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APRIL 2012

NEWS & NOTES Don’t Miss Sophomore Registration on April 24


ll students returning to DePaul Cristo Rey for next school year, which begins in August, must re-register to hold their spot in the Class of 2015. There are two opportunities to do this:

Upcoming Events Tuesday, April 24 Re-registration for Class of 2015 3:30-5:00 p.m. or 6:00-7:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 1 Wednesday, May 2 Ninth Grade Retreats.

Tuesday, April 24, 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. or Tuesday, April 24, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. Each session will include an update from Principal Andrew Farfsing on next year’s classes, an update from CWSP Director Lisa Claytor on next year’s CWSP plans, and an update from Business Administration Director Renee Hargrove on next year’s tuition and fees.

Sunday, May 6 Cookout in the Courtyard Celebration Kickoff for the Bruin Parents Club 3:00-6:00 p.m. Student Resource Center, Gym and Courtyard

We hope to see you at one of these important sessions!

All Families Invited to the Cookout in the Courtyard Celebration Please mark your calendars for an end-of-the-year celebration that will be the kickoff event for the new Bruin Parents Club. All DPCR families are invited to the ‘Cookout in the Courtyard Celebration’ to be held Sunday, May 6, at 3:00 p.m. in the DPCR gym, student resource center and courtyard. There will be games (for children and adults) and food as well as the opportunity to learn how you can get involved in the new Parents Club. Our grill masters will be cooking hot dogs and hamburgers and each family is asked to bring a dessert or side dish to share. Read Ms. Hargrove’s letter inside for more details, then please mark your calendars and plan to join us. A flyer and rsvp form will be coming home from school with your student soon.

1133 Clifton Hills Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45220


(513) 861-0600

Do We Have Your Current Phone Number and Address? If your family moves or changes phone numbers, it’s very important to let us know. We must be able to reach you if your student gets sick or has an emergency. We also send important information to our students’ homes so we need address changes too. You can call Mrs. Terry Mock in the school office (861-0600) any time you need to update information. Thank you! |

Dear Families,


his has been a year of firsts here at DePaul Cristo Rey High School. Our first freshman class. Our first basketball and volleyball games and track meets. Our first Student Talent Show. And there are still many more firsts to come as we near the end of our first year. As a school community, we appreciate and embrace that we have you, our families, to thank for making these firsts a reality. I am personally grateful and humbled by the many sacrifices your family has made to ensure that your student receives a quality, college-preparatory education and that you dared for something different for your child. Well, it’s time we celebrate that and enhance our partnership to provide even greater opportunities for our young people in the future.

Please accept this personal invitation to join us on Sunday, May 6, from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. for a ‘Cookout in the Courtyard Celebration’ which will serve as the kickoff to our Bruin Parents Club. This will be a time of positive reflection and vision along with a host of fun family activities. Parents will have the opportunity to sign-up for the Parents Club and share ideas for future family events and educational offerings. In addition, both current (Class of 2015) and new families (Class of 2016) are invited so this will give all of us a chance to meet the rest of the family. We offer special thanks to all the parent and community volunteers for their efforts in planning this event. I am hopeful that you will join us on Sunday, May 6, as we celebrate our firsts and build for the future. – Renee Hargrove, Director of Business Administration

Edline is a Great Way for Families to Stay in Touch If you want to see weekly updates on your student’s grades or when homework assignments are due or even the DPCR lunch menu – the best place to find all of these things is online using Edline. All students have an Edline access code and all families also received a code at the parent-teacher conferences early in the fall. If you lost your code or can’t remember how to use Edline, please feel free to contact Technology Director Mr. Darrick Murphy at 861-0600 or If you need a reminder on how to use Edline, there’s a step-by-step guide on the back page of this newsletter.

All Ninth Graders to Participate in Retreat Days Two days have been set aside for all DPCR students to participate in a ninth grade retreat. The retreat is intended to help the students reflect on the past school year, connect with each other on a deeper level, explore their spirituality and draw closer to God. The day will include prayer, reflection, activities, small-group discussions about the challenges faced by teenagers, as well as participation in a class art project where the students will create a group work of art to hang in DPCR as a permanent symbol of the Class of 2015. Two retreat days are planned so all students can participate without missing a work day. Students attending the retreat are invited to wear DPCR spirit wear to school that day. Students going to work or class will be expected to follow normal dress code. The schedule is as follows: Tuesday, May 1:

Retreat for Wednesday & Friday work teams Tuesday team reports to work Thursday team in class

Wednesday, May 2: Retreat for Tuesday & Thursday work teams Wednesday team reports to work Friday team in class

How is Your Student Doing with Service Hours? All DePaul Cristo Rey ninth graders are asked to complete 10 hours of community service this school year as outlined in the Student Handbook. Please check with your student to find out how he/she is doing toward fulfilling this requirement. There are several ways students can find and complete service work. • DPCR has partnered with the UGIVE service organization ( All DPCR students have a UGIVE Web account where they can log in, find service opportunities, and keep track of their service hours. Students who complete service outside of UGIVE (such as through their church or a community project) can bring a signed note detailing the service and give it to Miss Smith, DPCR counselor, to have those hours count toward their 10-hour requirement. • DPCR has the Bruins Give Back service club which offers group service opportunities. • The Mayerson Foundation Summer Service Residency Program will be held June 10-15 at Xavier University. During this weeklong program, high school students from all over the area will complete service projects around Cincinnati. DPCR students interested in applying for this program can see Miss Smith for an application. Applications are due April 30.

Reminder: Next Year the Dress Code Changes Here are the new dress code requirements all students will have to follow starting with the new school year in August:

provided by families

one shirt and one sweater with DPCR logo provided by school

n White or blue collared, button-up dress shirts with the DPCR logo for both male and female students (DPCR will provide one for each student; additional shirts will be available for purchase). These shirts with the DPCR logo will be the only shirts allowed.

n Navy or heather gray vest, cardigan or pullover sweater with the DPCR logo (DPCR will provide one for each student; additional sweaters will be available for purchase). These sweaters with the DPCR logo will be the only sweaters allowed.

n Navy blue uniform pants or black dress pants (all students, male and female, are responsible for buying and wearing these).

n Dark (black or brown) belts, socks and shoes (all students, male and female, are responsible for buying and wearing these). n Ties will continue to be a required part of the dress code for all young men. n Rules on jewelry, makeup, piercings, hair color, facial hair, hats, and tattoos and all other dress code policies will not change. There will be information at the April 24 re-registration sessions about how and where to purchase the shirts and sweaters with the DPCR logo. Uniform pants will be available in many local department and discount stores in early summer such as Target, Kohls, JC Penney, and Meijer’s. Any questions regarding the new dress code can be directed to Principal Andrew Farfsing.

DPCR is Ready for Unpredictable Spring Weather Spring often brings unpredictable weather as evidenced by the catastrophic tornadoes that hit our region in March. So that makes spring a good time to remind families that we do have action plans in place at DePaul Cristo Rey to respond to a fire, tornado, building lockdown or other emergency situation. And, as mandated by law, we practice fire, tornado and lockdown drills on a regular basis with our students. Teachers and staff treat school security as a very serious matter. Everyone, from students to employees, must use a key card to gain access to the buildings since all doors on campus are to be locked all of the time. Visitors must use a buzzer to notify staff they are at a door and requesting permission to enter the building. Video security cameras are stationed throughout the buildings to also monitor the entrances and other areas. If you have any concerns about school safety procedures, please call Principal Andrew Farfsing.

Meet World History Teacher Kenny Pope Starting high school is an adjustment for most students, DPCR’s included, so it’s comforting to know it can also be an adjustment for teachers. That was the case for teacher Kenny Pope who is in his first year teaching high school. “The most unexpected thing about this first year for me has been the amount of hours involved in planning class lessons. I don’t think anyone can ever truly understand the preparation that goes into teaching until you actually do it,” he says. Mr. Pope is a graduate of Purcell Marian High School and Wittenberg University. He spent ten years as a college admissions counselor before moving to the Washington, D.C., area to pursue his master’s degree at George Washington University. He and his wife had wanted to return to Cincinnati when he learned last year that DPCR was hiring teachers. “I wanted to dedicate my career to education and my master’s degree is in special education so this position has helped me combine both of those with my desire to return and give back to my community,” says Mr. Pope. While this first year has been challenging, Mr. Pope says he has seen a steady improvement in his classes. “My students are becoming good academics. They are demonstrating critical thinking and participating in good class discussions. I feel all of our hard work, theirs and mine, is paying off because I can see improvement in the quality of work they are doing.” Over the upcoming summer break, Mr. Pope will enjoy spending time with his wife and two small sons. He encourages his students to take a break and relax for a few weeks before finding something to read for their own enjoyment.

1133 Clifton Hills Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45220


Families to use Edline: 1. Go to

2. Enter your access code

3. Then follow the steps below:

To see your student’s classes, homework and activities: 1. From the My Edline menu, under My Classes and Shortcuts, there will be links to your student’s classes and activity pages. Click the one you want to visit. 2. On the teacher’s classroom web page, there is usually a section for the class Contents (right side of page) with a folder marked as Assignments. Clicking the link opens a folder with a list of the assignments for that class. 3. Families can also access their student’s homework from the student’s Combined Calendar, which pulls together links to all the homework for multiple classes into one calendar. From the My Edline menu, under My Content, choose Combined Calendar. 4. From the Combined Calendar page, beneath the calendar from the list box next to For: choose your student’s name. The Combined Calendar will now show a combination of the calendars from all of their class pages.

To see your student’s progress reports: 1. From the My Edline menu, under My Classes and Shortcuts, select the name of your student and then open the Private Reports. On the Private Reports page, you will be able to switch the views to access all of your student’s reports. 2. Click View for the report you want to view.


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April Family Newsletter - DPCR  

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