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Kyciana AJ Brown Presents

Entry #1: WGSN While browsing through website, I felt like a kid in a candy store. All things from prints and fabric information that’s in season and trending to fashion Catwalks in China. A few major components that I know would be helpful in the fashion industry that is on the site is the 3 main categories they have on the beginning page: Inspiration & Design, Insight & Analysis and Product Categories. These categories excite me because they provide much needed information valuable to person interested in design and modeling or just fashion itself.

Article- “Bad weather hits January UK retail sales” •

Topshop retail teams with Google+ for an epic fashion show. What makes it epic? Try having the models wear HD-camera’s so that viewers can get a model’s eye of the show. Worried about not being able to grab a ticket? No worries. Viewers are able to watch the show LIVE on YouTube or google. To get behind the scenes footage you can stop by any Topshop and tune in.

After reading this article I personally feel that it is something NEW and EXCITING. Being able to see the same sight as the model is something that I know views (including myself ) would appreciate. Especially being able to watch it live. The only thing I would say is that having all this technology may be slightly distracting for the viewers/ the people that actually want to focus on the clothes.

Entry #2: History The TURBAN • One of the current fashion trends that has definitely molded into something totally different is the infamous, Turban. A turban, also known as bulle or dastar in some cultures, is a kind of headwear based on clothe winding; there are many variations. Turbans are usually worn as customary headwear, usually by men, in many communities in India, the Philippines, Afghanistan, the Middle East, in some areas of North Africa, and some parts of Jamaica. Wearing the turban, which they refer to as Dastar, is an important religious observance. It wasn’t so much used for fash ion purposes but they still loo ked pretty fashionable.

Entry #3: Cosmetics Quote from : Backstage at Marc Jacobs

“ Elisa Ferri did nails in Jezebel, the first product to be shown in the Marc Jacobs Cosmetics collection launching in September at Sephora. “Marc wanted high shine — his inspiration was a coffee table he has in his apartment which has 30 coats of lacquer,” said Ferri. “This is a very pigment-heavy formula which gives a completely opaque deep red in one coat.”

• Reading the article, I had to say that I appreciate Marc Jacobs taking little things such as his coffee table as inspiration and incorporating it with the models. From extremely heavy and dark eyeliner to larger than life eyelashes, Marc Jacobs highlights these fine assets by having them not only look amazing in regular light but yellow light as well, which usually turns things black and white. Having his models in “High shine” makeup, adding dazzling appeal to his up coming cosmetic line , there’s no wonder why François Nars called his models “The cool girls”.

Entry #4- Men’s Trend Can’t go bad with PLAD! The never ending trend that goes in and out of fashion. Plaid is Checkered or tartan twilled cloth. Plaid is pattern that almost any age can wear because it can be worn casually and be dressed up. I personally am a “every now and then “ type of plaid wearer if that’s a word.

Entry #5- New Show/Movie

• Black Inc Crew is a NYC based show about a Notorious African American owned tattoo shop. The are literally in the middle of the Bronx so the style is seeping through each members pores. New York is already a key place when it comes to fashion and having a spicy stylish female tattoo artist,Dutchess, brings a little southern style into the mix. Black Inc Crew is a hit on VH1 and since it’s been on, The New York edgy yet soul look is taking over the average , not so average, street walker.

Entry #6- Fabric Swatches Knit: Knitted fabrics is the third

major class of fabric, after woven and nonwoven fabrics.

Trend: The trend that can’t be denied. When you thought knit material clothes were only for winter, think again. Obviously, if you throw a knit shaw on over some shorts, it’s considered “In Season”.

Feux Fur

: When manufacturing faux

objects or materials, an attempt is often made to create products which will resemble the imitated items as closely as possible


This fur material can be seen on a lot

of casual outfits as well as dressy ones.

Pastel: Pastels or pastel colors are the family of colors which, when described in the HSV color space, have high value and low to intermediate saturation.

TREND: This funky trend is clearly one that can be used in all types of ways. From Electric to casual, to funky and spectacular.

Entry #7- Do’s & Don’ts

I don’t care who you are, unless you are Jesus and one of his disciples the socks and sandals thing is NOT FOR YOU!

Roaches are for sure to die before this awful trend does. NO matter how you rock this one it’s going to look like your showcasing your BUTT!

Although I am very open minded when it comes to fashion, Jersey dresses was not one that I can get past smoothly. Yes, it was cute for a moment when couples wore them, but walking around in a tight oversized jersey was not my cup of tea.

These tops are just very frustrating for me to see. I am a fan of the layered look, but the significance about the layered look is that it makes sense. These kind of tops just never made sense to me.

Entry #8- Store Visit In Macy’s, you couldn’t go to any part of the store with out running into an item with this print on it. Another pretty popular trend that was spread out through Macy’s was the Patriotic print. From bags to shoes, it was EVERYWHERE!

Although, it wasn’t completely one type of look, in all the trends, Macy’s layered all the outfits. No matter what the article of clothing it is, studs will surely find it’s way on it. Macy’s couldn’t escape the stud trend, even down to the detailing on an Ed-Hardy perfume bottle.

As I walked around Macy’s some more I realized that fringe was a popular trend that was versatile. From the shoes to the tops to the jackets.

American Apparel is another store that has never disappointed me when it comes to their displays. They definitely take their displays to the next level by adding huge props, storylines, and more life like mannequins. As a shopper I am more interested in going in to the store because of the excitement they bring to the clothes.

Entry #9- Visual Displays

AKIRA is one of my favorite places that has a great store display. Each time I go in to AKIRA it reminds me of a fashion factory. Even on my down days I walk into AKIRA and feel like I am the most fabulous person in the store. The shoe store is one of my favorites because they have a little bit more fun with the shoe displays. The funky color and shapes are definitely eye catching and attract me every time.

Entry #10- Designer Report Alexander McQueen’s Ready-ToWear Spring/Summer 2012: Out of the collections that I browsed through, this one had to be one of my favorites. This collection was extremely abstract and original. The pieces were all inspired by symmetrical animal print, and abstract print, all the way down to the shoes. A retail store that would probably sell this in their store is “Demobaza” an Australian retail store. A lot of the pieces included in this store is edgy and crazy like those of Alexander MqcQueens.

AJ'S Fashion Journal  

You will see....

AJ'S Fashion Journal  

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