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EMMA BAXTER is seen entering DERRICK KASPER’s room. Emma looks around and notices the amount of movie and music posters on his walls. Derrick sits on his twin bed with plaid sheets. EMMA is holding a Hawaiian Pepe Le Pew stuffed animal. Derrick is surprised to see her come in. DERRICK Woah, do people knock anymore? EMMA Sorry I just assumed there wasn’t anyone in here, I’ll leave. DERRICK (laughs) No it’s fine you can stay, what do you need? EMMA What do I need? DERRICK I mean you obviously came in here looking for something. EMMA (interrupts Derrick) Oh right, yeah, I just wanted to put this down somewhere (Holds up Pepe) DERRICK (laughs) Wow that is classic! Where did you find that, Good Will? That’s pretty perfect for the theme. EMMA That’s why I brought him. I just don’t want to lose him so I thought I’d put him down somewhere, and this was the first open door. DERRICK Not a problem, leave Pepe here, I’ll lock my door when I leave, and you can just find me when your about to get a ride home and we can come back up here to get it.

2. EMMA Great! Thank you so much! DERRICK (As Emma walks out the door) Wait, I’m sorry I didn’t get your...(Emma closes the door before he can finish) 4.



Derrick goes to the party in the basement of the house looking for Emma. He runs into his two friends DAVE and MITCH in the middle of the crowded basement next to the bar and tells them about what Happened with Emma. Loud Music is pumping through large speakers. The basement is decorated with palm trees and and Hawaiian flowers for the Hawaiian themed party. DERRICK (Yelling) Guys! Guys! Guys? MITCH (Finally turns) Yo D-Train where have you been? This party is ridiculous. DAVE Yeah man look at these chicks! All at least eights. MITCH Most definitely at least eights. DERRICK Sweet guys, glad to hear your having a solid night. Listen I’m trying to find this girl. She left my room without giving me her name, but she seemed pretty legit and I have her stuffed animal in my room. MITCH You stuffed her in your room? And you don’t remember her name? C’mon bro. DERRICK No you moron, she brought this Hawaiian stuffed animal and left it in my room, but she didn’t tell me her name before she left. I just kinda want to talk to her more.


DAVE Understandable, but I mean if she went in your room, talked to you, left, and then didn’t give you her name, do you really think you have a shot? DERRICK I mean, we didn’t talk long enough for me to know if I have a shot with her or not, but I do know that she was willing to at least talk to me before. I’m betting if I find her she’ll talk to me again. MITCH Right on then brah, what’s her name? DERRICK Are you serious right now? MITCH What? DERRICK I can’t deal with you, I’m just going to try and find her DAVE (To Mitch, after Derrick leaves) What was his problem dude? MITCH I know right?

Derrick and Emma  

T-206 script assignment

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