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ABRAR RAZEE Selected works for Bousfields Inc 2018


Toronto Skyline from 15 Caseboods Lane

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ABOUT ME I am third year Urban Planning student at the University of Waterloo. I am proficient in SketchUp and Adobe Suite, I also have experience using AutoCAD and Revit. I worked as a Design Assistant at RAW Design Architecture Studio where I gained experience in working with the built form in Toronto. I gained graphic design experience from working as a UI/UX Designer for EPOCH, and from taking urban design courses at school. My interests and future career goals are around urban design and graphic design. My hobbies include cycling and photography. These hobbies are connected with different clubs. I volunteer for the UW Bike Center where I help students fix their bikes. I have also been a photographer for the Planning Students’ Association for several terms.

ARCHITECTURE I built my proficiency in SketchUp during my placement at RAW Design in Toronto. I worked at RAW before the City of Toronto released accurate massing models for the entire city, this meant that a chunk of my placement was spent making context models (left, 625 Church St.). I conducted shadow studies and checked my co-worker’s designs with building envelopes. I also created many detailed facades on SketchUp and made Proposed Development Application Notices as well. Lastly, I am proud to have made this scaled physical foam-core model of a few Toronto city blocks that was to be used for development proposals (right).


UI/UX DESIGN In the summer term of this year, I worked as a UI/UX Designer at EPOCH. The company created an employee engagement tool that curates volunteer opportunities for employees of medium to large companies; it sends groups of employees to volunteer events. I worked at several design projects at EPOCH, like their website, presentations, post-event cards and more. I mostly used Adobe CC for the projects, I also used Figma. At EPOCH, my designs were targeted towards the general public, not like in class where the audience for my designs are peers and professors. This change in the audience gave me a different perspective in approaching design. Not everyone is a technology fluent millennial like myself. Good designs should be able to convey a message to someone regardless of their age, culture or language.

I made these cute icons are used to represent different volunteer opportunities on the company website.


This is example of a “post-event card�. At EPOCH, we aimed to make every step of the volunteer experience an enjoyable one. We decided to create these cards that we would send to our volunteers after their volunteer event. The card not only helps them feel appreciated for their time and efforts, it also acts as a memento.

This is a page of the company website that I helped create.

Here are some slides I designed that explain how EPOCH works.


Here are some specific parts of our process: - conducted shadow studies and wind analysis - collected precedent images of our site - created many bauble diagrams - created a 3D model on SketchUp - made several renders using a V-Ray for SketchUp - used Adobe Photoshop to improve the renders - display our design on a panel to present to industry professionals





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Water feature

Seating and lighting

Interactive feature (Public art)

As a team, we decided to focus on creating a space that promotes physical, mental, and social leisure. We decided to keep the original pathways, as it the existing desire paths have been working well with the high traffic. However, we did decide to create more seating areas along the path to promote socialization. We used grass mounds and greenery to create wind protection and to bring a sense of verticality to the space. There is a ground floor cafeteria along one end of the site, we made sure that people in the cafeteria can have a clear line of sight into Quad because everyone loves people watching. I am very happy with what our team created, the site no only fulfills our project goals, it is also great to look at.

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Movable seating

The following is a 2nd-year design project for the course PLAN 210. In groups, we were asked to create a redevelopment concept of a green space behind the DC building on the University of Waterloo campus. The green space, also called the DC Quad, is an underutilized area that has the potential of enhancing the campus experience. The Quad experiences very high amounts of foot traffic, and it is visible from many windows, creating a strong demand for a redesign. My group and I had to consider multiple site conditions, conduct several studies, and work through a few allnighters to create our final design.

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Bike racks





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MEMBERS Abrar Jawad-Al Razee Beatrice Anne Garrovillas COURSE NO. PLAN 210 INSTRUCTOR NAME Prof. Karen Hammond Kelly Yuan Ying Zeng Yue Fat Aaron Chau DATE4th of December, 2017 Breanna Veilleux Alexa Legge



ntal leisure - good circulation - passive social interaction

ill allow community members to revel in physical, mental and It would offer a sustainable green space while sheltering visclamor of everyday life on campus. Experiencing “The Nest” ents and visitors alike feeling rejuvenated and at ease through d leisure. Ultimately, while promoting efficient circulation, l interaction is encouraged through the use of targeted focal nient seating, and organic forms and mounds.



^ A west-facing view from the main doors entering “the Nest” from the Davis Centre. Image displays the organic mounds, vegetation and the main route for circulation in the quad.

EXPERIENCE “THE NEST” Inspiration behind the name

A nest is a place where the mother shelters and cares for its young. It is where the young is born. Just like a birds nest, “The Nest” at the University of Waterloo makes students feel at home. It is a safe haven where students are able to nurture their social relationships and give birth to innovative ideas.

JUNE 21 Longest Day

Trees and greenery

Sustainability Features

Eco-friendly elements would be in place to create environmental awareness and encourage green approaches to planning. The site would be furnished with recyclable benches, and a grey water system to support the maintenance of the trees and greenery. Additionally, it would be equipped with a constructed wetland and an adjacent cistern using permeable pavement throughout.

Public Art

DECEMBER 21 Shortest Day

Permeable paving

Raised platform as seating

Seating and greenery



Each chess piece would be curated from Canadian artists across the country with their own interpretation of what “The Nest” means, contributing to the sense of place and identity of the site. 0m


9 AM

12 PM

3 PM



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Uses and Activities

With creating a purposeful public space in mind, the quad’s renovation into “The Nest” focuses on creating a welcoming presence with its water features, paving, planters and benches. Flexible with moveable tables and chairs, the area can be transformed into space to hold public gatherings such as farmer’s markets, concessions, and performances.

Trees and Greenery

A strategic mix of native evergreen and deciduous trees that allow visitors to connect to the city’s natural environment. Ultimately, these green components serve as positive “stewards of the environment”.



Contour Lines Site Boundary


< This west-facing view illuminates the lighting features of the nest, acting as an avenue for safety at night.

My lovely team members: Alexa Lagge, Beatrice Garrovillas, Aaron Chau, Breanna Veilleux, and Kelly Zeng


PHOTOGRAPHY Photography has been a hobby of mine since I was in middle school. I have fond memories of doing macro photography on flowers and bugs with the family point-and-shoot camera. I eventually saved up for a small and inconspicuous mirrorless camera, which I bought specifically to shoot street photography like Henri Cartier-Bresson. I used to sell prints of my shots at a thrift store in Toronto last summer. I eventually got a DSLR, which opened doors for me to shoot at different school events. I have been the photographer for “LinkedIn Headshot Days” for multiple student societies on campus. My next adventure will be in film photography, I have two film cameras now and I haven’t gone through a full roll of film just yet. Taking photos is about half the fun, the other half is editing. I previously used filters on VSCO and other phone apps, these days I stick to Adobe Lightroom.



70 Distillery Lane

Selected works for Bousfields Inc, 2018 (continuous)  
Selected works for Bousfields Inc, 2018 (continuous)