 2007-08 Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 2008-09 Godspell 2009-10 How to Succeed in Business Without Even Trying American Idol (middle school) 2010-11 Guys and Dolls Cinderstein (middle school) 2011-12 Once Upon a Mattress Night at the Wax Museum (middle school) Seven members of the track team representated Lincoln Lutheran at State for the first time May 31, 1998

First High School Graduating Class


Amanda Kuca and Rachel DeLine enjoy a relaxing moment before this 1998 Cross Country race.

These fans do the “W” for the Warriors to show their support for the Lady Warriors’ first ever trip to the State Volleyball Tournament in 1998.

Above: Chaplain Sirek leads the prayer while students listen early in the morning on “See You at the Pole” day. This photo is of the 1996-97 Boys Basketball team, coached by Don Duitsman, who has been at Lincoln Lutheran since January of 1985. He has taught math, PE, social studies, science and computer classes. He started the tradition of the annual Science Fair in the late 1980s. He has also served as head coach of both junior high and high school basketball and track, and has been the school’s only Activities Director since 1995.

Below: Mr. Gary Loontjer demonstrates some science tricks at the Student Council sponsored Talent Show held in the Spring of 1998, along with students Kelli Chaves, Josh Voog, and Matt Rabbe.

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-17 Football team changed from 8-man to 11-man; joined Centennial Conference



Volleyball and Boys Soccer teams qualified for State for the first time 1998-99

The Strings ensemble delighted audiences at music concerts until 2005. This 1998-99 group is composed of Back Row (L to R): Sarah McMahan, cello; Brandon Kolar, bass; Dan Hellerich, violin. Front Row: Diane Temme, violin; Stephanie Sirek, violin, Brendan Bonner, violin, Sarah Hayes, violin.

The Powerlifting Team, which began in 1996-97 has enjoyed much success. These winners from 1997-98, coached by John Linn are (L to R) Matt Buckley, Erin Crapo, Misty Divine, Sara Kozak, Kim Kennedy, and Kim Asche. John Poppe, not pictured, was also a trophy winner.

Along with a new high school, came the opportunity for a new mascot. Pictured here are Student Council members in charge of the October 29, 1996 Student Vote on the issue of whether to change the mascot. The vote resulted in a change with students later proposing various options to the student body, which ultimately resulted in the change from Trojans to Warriors. From L. to R. are C. Rohren, Chairperson J. Stuart, T. Armknecht, H. Reinke, A. Middendorf, S. Magnus, and C. Ahlman.

“Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” Ephesians 6:11 Band and Choir trips have been rewarding, educational, and fun. J. Holstein, E. Worster, S. Gieseke, M. Cram, K. Asche, and L. Paul pose in Kansas City on this Spring 1997 Band Tour.

Stephanie Sheridan first LL student selected for All-State Choir

Speech Team added




School Fight Song Go Lincoln Lutheran, winners standing tall. We’re the mighty Warriors and we’re Christians one and all. Onward together, building lives for you.

The first Homecoming football game and celebration was held on October 10, 1997. The court, voted on by the student body and faculty, was (from L. to R.) Mark Duitsman, Melissa Salak, Queen Erin Dietrich, King Brian Ohlrich, Amanda Ficke, and Kevin Loontjer.

Reflecting Christ forever, we put God in everything we do. Lyrics written by LL Music teacher Susan Cook Tune - “Go Northwestern Go”

Two organizations that were added to the new high school in 1998-99 were Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).

A Homecoming tradition is the Powder Puff football game, which pits the Junior girls against the Senior girls in a fun competition of flag football. The Homecoming Week activities also include a school decorating contest with the class that best depicts the theme winning the Spirit Award. Another tradition is the bonfire/hot dog feed and devotions which all help build school spirit and momentum for the game.

FBLA members (Back Row, L. to R.): P. Marsh, K. Loontjer, K. Wooster, J. Reed, J. Shelton, A. Kumm, Pres. A. Tietz, Vice Pres. W. Divine, Treas. J. Voog, Sec. D. Hellerich, and Advisor Mrs. Dianne Petersen. The first group of FCA members with their sponsors Chaplain Steve Sirek and Sue Ziegler. Renew the Vision Capital Campaign began



Dan Heibel retired


The first LLHS graduating class of 1998, pictured with CAO Dan Heibel and Principal Bob Rabe.

The 1997-98 school year was cause for much celebration. The school now had 322 students grades 7-12 and was looking forward to its first graduation ceremony. The first High School graduating class knew as freshmen that they would be the first class to graduate as Seniors from Lincoln Lutheran. They became pioneers, paving the way and setting the tone for all the classes that would follow. A class trip was taken to Mahoney State Park where they stayed overnight in cabins. On May 31, 1999, 28 students graduated, with Christopher Ahlman having the unique privilege of being the very first to walk across the stage. He also was chosen to receive the “Reflecting Christ” award. Now a Pastor, Chris has fulfilled the class prophecy as ‘most likely to become a Pastor.’ U.S. Congressman Doug Bereuter gave the commencement address.

The first Commencement speaker was U.S. Congressman Doug Bereuter, uncle of class member Aaron Bereuter.

During that very exciting school year, homecoming week was celebrated with the crowning of the first homecoming royalty. The Junior and Senior girls challenged each other to a powderpuff football game and then everyone enjoyed hot dogs and marshmallows roasted over a bonfire. The football team had a perfect 7-0 record. Also during that year, the first StuCo Talent Show was held and the marching band took to the field for a historic performance during the gym dedication. During the 1998-99 school year, the football team changed from eight-man to eleven-man and joined the Centennial Conference. Misty Divine set state power lifting records in the bench and dead lifts. The Choir was selected to be the featured choir at All-State and Stephanie Sheridan was the first Lincoln Lutheran student selected for all-state choir. The FCA and FBLA clubs were organized and they hosted several fun activities. A Speech team was added to the school’s extra-curricular activities. Two cheerleaders, Misty Divine and Jessica Allen, were chosen to go to London to march in the New Year’s Day parade, a great honor. Science Club started the school’s recycling program and StuCo started the Christmas Angel Tree Project providing underprivileged families with Christmas gifts.

The graduation quilt was created by the Nebraska District LWML as five separate pieces, which were later joined into one quilt and donated to LL.

A Capital Campaign, “Renew the Vision,” was initiated with former Nebraska Governor Kay Orr as Campaign Chair. The goal was to raise $1.5 million to reduce the debt and put Lincoln Lutheran on solid financial footing in preparation for the decades to come. Two satellite classroom buildings added



The 2000s

A New Millenium The new millennium introduced even more exciting opportunities to Lincoln Lutheran students, whose daily schedules were busier than ever. Some of the highlights at the beginning of the decade were when the girls track team won State championships in both 2000 and 2001 (they won every meet that year), Jenny Duitsman signed to play volleyball with NCAA Division I Missouri, Ashley Selig signed with NCAA Division 1 UNL to run track, and Ashley Wyatt made the UNL cheer squad. Other athletic achievements were when Lincoln Lutheran hosted its first powerlifting meet and Brittni Kallemeyn captured four state titles in her outstanding powerlifting career. The girls Cross Country team made it to State where they finished fourth with the help of Amanda Kuca’s inspiring second place finish. The track team moved from Class C to Class B where they met some challenging competition but still had a strong showing at State, and a girls soccer team was added. After moving to 11-man football, it did not take the Warriors long to win their first District championship in 2001-02.

Back-to-Back Class C State Champs, Girls Track team members and coaches accept their trophy in May of 2001.

Mrs. Donna Willet’s art classes enjoy the hands-on activities she has been preparing and teaching them to do since 1991 at LL. These 2000-01 students take advantage of their pottery kiln fire and roast a little snack. Many of her students have won various art awards. Mrs. WIllet will retire at the end of the 2011-12 school year.

Right: Lunch is the most popular time to catch up on the day’s events. Throughout three lunch periods, the Commons area fills with voices and laughter, as shown in this 2000-01 photo.

These Junior High students participated in a Fife and Drum Corp that performed at Civil War reenactments. Front: Andy Cookston, Elijah Frank. Back: Andrew Meyer, James Kriha, and Mr. Tom Guilford. As a Social Studies teacher, Mr. Guilford was known for teaching in a way that brought history to life. Girls track team earned State Championship title



Ben Buethe hired as Development Director Fall 2000

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord.” Colossians 3:23 The 2001-02 District Champion Football Team. Head Coach Lyle Ziems has been at the helm inspiring his players each year to be better men of faith as well as athletes.

The first SPIRIT SWORD game was played October 17, 2003 at Wesleyan’s Abel Stadium with Lincoln Lutheran winning 13-0. The overall record is LL - 4 to LC - 5. GO WARRIORS!

SPIRIT SWORD, est. 2003 This SPIRIT SWORD shall serve as a traveling trophy between Lincoln Lutheran and Lincoln Christian High Schools. The winner of the annual regular season varsity football game shall keep the sword until its possession is challenged the next season. This SPIRIT SWORD symbolizes both the ongoing Spiritual battle Christians wage against the common foe, Satan, and the spirit of brotherly competition shared between Lincoln Lutheran and Lincoln Christian. As part of a school assignment, Senior Dan Zieg introduced the idea of the SPIRIT SWORD. He enlisted the expertise of Roland Temme and TMCO to design and produce the sword and John Roeber to construct the wood base. The words above are inscribed on the wooden base.

The 2001-02 Varsity Cheerleaders excelled, as have many of the squads. Ashley (Wyatt) Siegman, pictured in front, 2nd from the left, went on to cheer for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The football team prepares an inspiring Chapel each year that challenges students in their faith walk. Pictured here is the 2004-05 team. Girls Cross Country team qualified for State for first time

Peter Schnake first to go to State in Speech 2000-01



“May He give you the desire of your heart, and make all your plans succeed.” Psalm 20:4 The 2004 State Champion Volleyball Team went 31-2 and finally beat their nemesis Columbus Scotus for a thrilling 5-set victory at the UNL Coliseum. The following year, the team was the State Runner-Up, losing this time to Scotus. Head Coach Sue Ziegler, hired in 1991 coached volleyball until 2006 and continues to coach the track team. In 2001, she celebrated her 100th career volleyball victory. She also has taught Spanish and currently teaches P.E., Health and Careers.

The 2004-05 Speech Team strikes a ferocious “frilled lizard” pose as they do traditional warm-ups to prepare for the conference speech meet hosted for the first time at LL. The Jr. High FCS students show off a variety of their sewing projects. The 2001-02 cast for the Senior Class Play Cactus Pass. This Senior Class tradition helped raise money for school-sponsored Sr. Class trips until 2009.

Jenny Duitsman signed to play volleyball for NCAA Division 1 Missouri




Girls track team earned State Championship title second consecutive year 2000-01

First Senior Class Play

Right: The 2007-08 Varsity Boys Basketball team celebrates their District Championship and first trip to State after defeating Falls City.

The 2006-07 Girls Basketball District Runners-Up finish with their best record of 18-4. The team coached by Michelle Metzger was also ranked 7th in the final State Class C-1 rankings.

The Boys 2007-08 Track Team is the Class C-1 State Champions fueled by Andrew Hamann’s three gold medals in the 100m, 200m, and 400m races. The head coach is Sue Ziegler. These 2002-03 sophomores enjoy English with Mrs. Mary Schudel who also taught Religion at LL from 2002-07.

2010-11 Norwegian Exchange Students Anne Lindtveit, Kamilla Knudsen, and Bergie Stromsbo Gjorv show off their country’s flag on senior photo day.

The Norwegian Exchange program with Drottningborg, a Lutheran boarding school in Grimstad, Norway, began in the 1997-98 school year with junior Ole Hodnebrog as the first student from Norway and Delmar and Nila Koeneke as host parents. Frode Nilsen, the Norwegian coordinator, learned of our new high school as a business student at UNL in the mid-1990s. Since its inception, students from Norway get involved in a wide variety of activities at LL and live with various host families. The Norwegian coordinator from 1998-2001 was Ragnar Kortner and has been Frode Nilsen since 2004. Lincoln Lutheran program coordinators include Nancy Middendorf from 1998-2001 and currently, Nathan Bassett who has headed the program since 2004. In order to experience Norwegian culture, 2-3 LL students spend 3-4 weeks at Drottningborg each spring, including a 10-day educational trip through several European countries. The impact on the students and families has most often been positive and life changing. It has resulted in continued communication and visits between the U.S. and Norway after the end of the exchange experience. One experience even resulted in the June 2011 marriage of 2006 Lincoln Lutheran graduates Kraig Hein and Norwegian Benedicte Lund.

Gary Hammack hired as Executive Director Fall 2001

Ashley Selig signed to run track for Division 1 UNL

Ashley Wyatt made the UNL cheer squad 2001-02



These boys were the first LL wrestlers in 2008-09. They competed under a cooperative agreement with Lincoln Christian School.

This 2007-08 Warrior Zone enthusiastically cheers on their football team. The Warrior Zone is a student body tradition complete with T-shirts and face paint.

Pictured above is the 2009 District Champions boys soccer team. LL has been represented in the State Tournament each year since 2004—eight consecutive years, and a total of 11 times. The head coach is Nathan Bassett.

Luther (from a German word for warrior) appears here at the National Lutheran Schools Week Kick-off event. He was also a common sight at athletic events.

This 2009 boys golf team competed at the State Tournament in Kearney for the second year in a row, placing 4th. Coaches were Carl Johnson and Marty Haniszewski . Lincoln Lutheran first fielded a boys golf team in the 2005-06 school year. The team also placed 10th at State in 2008, and 7th in 2010.

Amanda Homes first LL qualifier for a National Science Fair meet



Girls soccer team added


Fall 2002

Scott Ernstmeyer installed as Principal

National Merit Scholars

The above 2006-07 group of academic achievers are members in the National Honor Society. The first LL inductees were from the 2005-06 school year. The group was started by Guidance Counselor, Al Blankenship, better known as “Blank� who was at LL from 2004-2011.

This 2005-06 Show Choir was the last one. It had existed since 2001-02 and was directed by Kathy Ohlman and Ben Smith.

Jessica Codr (2004), Kjersten Langewisch (2005), and Kara Einspahr (2011) were all National Merit Scholar Winners.

A 2009-10 Praise Band group leads the music at a chapel service.

The Angel Tree is a longstanding Student Council tradition. Students and faculty purchase gifts that are then donated to the Friendship Home in Lincoln. StuCo advisor Katie Bockelman has been at LL since 2nd Semester of 1993-94, teaching Social Studies and Journalism.

Religion teachers Jeff Schoettlin and Bob Krall have fun dressing up for Hero Day during Homecoming Week 2010. First football game played for the Spirit Sword October 17, 2003

Fall 2004

Al Blankenship hired as Guidance Counselor 2004-05

Girls soccer team qualified for State for first time

Volleyball team earned State Championship title 2004-05


“I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.� Philippians 4:13 This 2010-11 Blue Angels Dance Team is pictured with Lisa Burger, dance coach since 2005-06 and Rachel Deeter, a former Blue Angel. The State Cheer & Dance Competition has been held since 2008. Results are as follows: * 2008 - 2nd place in Jazz, 3rd place in Pom * 2009 - 2nd place in Pom * 2010 - 1st place in High Kick, 3rd place in Pom, Spirit Award * 2011 - 1st place in Pom, 2nd place in High Kick * 2012 - 1st place in Pom, 1st place in High Kick

These 2010-11 eighth graders look extra sleepy on Pajama Day during Homecoming Week.

2009-10 Girls Golf Team coached by Sonya Freese. The first year for Girls Golf was in 2005-06. As a team, they qualified for State in 2006-07, 2007-08, and 2011-12. Girls and Boys golf teams added



The 2010-11 Homecoming Court: Jenna Karlin, Taylor Katt, Queen Jami Watts, King Isaiah Bockelman, Dane Stahr, and Ashley Brozek.

Five members of the 2009-10 girls cross country team lead the pack at the Arlington Meet. Gary Bredehoft coaches the Cross Country teams.

The Fall 2011 musical Once Upon a Mattress was directed by Mariel Olp.

Receptionist Susie Francis, hired in 1990 on the kitchen staff, became the friendly face at the front office from 1997-2010. Technology Coordinator and Math/Computer Teacher Lloyd Sommerer has been at LL since 2002.

The Creation Club, sponsored by Mr. Gary Loontjer, explored the world of Science from a Christian viewpoint. They also completed the east entrance ‘beautification project’. The very active FBLA team won the coveted State “Golden Round Table Award” for chartering the Lincoln Christian chapter. Being one of the top choirs in the state, the choir was selected to participate in a special concert at UNL, a great honor. A separate Touring Choir was also added. In the middle of the decade, the speech team, The 2002 Prom Court: Stacey Wilcox, Amanda Kuca, Queen Ashley Selig, with its frilled lizard mascot, was named District King Aaron Kuehn, Adam Moline, Joel Schwab champs and LLHS hosted its first speech meet. Confirmation class was no longer taught as part of the religion curriculum. This forced some parents to make an extra trip to confirmation class at their own church each week, but it also allowed each church to develop its own, more uniform, confirmation instruction and gave the parochial and public school students an opportunity to develop friendships. Chapel was held once a week and was led by faculty members, guest speakers or student groups. Student-led praise bands were organized to lead the student body in praise songs. Students were assigned to chapel groups (SPARK) of around 15 students to encourage friendships within the various grade levels. The 2004-05 volleyball team won their first State Championship as the students gathered in the Warrior Zone to cheer them on. The next year they were Conference Champs for the first time; quite an accomplishment considering the tough competition. The girls soccer team qualified for state and lost the first round game in a heart-breaking shoot out. The football team had a rough year as seven players suffered season-ending injuries which required surgery. Another monumental chapter in the school’s history was when the Board of Directors voted to implement a Middle School concept beginning with 7th and 8th grades for the 2004-05 school year and adding 6th grade for the 2005-06 school year. So Lincoln Lutheran Jr/Sr High School changed its name to Lincoln Lutheran Middle/Sr High School as 61 sixth grade students, with classrooms in two new portables, brought the total enrollment to 354. This same group of students would be the largest graduating class, which in God’s perfect timing, was the 50th anniversary of the school. Middle School students had club time on Friday afternoons on subjects such as quilting, scrapbooking, chess and origami. Volleyball team Conference Champs for first time and State Runner-up 2005-06


Girls golf team qualified for State for first time Fall 2007

Scott Ernstmeyer installed as Executive Director, Sarah Heislen installed as Principal, and Amy Jurgens hired as Development Director


In 2005-06 the girls basketball team scored a record 80 points against Auburn and Derek Groskurth scored a record 11 three-point shots in one game. Boys and girls golf teams were added, with Nick Deeter qualifying for state that year and the girls team qualifying for state the next. Even with the loss of four great players - Ally Mendenhall, 2005 graduate, signed to be a setter for Yale, and 2006 graduates, Angela Hlavaty signed with D1 Southern Mississippi, Allison Raguse signed with D1 Northern Colorado, and Kelli Ziegler signed with Concordia - the volleyball team made it to state the next year for the 3rd consecutive year. Rounding out the decade, the boys athletic teams shined as the basketball team, cross country team and golf team all qualified for State for the first time and the soccer team qualified for State for the eighth consecutive year. With the help of Andrew Hamann, who got 1st in the 100m, 200m and 400m at the State meet, the boys track team had the unique distinction of being the first, and so far the only, boys athletic team to be named State Champions. The football team also made the playoffs for three years straight and a wrestling team was added in cooperation with Lincoln Christian. The girls were busy as their Cross Country team, along with the boys team, made the top 10 at State in the same year, the Blue Angels dance squad was crowned State Champions for the first time and Michelle Metzger coached her 100th career victory in her last season with the girls basketball team. The cheerleaders established a ‘Front Line’ by making T-shirts for the senior boys who help lead the fans in cheers from the front row of the Warrior Zone. And as the first 50 years draw to a close, we look with anticipation to what our future will hold, knowing that we are in God’s almighty hands.

Coach John Kolar addresses the girls soccer team on senior day in the first year of the program in 2002. After two state appearances, the team is now coached by Dave Gosselin and assisted by teacher Katie Bockelman.

2010-11 Blue Ice: This performance by the Senior boys has become a much-anticipated tradition at the annual dance show. The boys rehearse with the Blue Angels in advance and arrive decked out in a wide variety of personalized attire borrowed from the dance team.

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:12

These 2005-06 students pray during chapel.

Boys basketball team qualified for State for first time




Boys track team earned State Championship title


Boys golf team qualified for State for first time

50th Anniversary Celebration

Pastor Luke Biggs, former pastor at Messiah Lutheran Church, gives the message for the Celebration Service.

The LLHS Choir was joined by 20 alumni to sing two pieces. Kathy Ohlman, Choir Director from 19952003 is seen here directing along with Lyle Middendorf at the piano. Scott Morris is the current LLHS Music Director.

“Hold on to instruction, do not let it go; guard it well, for it is your life.” Proverbs 4:13 This celebration was held September 25, 2011 to kick off the 50th year of Christ-centered education in praise for what God has done. Pastor Luke Biggs of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Carrollton, Texas delivered the sermon. The message entitled “Hold Up! Hold On! Hold Out!” reminded and challenged the audience to hold up against popular culture, hold on to God’s Word and hold out hope for our eternal life. The other scripture readings were Romans 15:4 and Matthew 28:19-20.The choir sang The Old Hundredth Psalm Tune and Verleih uns Frieden. The crowd sings Lift High the Cross.

Other Pastors participating in the service were Jeffery Bloom, Immanuel; Brad Beckman, Faith; Luke Schnake, Christ, Matthew Tooman, Trinity; Rick Mensing, Messiah; Lonnie Jacobsen, Calvary; and Michael Brown, Redeemer. Matthew Heibel installed as principal

Fall 2008


Special musicians on the trumpet are Justin Brookens (current middle school choir teacher), Holly Guilford (former music teacher), and Jonathan Jank, 2004 Graduate. Boys soccer team qualified for State for 8th consecutive season

Blue Angels crowned State Champs in High Kick 2010-11


2011-12 “ The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.� Proverbs 9:10

Board of Directors

Back (L. to R.): Scott Ernstmeyer, LL Executive Director; Tom Schulte, Faith; Travis Lebo, Treasurer, Holy Savior; Jason Leimbach, Secretary, Trinity; Rev. Michael Brown, Pastoral Advisor, Redeemer. Front: Mark Walz, President, Messiah; Lisa Carpenter, Calvary; Daryl Bell, Vice President, Redeemer; Mike Hybl, Christ.


Katie Bockelman, Susan Carlson, Donna Willet, Lindsey Morris, Lloyd Sommerer, Mariel Olp, Sue Ziegler, Julie Stahr, Joel Stoltenow, Melissa Diebel, Lisa Burger, Laura Anderson, John Roeber, Michelle Metzger, Rachel Jank, Bob Krall, Jesse Wisroth, Beth Leech, Jeff Schoettlin, Scott Morris, Sean Wieting, Lyle Ziems, Chris Deeter, Nathan Bassett, Matt Haden


Office Staff

Nancy Maul, Sharon Bliemeister, Stephanie Kuchar, and Kristi Pedersen

Custodial Staff Administrators

Activities Director Don Duitsman, Guidance Counselor Molly Cassiday, Principal Matt Heibel, Executive Director Scott Ernstmeyer, and Development Director Amy Jurgens


Doug Wiemer, Facilities Manager and Transportation Coordinator, Gene Windhorst, and Karen Bowland

Kitchen Staff

Chris Kuchar, Nutrition Director, Kara Eitzmann, Kristi Wurst, Kelly Adams, Elsie Brumegen

This Memory Book is dedicated especially to all the people who came before us who were committed not only to the dream of a Lutheran junior high school but also of a senior high school. We thank God for their foresight and for His numerous blessings over the last 50 years of educating students in this place and pray for His continued blessing as we go forward in service to Him. We would also like to dedicate this book to Mr. John Roeber who was hired in 1973 to teach Math and Industrial Arts at Lincoln Lutheran Junior High. He had taught in St. Louis for 7 years prior to coming to Lincoln. Over his 39 years of service to Lincoln Lutheran, he has also taught Religion, Drafting, Construction and Woods. He loved coaching Middle School boys basketball and was the Yearbook Advisor for several years. As the staff member with the most years of service and with his knowledge of the industrial arts, he has been the Facilities Coordinator since 1993. Mr. Roeber will retire the end of the 2011-2012 school year with a total of 47 years of teaching under his belt. Candid photos of him have regularly appeared in the yearbook not only in the classroom and coaching settings, but also with things sticking out of his ears, riding a bike down the hallway, supporting the athletic teams, participating in school dress-up days, and generally enjoying the students. His coveted “Norm” award was given to the student who excelled in industrial arts each year. Eli Dull is seen receiving his flannel shirt during the annual awards ceremony in this 2010-11 photo. Mr. Roeber’s love for teaching, genuine interest in his students, and his positive Christian role model to many young men and women will truly be missed. We wish him well and Godspeed in his future endeavors.


Lincoln Lutheran Administrators Principals Pastor Arthur C. Krause, 1961-1965 Daniel H. Walther, 1965-1967 Wallace W. Brueggemann, 1967-1987 Paul Leckband, 1987-1993 Daniel Heibel, 1993-1997 Robert Rabe, 1997-2002 Scott Ernstmeyer, 2002-2007 Sarah Heislen, 2007-2008 Matthew Heibel, 2008-Present Executive Directors Daniel Heibel, 1997-1999 Gary Hammack, 2001-2007 Scott Ernstmeyer 2007-Present Activities Director Don Duitsman, 1995-Present Development Directors Wilbur Tewes, 1995-1997 Dennis Engelbart, 1997-1999 Ben Buethe, 2000-2001 Amy Jurgens, 2007-Present Guidance Counselors William Roundey, 1997-2004 Alvin Blankenship, 2004-2011 Molly Cassiday, 2011-Present



The 2011-12 school year marked the 50th year of Christ-centered education offered at Lincoln Lutheran. During the year the high school band helped us to go back in time by playing selections from each of the last five decades. Other special events held throughout the year had a 50th anniversary twist as the families and friends of Lincoln Lutheran thanked God for His blessings thus far and prepare for another 50 years of ministry in this special place. • • • • •

Some things have been continuous throughout the school’s existence such as the Year Book Committee, Office/Teaching Assistants, a strong music program and academic excellence. Some things have changed such as moving from the Royal Blue and Gold Trojans to the Navy Blue, North Carolina Blue and Vegas Gold Warriors. Some things have been discontinued such as the Audio Visual, Assembly and German Clubs; student busing; and the bowling league. Some things have come full circle as the drama department produced the musical Once Upon a Mattress, which was also the first musical production in 1997-98. And some things are fairly new such as the golf teams, the computer technology curriculum, and the new Warrior logo.

One thing has stayed the same – a dedicated staff who is committed to equipping young people to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ by providing an excellent Christ-centered education. What does the future hold? Enrollment is at an all-time high with 395 students and the largest senior class of 69 graduates. A huge change will take place next year as block scheduling will be implemented. Also, similar to the question the Founding Fathers were asking more than 50 years ago when they bought the current property, the School Board is wrestling with the question “Where will we best be able to serve God in ministry 30 years from now? Will it be at 1100 North 56th St. or somewhere with more space and room to grow?” Watch and see what God has in His plans for Lincoln Lutheran Middle and High School!

Founder’s Award 2007 Rev. Melvin Tassler 2008 Mr. Daniel Heibel 2009 Mr. & Mrs. Paul and Mary Schudel 2011 Mr. Delmar Maier Distinguished Alumni Award Presented in recognition of Lincoln Lutheran Junior High alumni who have reflected Christ as they serve others.


Distinguished Young Alumni Award Presented in recognition of Lincoln Lutheran Middle/Senior High alumni who have reflected Christ as they serve others. 2010 Kim Loontjer 2011 Jill (Weyand) Fiddler

2008 Susan (Schroeder) Seacrest 2009 Randy Klein 2010 Matt Korte 2011 Ron Kuehn

Lincoln Lutheran School Association Association Congregations & Affiliated Elementary Schools Calvary Lutheran Church Rev. Lonnie Jacobsen

Holy Savior Lutheran Church Rev. James Irwin

Christ Lutheran Church Rev. Dr. Luke Schnake Rev. Jeff Scheich Rev. Jacob Heine Rev. Ray Boeche Rev. James Riang Rev. Paul Schmidt Principal – Linda Becken

Messiah Lutheran Church Rev. Rick Mensing Rev. John Kunze Principal – Matt Stueber

Faith Lutheran Church Rev. Brad Beckman Vicar Gary Dunker Principal – Stu Tietz

Redeemer Lutheran Church Rev. Mark Ebert Rev. Michael Brown Trinity Lutheran Church – Lincoln Rev. Duane Voorman Rev. Matthew Tooman Lay Minister – Tom Pruitt Principal – Mervin Dehning

1995 through early 2000s with new high school Early 1960s through the late 1980s

Early 2000s through 2010

2003-04 through early 2010

Official logo beginning with the 2010-11 school year New school colors are Navy Blue, Carolina Blue and Vegas Gold

Lincoln Lutheran 50th Anniversary Books  

Celebrate 50 years of Christ-centered education with this memory book.

Lincoln Lutheran 50th Anniversary Books  

Celebrate 50 years of Christ-centered education with this memory book.